Create A Roof Garden And See The World From Above

A booming trend in city exterior design lately is creating roof gardens. If you’ve seen one at neighbouring buildings and houses, you surely thought about creating one yourself. They look amazing, but why do people love them so much? Is it just because they look attractive, or is there more behind the story?

There are multiple reasons why a house or a building owner would create one on their roof, but there are also city incentives in some parts of the world to encourage building and house owners to develop roof gardens. You can also install artificial grass in the roof garden. There are great options for artificial grass in Gilbert.

In this article, we share why you’d want one and why cities gain a lot from something like this. You’ll be able to learn why roof gardens are fantastic and how to create one. Keep reading and learn more about this.

Create A Roof Garden And See The World From Above

The View From The Roof Garden Is Staggering

If you’ve been to one before, you know that the view from the roof over the city is staggering. Many buildings have the option to redesign these places, but they are kept under the key. If the owners invest a little time and resources, they can create magnificent venues.

The view is always different from your balcony and the roof. Those few extra meters give you an entirely different perspective. You’ll enjoy spending time up there when you want to see the city from above.

You Add Value To Air Pollution

Air pollution is a serious threat to nearly all cities around the world. Some of them are so polluted that immediate measures are needed to provide clean, safe, breathable air for people living there. If the city officials are not doing their jobs properly, residents should indulge in solving the problem themselves.

If you own a house or a building, creating a green area on top of it will battle pollution. One roof garden means nothing, but if most houses and buildings do the same, the city will turn into a small forest that can turn harmful chemicals into fresh, breathable air.

Create A Roof Garden And See The World From Above

Perfect Getaway Place For A Coffee Break

Cities are packed, and traffic jams often make it impossible for residents to go out on their balconies and have a cup of coffee in peace. Creating a roof garden means making a small piece of heaven where you can enjoy your daily coffee routine.

The plants reduce noise pollution and make you feel like you’re enjoying your cup in nature. Get some outdoor furniture that will fit the design, and enjoy spending as much time there as you want.

Increasing The Value Of Your Home When You Decide To Sell

Suppose you live in a house that has a roof garden. You might spend a couple of grand to create it, but the profit will be huge. People who are coming over to see your home, and are thinking about buying it, will be thrilled by the beauty of the roof garden.

You don’t even need to sell the house immediately. You can enjoy the beauty of the garden yourself for years. Of course, you’ll need to be skilled in gardening or hire someone to do it for you, but if you do things right, you can create a mini jungle at the top of your home.

Create A Roof Garden And See The World From Above

Lowers The Temperature During Summer Heat Waves

When the summer arrives, the best amenity in the house is probably the pool. However, not all homes can afford one. It’s much more complicated creating one on the roof, but having a roof garden gets the job done too.

The plants, trees, bushes, and flowers are excellent at reducing the temperature. If you create a garden and sit on a comfortable chair in the middle of it, you’ll be spending time in a place that is probably a few degrees lower than the one outside.

How To Make A Roof Garden?

Although it may sound complex, making one is not difficult at all. Some people will want to create an artificial soil platform, but this won’t allow bigger trees and plants to grow. The best idea is to place everything in pots and take care of them just as you would inside your home.

Choose more big trees and place them strategically on the south and west side of the roof. That way, they’ll block the sun in the summer and allow you to enjoy your time there. Place the rest of the plants and flowers in a way that will make the perfect sitting area by adding the right garden furniture and decor.

Create A Roof Garden And See The World From Above


There are no downsides to creating a roof garden. The only thing that may be an issue for some people is allergies, but if you look at the list above, you realize there are many benefits. Some of these benefits are more mandatory than optional. Everyone deserves to lower city sound and air pollution, so create a roof garden today if you have the chance.

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