Combining Modern Interior Design With Midcentury Flair

Mid-century modern is a decades-old architectural movement that continues to dominate current interior design trends. Among the many reasons why this concept remains popular is its seamless blend of traditional and contemporary, allowing designers to channel classic elegance and modern sophistication simultaneously.

This design has become a go-to for many homeowners worldwide. If you plan to reassess and remodel your home, consider mid-century modern. 

This article explains this design principle and provides helpful tips on achieving the right balance of classic and contemporary. 

Read below for more. 

Important Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern design philosophy is driven by the idea that good design must be accessible. The Scandinavian and Bauhaus movements heavily influenced it, providing credible overlap between clean lines and organic forms. 

To further understand what this design concept is, we’re breaking down below its key characteristics:


This design principle incorporates simple, sleek design elements focusing more on functionality and uncluttered spaces. That’s why we often see furniture pieces and other architectural components with clean lines or shapes in mid-century modern homes.

Variety of materials and finishes

Mid-century modern uses organic and artificial materials to create an incredible blend of traditional and contemporary. Vinyl, wood, cotton, plastic, wool, and marble are common materials used in these spaces.

Indoor and outdoor fusion

Plants are often incorporated into mid-century spaces, mixing artificial and natural materials. This emphasizes the connection between synthetic and organic, as well as simplicity and functionality, which are all critical characteristics of this design. 

Diverse color range

The mid-century modern decor features bright accent colours on primary neutrals. These colours aim to showcase the incredible mix of indoor and outdoor, as well as artificial and organic. That’s why we often see earthy greens or whites and vibrant accents of oranges or yellows in these spaces.

Reasons for the Continuous Popularity of Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern continues to dominate households today. The reason for this can be attributed to various reasons. Besides the timeless appeal, these are why many homeowners and designers opt for this concept.

Media influence

This style has been popularized in various television shows and films throughout the decade, most notably in pop culture icons like Mad Men, The Big Lebowski, and North by Northwest. 

Mid-century modern interiors have played a prominent backdrop in these timeless pieces, inspiring generations of homeowners for decades.

Better functionality

The mid-century modern design prioritizes functionality. That’s why these spaces are not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. They help elevate comfort and maximize space to provide homeowners with an excellent living experience.

Connection to nature

Craving for a connection to nature grew significantly when the world went on lockdown because of the pandemic. On top of that, modern living spaces are becoming increasingly more urbanized, placing homeowners away from nature. Mid-century modern’s emphasis on bringing the outdoors in is an excellent solution that satisfies the need to maintain a connection to the environment. 

Compatibility with other styles

One of the best things about mid-century modern design is its simplicity, allowing easy integration with other design principles. That’s why it’s a perfect option for contemporary homes that blend various influences, offering opportunities for flexibility and creativity.

In With the Old, In With the New: Combining Modern Interior Design With Midcentury Flair
Image by chandlervid85 on Freepik

Creating a Mid-Century Modern Home

Although mid-century modern welcomes flexibility and creativity, specific steps must be taken to ensure the right look. 

To help you out, we’ve listed below some essential tips and techniques you can use. These design ideas often apply to living room areas, where you can effectively showcase your mid-century modern flair. 

Selecting the right furniture pieces

Mid-century modern spaces often prioritize functionality. Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of this design concept is the Eames Lounge Chair. 

This chair combines wood and leather in a comfortable and visually appealing way. Wegner’s Shell Chair, with its wing-like seat and arching curved legs, is another excellent example. Then, there’s the Noguchi coffee table with its unique sculptural base. 

These stylish pieces embody the mid-century philosophy of form following function. That’s why you must select furniture that features clean lines and gentle curves. It must not be cluttered, meaning the design must not hinder the piece’s overall function. Instead, it must focus on usability and comfort.

Mixing the correct materials

Mid-century modern spaces incorporate different materials to achieve that traditional and contemporary vibe. 

To achieve unparalleled durability, integrate premium woods like teak or walnut with the strength of metal, the elegance of glass, and the versatility of vinyl and other modern materials. Choose furniture pieces and design elements that incorporate the two and strategically place them in your living room. 

Incorporating technology carefully

While mid-century modern celebrates designs from the past, it also embraces today’s innovations. The key is integrating modern technology in a way that doesn’t detract from the vintage feel. Think sleek, contemporary products that can blend seamlessly into the space’s overall aesthetic. 

Another way to prevent deviating from that mid-century modern look is to complement your modern technology pieces with vintage-looking materials. For instance, there are many console tables designed for this concept that you can invest in. Fixtures like luxury ceiling fans will also fit well with your intended look while achieving maximum comfort.

Playing with colours and patterns

These spaces often incorporate a wide range of colours that showcase the harmony between artificial and organic. In mid-century modern, keeping your base colour palette neutral is vital. These are your whites, greys, and earth tones. Then, you must add pops of deep, vibrant colours like oranges, yellows, blues, and greens to create that characteristic that makes mid-century modern, unique, and appealing. 

Aside from that, you can include textiles and wall coverings that feature geometric or abstract patterns. You can do this in your throw pillows, rugs, or curtains.

Blending nature seamlessly

There are many ways to incorporate nature into your mid-century modern home. Aside from adding plants to your living room, you can use sliding doors or large windows to strengthen the connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only that, but this solution helps distribute natural light better, making your home more vibrant. 

You can also incorporate natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen for upholstery, curtains, and rugs. This aligns with the mid-century modern natural palette and textures. They also promote breathability further.

Design your space with an open floor plan that integrates various living areas and minimizes barriers. This openness is a hallmark of the style and enhances the flow of natural light.

Embrace the Best of What Interior Design has To Offer

Mid-century modern is a timeless interior design choice for a reason. It provides homeowners with the best of both worlds, from form and function to classic and contemporary.

Adopting this design principle for your home is a must-try. Use the tips above to achieve the right look.

*Feature Image: Image by Freepik

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