Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

Free, comfortable, cosy – this is how you can describe the casual style in modern interior design. Thanks to the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort, such interiors act relaxing and set up an informal mood. Casual in the interior is an example of freedom, convenience, spontaneity, and universality. The basic principles are democracy, lack of restrictions and excess shine, and the ability to combine the incongruous.

The interior in the casual style does not imply following any generally accepted rules. The practical lightness of the casual style has long been popular with those people who like comfort and style at the same time. The careless beauty of the interiors of typical urban apartments with a slight touch of luxury – this is how interior design in the fashionable today style. In this style, living rooms and wooden coffee tables are decorated most often and they look refined and beautiful.

There is no place for senseless decorations and for glamour – only practical design and stylish smooth lines. In this style, all items are multifunctional and have their own meaning. The possibility of neglecting the established requirements and formats distinguishes casual style interiors from the other interior style solutions.

Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

The ability to combine items that are dear to you gives a huge opportunity to make the interior individual.

Here Are Some Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

1. Calm Colors

Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

The use of calm muted shades in a large proportion in the interior. This approach helps to make an incredibly comfortable living space, which is the main priority.

2. Simple Shapes And Smooth Lines

The main goal of casual is to make the interior comfortable and convenient. Smooth shapes help the furniture to fit harmoniously into any environment.

3. Special Lighting

For the convenience of the household, different light sources are used together – these are embedded lamps, beautiful floor lights, and chandeliers. This approach helps to create not only an incredible atmosphere for life but also convenient lighting in the room. Forged lights, chandeliers with textile lampshades, sconces with candles are used widely. Modern spotlights can imitate wood or aged metal.

4. Furniture And Textile For The Comfortable Atmosphere

In the casual style, the maximum priority is given to the comfort of furniture. That is why in most cases soft and streamlined models of Hampton-style furniture are used in the interior. Due to the convenience and rounded shapes, they harmoniously fit into any interior. The upholstery is chosen in natural tones depending on the other colors of the interior. Such soft shades soothe a person and even relieve stress and tension.

Also, such colors, unlike brighter or even contrasting ones, do not distract your attention, so they allow your thoughts to stay on a calm and cozy home wave. That is why such shades as beige, gray, milky, and others are so often used for upholstery. Also, pay attention, that such textile elements as pillows are excellent decorations for your house.

In addition, the cozy atmosphere is perfectly complemented by light carpets on the floor and curtains on the windows. Elegant coffee tables and wicker chairs made of bamboo or rattan look good in the living rooms. Built-in wardrobes for storing clothes are often combined with open wall shelves for books or several paintings in contrasting frames.

Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

5. Natural Materials

The use of natural materials, for example, wood, linen, and others or their high-quality imitations creates a special warm atmosphere in the room and makes you closer to nature.

Additionally, natural material rugs such as cowhide or goat skin rugs can add a unique touch to any room and provide a warm and cosy atmosphere. They bring a sense of nature and rustic charm to the space, making it feel more inviting and comfortable. They have different sizes, and you can choose from the largest to the smallest ones. You can find different-sized cowhide rugs to have an overall idea of how you can decorate a room with them and learn how different sizes fill the room. 

Besides cowhide rugs, goat skin rugs are another popular option for those looking for a natural rug. Goat skin rugs are soft and supple and come in various natural colours and patterns. Like cowhide rugs, they are also durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

6. Different Accessories

Anything in the house can become a decorative accessory to the interior. Simple details, textured elements, vintage, hand-made accessories, books, boxes, souvenirs, antiques. The casual style echoes contemporary but casual is more personalized and beautiful. You can equally use both old, dear things to you, and new things made according to modern sketches. More details about the decor are in the next part.

Tips For Creating A Casually Elegant Style In Your Living Room

Decor Art Design: Creative Ideas

In this section, we will analyze a non-standard decor that will help you add comfort to your living room:

1. Clay Or Ceramic Dishes

It looks incredibly atmospheric if it is handmade.

2. Vintage Stuff

They convey the charm of the past times and tune in to a calm and relaxed wave, which is ideal for the home.

3. Antique Brass

It is used casually for about the same reasons as vintage items – to create a special cozy atmosphere that allows you to relax and unwind as much as possible.

4. Hand-Made Things

There is nothing better and nicer than things that are made with your own hands. And if in some styles there are limitations in creativity, in casual they do not exist. Therefore, if you like to sculpt dishes from clay, it will become a chic decoration of your living room and will fit perfectly there. For this reason, casual is one of the most suitable styles for creative people.

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