Things To Consider When Looking For A New Mattress

The choice of a mattress for a double bed is most often associated with a compromise. Each person is different, and it can be difficult to create a comfortable sleeping place for two people with different sizes, habits, and needs. At the same time, modern products are able to provide high-quality sleep even for those whose wishes differ.

The most important thing, in this case, is to choose a model slowly, studying in detail its design, functionality, and composition. On you can find a wide variety of different mattresses according to individual characteristics.

How To Choose A Mattress Size?

Things To Consider When Looking For A New Mattress

Standard sizes of mattresses for a double bed range from 140 to 200 cm in width to 190-220 cm in length. For beds of atypical sizes, manufacturers make bespoke bedding.

When buying a bed for two, it is extremely important not to be mistaken with the dimensions of the bed. As a rule, the standard size of a mattress for a double bed is 160×200 cm, however, each furniture brand may have its own tolerances and parameters. When choosing a product by size, the following rules are observed:

1 – In a bed with sides, the mattress should fit tightly and practically without gaps. If the model is larger, it will have to be squeezed into the base with inevitable deformation of the surface, if less, uncomfortable gaps form between the sides and the mattress, and it will constantly move and create inconveniences.

2 – For a bed with a frame base, both a complete hit in the dimensions and a deviation of plus or minus 1 centimeter are permissible. If the discrepancy between the standard size of the mattress and the area of ​​the frame is greater, it makes sense to think about making custom-made bedding.

To choose a mattress of the required dimensions, the inner area of ​​the base is measured at the bed with the sides, and at the frame – the entire base as a whole. In some cases, they try to find a model by measuring an old mattress. In no case should this be done, because, over time, the sleeping accessories are deformed.

Orthopedic Or Regular Mattress?

Choosing a regular or orthopedic mattress for a double bed is another question that buyers ask. Orthopedic models have a number of advantages, including:

  • the natural position of the spine during sleep;
  • the ability to relieve muscle tension, relax and provide adequate rest;
  • even distribution of the load over the surface of the mattress, quick return to its original state after removing the load;
  • reliability and durability, preservation of orthopedic properties for at least 5-7 years.

Orthopedic mattresses are distinguished by a complex design – inside the model, as a rule, there is an independent spring block hidden under layers of special fillers. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve multi-level support and ensure a healthy body position during sleep.

Classic orthopedic mattresses with a spring block of a new generation, either made of natural or artificial latex, will allow you to get enough sleep and will delight you with durability and a pleasant price.

In order to choose the optimal orthopedic mattress for a double bed, it is worth considering the following criteria:

  • the degree of rigidity – depends on the physical condition and preferences;
  • the level of load on each berth – comfort is necessary for both partners;
  • allowable weight difference – non-observance of this criterion may lead to deformation of the product.

If you are choosing an orthopedic double mattress for medical reasons, you should consult with an orthopedic doctor – he will tell you the most suitable options.

Things To Consider When Looking For A New Mattress

Types Of Double Mattresses

When we choose a mattress for a double bed, we, first of all, pay attention to the type of product. Today manufacturers offer three types of models – spring with a dependent block, spring with an independent system, and springless. Let’s dwell on each in more detail.

Spring-Loaded With Dependent Block “Bonnel”

They differ in design in the form of steel springs interlocked with each other of a cylindrical or double-cone shape. Reliable models from well-known manufacturers are quite comfortable, provide full air microcirculation and serve for at least 3 years without loss of properties. This option can be used if you and your partner are healthy and have approximately the same weight. Otherwise, the product is suitable for relaxing in the country.

With Independent Spring Block

The springs enclosed in fabric covers do not interact with each other in any way, a so-called point effect is created – the load on a part of the mattress is not transferred further, and the rest of the elements remain motionless. Thanks to this, even partners with a significant difference in weight can sleep without disturbing each other – such a mattress does not deform and does not sag over time.


In such mattresses there is no spring block, the product consists entirely of layers of fillers. Due to their anatomical properties, durability, elasticity, and breathability, these mattresses are very popular. They are able to serve for many years because there is essentially nothing to break here. The cost of springless devices largely depends on the volume and quality of the filler, therefore, it is possible to find the optimal ratio of price and quality without much difficulty.

Things To Consider When Looking For A New Mattress

Selection Tips: Summing Up

Knowing how to choose a mattress correctly will save you a lot of time and money. Know what you need beforehand. Whether you are looking for something that will help support your spine if you have a bad back or are looking for a mattress for overweight couple, know what your needs are. Summarizing all of the above, we will once again clarify the criteria for choosing a mattress:

  • as close as possible to the size of the bed base;
  • compliance with the physical condition and wishes of both partners;
  • careful study of the degrees of rigidity and load of double mattresses before purchasing;
  • the quality of the materials and the balanced design of the mattress.

And if you already know which parameters you need to pay close attention to, your choice will surely turn out to be accurate, and you and your partner will be provided with healthy and full sleep.

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