Exploring Culinary Elegance: The Adria x UNA London

Nestled within the historic walls of The Adria, an esteemed 17th-century boutique hotel in London, a culinary revolution is set to unfold this summer.

The Adria, renowned for its timeless charm and commitment to luxury, will host a series of exclusive pop-up dinners in collaboration with the visionary Argentine chef, Martín Milesi.

This partnership marks the debut of UNA at The Adria, an event eagerly anticipated by gastronomes and epicureans alike.

The Journey of Martín Milesi and UNA

Martín Milesi’s journey to culinary prominence is a testament to his passion for creating immersive dining experiences that transcend the ordinary. Originally hailing from Argentina, Martín’s career path led him across continents before settling in London, a city celebrated for its vibrant food culture. It was here, amidst the eclectic culinary landscape of the capital, that Martín found inspiration to establish UNA in 2014.

Exploring Culinary Elegance: The Adria x UNA London

UNA, meaning “one” in Spanish, encapsulates Martín’s vision of bringing people together through food. The concept revolves around the idea of a singular dining table where strangers gather as a community, united by the shared experience of exceptional cuisine.

Martín’s approach goes beyond mere gastronomy; it integrates elements of theatre and artistry into dining, creating an immersive environment where every meal tells a story.

Innovative Dining Experiences

What sets UNA apart is its commitment to transforming dining into a holistic sensory journey. Each location chosen by Martín Milesi and his team is more than just a venue; it’s a stage where culinary artistry meets theatrical performance. From a forest clearing in Uruguay to the historic elegance of The Adria, each setting is meticulously curated to enhance the dining experience.

Exploring Culinary Elegance: The Adria x UNA London

At UNA, the emphasis is not only on what’s served on the plate but also on how it’s presented and experienced. Martín Milesi’s background in fine dining and his passion for service innovation ensure that every aspect of the meal, from the arrival drink to the final dessert, is meticulously planned.

Guests are invited to engage all their senses, from the visual aesthetics of the table setting to the symphony of flavours in each dish.

The UNA Pop-Up at The Adria

For those fortunate enough to secure a seat at The Adria’s exclusive UNA dinners, the experience promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Nestled within the confines of this historic boutique hotel, diners will be treated to a culinary journey that celebrates the intersection of art, culture, and cuisine.

The pop-up dinners will take place on most Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer months of June, July, and August, offering guests ample opportunities to indulge in Martín Milesi’s gastronomic creations.

Exploring Culinary Elegance: The Adria x UNA London

Priced at £180 per person, the UNA experience at The Adria includes not only a meticulously crafted tasting menu but also a selection of wines chosen to complement each course.

The evening begins with an arrival drink, setting the tone for an evening of culinary exploration. Whether dining with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking a memorable night out in London, UNA promises an experience that transcends traditional dining norms.

To ensure a seat at one of UNA’s exclusive dinners at The Adria, prospective guests are encouraged to book in advance. Whether planning a romantic evening for two or hosting a small group, UNA offers flexibility to accommodate various preferences and occasions.

Exploring Culinary Elegance: The Adria x UNA London


The collaboration between The Adria and Martín Milesi’s UNA represents a harmonious blend of culinary excellence and innovative dining concepts.

By combining fine dining with immersive experiences, UNA continues to redefine the boundaries of gastronomy, offering guests not just a meal, but an unforgettable journey through artistry and taste.

Join UNA at The Adria this summer for an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates the beauty of shared meals and the power of communal dining.

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