Creative Coordination: How To Reflect Your Sartorial Style In Your Interior Style

Shows like The Block and the increasing affordability of home decor has made many homeowners believe themselves to be an interior stylist. Of course, those in the know will tell you that there is more to reflecting your sartorial style in your home than just choosing colours you love and shopping accordingly.

A high level of creative coordination will need to go into styling your home so you can deliver that impact and delight your guests. 

So let’s get down to how you can reflect your sartorial style in your interiors.

Choosing The Right Retailers

By choosing the right retailers, you are already halfway there. It’s not so much about finding retailers who are expensive, although typically the great ones can be, it is about choosing retailers that are less ubiquitous than Target, Kmart, and other retailers like them. Bed Bath and Table, which also provides Qantas points when you shop, is a fantastic catch-all, as they offer all the home decor items you need with a colour palette and persuasion for all personal styles. Don’t just use items from whatever department store you see, and narrow down the retailers that best cater to your needs and stick with them. You don’t have to have any decor that your friend and neighbour has, right? Let’s aim for a unique interior spread.

Choose A Styling Concept

Rather than just choosing a collection of things you think is beautiful, deciding on a concept is going to keep you anchored to a theme and defined look and feel. Perhaps your concept is adopting a minimalist interior style, or maybe you want to choose a beachy bungalow aesthetic. The sooner you arrive at a concept the easier it will be to say yes or no to things you are liking. You don’t have to decide on your styling concept overnight either, so take the time to research and play around with a mood board app until you land on something that speaks to you. We want cohesion, harmony and a clearly defined home style.

Choose A Stylish Colour Palette

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It can be tempting to proceed with an all-white home, but is that the best way to demonstrate your sartorial flair? Instead, why not work with a colour consultant to create a story with your home that draws on the right colours to highlight the best features of your home. If you find it hard to make decisions this big, then that is even more reason to lean on the expertise of a stylist who is experienced and qualified in all things colour. We really do not know what we don’t know, so take cues from the colour experts.

Be Consistent In Your Curation

Your styling efforts are going to be undermined if you do not carry it through your entire home. A consistent approach will create a compelling curation of your personal style. Imagine your living room, kitchen and bathroom are perfectly in line with your style identity, but then your bedrooms are in a completely different style and at odds with the rest of your home. Not only can this be jarring for you and those who visit your home, it really nullifies all the beautiful work you have done on the home to date. Spend some time planning how you can create a consistent style throughout your home. 

Take Inspiration From Your Home And Surrounds

If you really want to flex your interior design muscles, why not take inspiration from the home itself and the unique suburb or region you find yourself in. If you have a terrace cottage home in an older part of town, you may wish to lean into that identity and incorporate it into your decor. You could even take this a step further and really dig into the roots of your home and find out what year it was built, by whom, and try and tie that origin into your styling. This is, of course, a lot of work and a roll of the dice when you think about what you will find – so maybe this inspiration could just be kept to a room or corner of your home instead of the whole house!


We hope you got some ideas on how to style your home effectively. There are so many directions you can take your creative coordination, to take the time required to give this process its due so that concepts don’t collide! If you feel overwhelmed, try and take each step one at a time, and only take on the next challenge when you feel secure in your decisions.