Rare Timepiece: Churchill’s Pocket Watch Under Hammer

In a remarkable auction event, Dawsons Auctioneers unveils a piece of political and horological history: a pocket watch gifted to Britain’s iconic Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965).

Gifted by Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928), a prominent figure in the Liberal party, this timepiece represents a pivotal moment in Churchill’s political journey and is poised to captivate collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

Gift from a Political Colleague

Herbert Henry Asquith, who would later serve as England’s first Liberal Prime Minister, bestowed this pocket watch upon Churchill in 1905. The significance of this gift lies in Churchill’s political transition from the Conservative Party to the Liberal Party a year prior.

Rare Timepiece: Churchill's Pocket Watch Under Hammer

Driven by disagreements with the Conservative leadership, particularly on tariff reform and other policies, Churchill aligned himself with the progressive wing of the Liberal Party.

This bold move played a role in the Liberal Party’s ascent to power in 1904, and Asquith’s gift commemorated Churchill’s allegiance to their cause. The inner case of the watch bears a poignant inscription: ‘To Winston with gratitude H. H. Asquith Xmas 1905,’ immortalizing this historic moment.

Edward Langmead, a seasoned watch specialist at Dawsons Auctioneers, expressed profound reverence for the historical significance of this timepiece. “There are certain moments in life when you feel truly connected to history,” Langmead remarked. “To hold a Minute repeating pocket watch with the Armorial bearings of Sir Winston Churchill is nothing short of surreal.” Langmead’s sentiment underscores the profound impact of artefacts like these in bridging the gap between past and present, making history tangible for future generations.

Provenance and Pedigree

The journey of this exquisite timepiece traces back to its origins with Sir John Bennett, a distinguished clock and watchmaker known as ‘Maker to the Royal Observatory’. Asquith acquired the pocket watch from Bennett, adding a layer of historical resonance to its lineage.

Rare Timepiece: Churchill's Pocket Watch Under Hammer

The subsequent transfer of ownership to Nancy Henderson Cole, Countess of Enniskillen, and her eventual gifting of the watch to a family member further enriches its provenance.

Each custodian, from Asquith to the present owner, has contributed to the tapestry of this artefact’s narrative, imbuing it with layers of historical significance and personal connection.

A Timeless Treasure

Crafted as a ‘full hunter’ pocket watch, this timepiece boasts a protective lid that opens to reveal its intricate dial. The design, originating in England, catered to the practical needs of fox hunters, reflecting a blend of functionality and elegance.

Featuring a keyless wound movement and a minute repeater complication, the watch exemplifies the pinnacle of horological craftsmanship. Encased in yellow metal stamped with Swiss domestic hallmarks, it epitomizes both luxury and precision.

Rare Timepiece: Churchill's Pocket Watch Under Hammer

With an estimate ranging from £20,000 to £30,000, this artefact stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Sir Winston Churchill and the rich tapestry of British history.


As the gavel falls on May 23, 2024, at Dawsons Auctioneers, collectors and enthusiasts will bear witness to a momentous occasion in the annals of political and horological history.

The pocket watch gifted to Sir Winston Churchill by Herbert Henry Asquith serves not only as a relic of the past but as a tangible link to the ideals and aspirations that shaped a nation. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a journey spanning generations, this artefact transcends its material form, embodying the enduring spirit of leadership and resilience.

In the words of Langmead, it is indeed a privilege to be part of this extraordinary narrative, where the past converges with the present in a timeless continuum.

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