Unveiling ‘Early Berners’: A Culinary Journey at Berners Tavern

The prestigious Berners Tavern at The London EDITION, led by the renowned Executive Chef Jason Atherton, recently unveiled its latest culinary masterpiece – the ‘Early Berners’ set menu.

This gastronomic delight, priced at £29.50 for two courses or £35 for three courses, has been captivating diners since the 8th of January onwards, Monday to Saturday, between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm daily.

Embracing the flourishing trend of early dining, the Early Berners menu showcases highlights from the full à la Carte, featuring exquisite dishes such as Prawn Cocktail with lobster jelly, Cornish Cob Chicken Paillard, and Mascarpone and Coffee Éclair with Marsala ice cream.

Embracing the Early Dining Trend

In response to the rising popularity of early dining, Berners Tavern introduces the ‘Early Berners’ set menu, providing a perfect opportunity for patrons to relish the culinary offerings in a sophisticated ambience.

Unveiling 'Early Berners': A Culinary Journey at Berners Tavern

This curated menu not only showcases the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Jason Atherton but also allows guests to indulge in a delightful dining experience before heading out for an evening of entertainment.

Nestled in the heart of London’s celebrated Fitzrovia neighbourhood, Berners Tavern has earned acclaim as one of the city’s most sought-after dining destinations.

Offering an all-day dining experience with a menu dedicated to seasonal, contemporary British cuisine, the restaurant under Jason Atherton’s guidance continues to tantalise taste buds.

The captivating atmosphere is heightened by a private dining room that can accommodate special events for up to 14 guests.

A Symphony of Design and Sophistication

Berners Tavern seamlessly blends historical charm with modern sophistication in its design. Inspired by the classic muted colours of Johannes Vermeer paintings and the artistic touch of American artist Donald Judd, the restaurant’s ambience is a visual feast.

Unveiling 'Early Berners': A Culinary Journey at Berners Tavern

Taupe-coloured walls, dusty rose chairs, and a harmonious interplay of modern and period details create a welcoming atmosphere.

The design elements at Berners Tavern are meticulous, with tub chairs in the front creating a casual, café-like setting, and banquettes in chestnut mohair and taupe leather defining the central dining area.

Round, rift-cut bleached oak tables add to the contemporary feel. The pièce de résistance is the custom bronze chandeliers, inspired by NYC’s Grand Central Station, which not only illuminate the space but also bring intimacy to the venue.

Unveiling London’s Culinary Gem

Aside from its exquisite dining offerings, Berners Tavern ensures inclusivity for all patrons. Families with younger children can delight in the Little People offerings, catering specifically to the tastes of the younger generation.

Unveiling 'Early Berners': A Culinary Journey at Berners Tavern

Moreover, theatre-goers can now relish the gourmet experience without compromising on time, thanks to the Early Berners set menu.

In the heart of Fitzrovia, Berners Tavern stands as a testament to culinary excellence, seamlessly merging historical charm with contemporary sophistication. With an award-winning reputation, this dining establishment continues to captivate the discerning palates of London’s gastronomic enthusiasts.

Berners Tavern’s commitment to providing an extraordinary dining experience is evident in its dedication to quality, innovation, and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere. The melding of culinary expertise and exquisite design makes Berners Tavern a culinary haven that goes beyond mere dining.

Unveiling 'Early Berners': A Culinary Journey at Berners Tavern

Whether it’s a casual evening or a special event, Berners Tavern ensures that every visit becomes a memorable experience. The curated menu, the exquisite design, and the commitment to hospitality make this establishment a true standout in London’s culinary landscape.


As Berners Tavern introduces the ‘Early Berners’ set menu, it not only embraces the growing trend of early dining but also reaffirms its commitment to providing a memorable culinary experience.

From the carefully crafted menu by Executive Chef Jason Atherton to the sophisticated design that transports guests to an era of timeless elegance, Berners Tavern stands as a culinary gem in the heart of London.

The fusion of gastronomic delights and visual aesthetics makes Berners Tavern a must-visit for those seeking an unparalleled dining experience.

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