Contino’s Report Unveils Digital Transformation Success Starts With Hiring the Right Person

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. The digital landscape is in constant flux, and businesses are adapting to this new reality by adopting new cloud-native technologies and strategies to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. A company’s ability to execute a successful digital transformation hinges on how well it hires and manages its talent.

In collaboration with Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, Contino released their digital transformation report and the report emphasises the importance of why hiring the right and best people for a business is crucial for digital transformation success.

Why Is Hiring The Right person Important?

Contino's Report Unveils Digital Transformation Success Starts With Hiring the Right Person

Digital transformation requires adapting new technology and strategies that can be challenging when people don’t fully understand what they’re working on or capable of achieving.

You need employees who are up-to-date in their skillset to help drive change within an organization, not just carry out tasks assigned by others. You need a team full of individuals skilled in modern technologies, but you need that one person who can lead them by example, create flawless strategies, and inspire others to collaborate with each other.

The digital transformation report features 20 of the best business and tech leaders who transformed their business digitally. Here are a few examples of some of them.

Geoffrey Horrell

Contino's Report Unveils Digital Transformation Success Starts With Hiring the Right Person

At the time of Contino’s report, Geoffrey was the Head of Refinitiv Labs, London. Refintiv is one of the largest financial market and infrastructure data providers in the world. In the London office, Geoffrey believes that leading by example and embracing the latest technology will help transform the future.

Thus, they use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-native technologies to build data products. Geoffrey said,  “Enterprises often focus on selling a product and moving on, but we have to relearn how to delight the customer, even if they are not paying the bills for that product”

Geoffrey, along with his team, delivered dozens of successful data products to their customers. As part of their digital transformation goal, they wanted to lead by example with relentless customer focus to transform the financial services sector and their success factors and ethos were critical for this – There is no one size fits all; delight the end-user; hire flexible and adaptable people.

So, while building a product, before focusing on technology and data, he and his team spend some time with customers to identify their priorities and goals and share ideas to build a product that can transform their business process.

After getting a rough product idea, he and his team conduct high-level market research to collect qualitative and quantitative data. With the data collected from the research, a quick minimum viable product or MVP is developed.

This is how Refintiv provides its customers with data products that complete a week’s worth of data science projects within seconds.

Anne Marie Neatham

Contino's Report Unveils Digital Transformation Success Starts With Hiring the Right Person

Ocado is a global software and robotics platform company that provides end-to-end solutions for online grocery worldwide. Anne joined Ocado 20 years ago and is now working as the Commercial Director. She believes in taking calculated risks.

Anne thinks that whenever you set your ambition low and don’t take risks to create great leaps in capability, you will fail in the long run, even when things are going well.

Anne’s first challenge was to provide a platform for the delivery of groceries through Ocado. With her belief in taking calculated risks in mind, Anne and her team decided to develop their own software from scratch. The software proved that the grocery delivery model can be profitable if done correctly.

The second and most challenging task for Anne Marie came in 2014 when she and the top leadership of Ocado decided that they would replace human labour with self-monitoring robots in their new warehouses. Taking calculated risks and keeping the future vision in mind, Anne and her team developed new highly-automated warehouses.

They built thousands of robots for the packaging of delivery products and shipping to the customers. The risk turned out to be a big success for Ocado, and they’re years ahead of any of their competitors, largely helped by their digital transformation success factors – integrate your teams quickly and effectively; give your people ownership; let people take reasonable risks

Anant Patel

Contino's Report Unveils Digital Transformation Success Starts With Hiring the Right Person

Anant was the founding member of the UK Principal Finance business at Investec Bank and now works as the Head of Market Risk. Through all these 15 years, he has transformed the company’s old and fragmented legacy into a modern and connected organization.

Anant has always been a firm believer in using technology and cloud-based approaches to enhance business processes. According to him, customer expectations are increasing very fast; therefore, the only question you should ask yourself is, “How fast can you transform the process?”

As mentioned earlier, Anant’s primary challenge was to transform a fragmented, siloed legacy. He believes in bringing people together on the journey of transformation.

Therefore, he built a team of over 200 tech geeks to build Investec’s technology infrastructure. Over the years, Anant observed customers and studied their needs while working at UK Principal Finance.

Thus, he and his team developed an API-based defragmented, integrated, and unified cloud-based product. Investec gained a whole new pillar of capabilities with this product.

Their abilities were put to the test just as the pandemic started. Investec had to switch the entire business process from physical to online working. Anant and his team accomplished this task effortlessly overnight using the product they built, and they managed to do this through their digital transformation success and work ethic – Bring your people on the journey collectively; integration is non-negotiable; smart with customer-centricity.

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