Christie’s Presents: In Bed With Marilyn Monroe

In Bed With Marilyn Monroe will see Christie’s offer two magazine backs, two Carl Zeiss lenses and limited edition archival pigment prints from the iconic Douglas Kirkland photos at auction.

It’s safe to say that Marilyn Monroe is, without question, one of the most iconic female figures in recent memory. A role model for many, Marilyn Monroe captivated audiences, stole numerous hearts and played a significant role in changing the way women were treated across the developed world.

Decades after her passing, she continues to be a symbolism of empowerment and sex appeal and she most certainly has an incredibly loyal fanbase. If you’re a fan of Marilyn, Christie’s New York is the place to be.

Why? Because the auction house will be offering two limited editions, and incredibly rare, photographs of Marilyn Monroe, as well as the actual camera that was used to photograph her during her iconic 1961 Look Magazine photoshoot.

A Lot That Can’t Be Missed!

The Marilyn Monroe/Douglas Kirkland Hasselblad, A 1959 Hasselblad 500c no. 36980. Together with two magazine backs, two Carl Zeiss lenses, 50mm and 150mm, and two 40 x 60 limited edition archival pigment prints. Offered in The Exceptional Sale on 29 October 2019 at Christie’s in New York

Christie’s recently announced that they will be auctioning off the 1959, Hasselblad 500C camera, which was used by the hugely successful Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland for the now legendary 1961 Look Magazine photoshoot with Marilyn herself.

The camera comes complete with two unique magazine backs, two Carl Zeiss lenses, and of course, two limited-edition 40×60 archival prints of the woman of the hour, taken during the shoot.

A Rare Unseen Glimpse Of Marilyn Monroe

Christie's Presents: In Bed With Marilyn Monroe

The two limited edition prints found in this lot are ‘Marilyn overhead’ and ‘Marilyn hugging pillow’.

What makes these prints so iconic, other than the fact that they’re limited editions, is the fact that they were taken at the pinnacle of her career when her fame knew no bounds.

They’re also amongst the last images of the starlet, as she sadly passed away less than a year later. In total, the lot will contain 7 pieces and will go up for sale on October 29th. It is estimated to fetch between $200,000 and $300,000 USD.

A Shoot For The Ages

So, what makes this shoot so special? After all, Marilyn Monroe was no stranger to the spotlight, and there are heaps of memorable images out there of her, so why is this one so iconic?

Christie's Presents: In Bed With Marilyn Monroe

Well, taking place on a November evening back in 1961, in the glamorous Beverly Hills, this shoot has a near mythical quality about it. Utilizing very little in terms of surroundings, the shoot is considered by many to be one of the best, not only of Marilyn but of any celebrity in recent memory.

Everything about this sale screams ‘glamour’ and ‘retro’ alluring sex appeal. From the stunning prints of the gorgeous starlet to the iconic camera used by Kirkland in the early stages of his career, this is an auction fans of Monroe, and Hollywood history in general, can’t afford to miss.

Christie's Presents: In Bed With Marilyn Monroe
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