Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK’s Top Places

Global Champagne Day, celebrated annually on the last Friday of October, is a worldwide tribute to the elegance and sophistication of sparkling wine.

This year, it falls on Friday, 27th October, making it the perfect occasion to indulge in the finest Champagne offerings. The Champagne Bureau UK is dedicated to creating a buzz and raising awareness about this exquisite libation across the United Kingdom.

London’s Champagne Hotspots

In the heart of London, enthusiasts can find a myriad of venues offering a Champagne experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some of the top places to savour Champagne in the bustling metropolis.

Searcys at Battersea Power Station and St Pancras

Searcys, renowned for its impeccable Champagne service, will be unveiling its newest venue at Battersea Power Station on 18 October 2023. This 76-cover bar and dining space will exude opulence, featuring plush deep blue velvet seating with polished brass detailing. Each table will be equipped with a signature ‘press for Champagne’ buzzer, ensuring that your glass is never empty.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Another iconic Searcys location is situated at the heart of St Pancras station, known as St Pancras Champagne Bar by Searcys. This is Europe’s longest Champagne Bar, boasting an impressive Champagne list, Champagne service buttons, and exquisite Art Deco decor. It’s the ideal place to commence a journey to France, the Champagne region, or any other destination.

The Landmark London’s Champagne Bar

Located on the terrace as part of the hotel’s recent renovation, the newly opened Champagne Bar at The Landmark offers an elegant setting with high ceilings and a lush green canopy. Enhance your Champagne experience with their signature High Seas High Tea, featuring delectable seafood finger sandwiches, candied apricot and marzipan scones, and an array of traditional desserts.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Artists’ Bar at The Dorchester

A gem within one of London’s most iconic hotels, Artists’ Bar at The Dorchester, recently redesigned, is a haven for art enthusiasts and Champagne connoisseurs alike. Adorned with artwork by lesser-known female creatives, this glamorous interior offers the perfect setting to savour a glass of Champagne and explore all that The Dorchester has to offer.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Berners Tavern at The London Edition

Berners Tavern is a culinary destination offering seasonal contemporary British cuisine. Don’t miss their special Champagne Trolley, showcasing an extensive selection of Champagnes that are sure to tempt your palate.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage, which originally opened in Covent Garden in 2011, has blossomed into a multi-location concept known for its rustic charm. This venue not only serves Champagne and cheese in a delightful setting but also hosts Champagne tastings and ‘meet the producer’ events, making it a must-visit for Champagne enthusiasts.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Noble Rot in Soho

Noble Rot, initially a wine and arts magazine in 2013, has evolved into a restaurant with locations in Bloomsbury, Soho, and Mayfair. With an impressive list of Champagne growers and houses, Noble Rot is a top choice in London for guests looking to explore a diverse range of Champagne wines.

Where to Enjoy Bubbles in the Scottish Capital

In the enchanting city of Edinburgh, where history and culture converge, one can find an array of exquisite venues dedicated to the art of Champagne. From intimate wine bars to luxurious rooftop terraces, here are the finest places to revel in Champagne’s effervescence in the heart of Scotland’s capital.

The Green Room

Tucked away in Edinburgh’s West End, The Green Room beckons wine aficionados with its distinguished wine cellar and an impressive Champagne selection. Beyond the libations, guests can indulge in a menu that boasts traditional comfort food, delectable charcuterie-sharing platters, and innovative small plates.

Hawksmoor Edinburgh

A stone’s throw away from Waverley station, Princes Street, and St. Andrew Square, Hawksmoor Edinburgh is a culinary gem that celebrates the bountiful Scottish produce. For those seeking Champagne for a special occasion, the restaurant offers an extensive array of options by the glass and by the bottle.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

The Bon Vivant

Founded in September 2008 by Stuart McCluskey, The Bon Vivant is an inviting establishment where European-inspired snacks and mains harmonize beautifully with their Champagne offerings. The relaxed atmosphere, adorned with wooden accents, provides the perfect backdrop for a delightful Champagne experience, complete with options that include half bottles for every occasion.

Gleneagles Townhouse

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, near the historic Old Town, Gleneagles Townhouse stands as a luxury 5-star hotel offering an all-day restaurant and a rooftop terrace bar. The Lamplighters Rooftop Bar, an exclusive retreat for members and hotel guests, elevates the Champagne experience with a sophisticated menu and breathtaking city vistas.

The Register Club at Cheval Edinburgh Grand

Perched on the fourth floor of the prestigious Cheval Edinburgh Grand, The Register Club presents a diverse selection of beverages, including Champagne. Embracing a cherished tradition within one of Edinburgh’s historic landmarks, the venue also offers a special Champagne Afternoon Tea, combining elegance and indulgence.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Raising a Glass to Elegance: Manchester’s Premier Champagne Haunts

In the vibrant heart of Manchester, where culture and culinary excellence converge, a sparkling world of Champagne awaits. From chic hotel bars to charming wine bistros, here are the top destinations for savouring the effervescent elixir in this dynamic city:

Dakota Bar, Dakota Hotels

Nestled in the picturesque Piccadilly Basin of central Manchester, Dakota Bar exudes glamour within the Dakota Hotel. Renowned for its impeccable wine selection, meticulously paired with expertly crafted cuisine, this upscale establishment offers a diverse array of Champagnes, available by the glass or by the bottle. The ‘Jewels in the Crown’ section of the menu showcases a handpicked selection of what Dakota Bar considers the finest Champagnes for guests to relish.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Salut Wines

Celebrated as Manchester’s premier independent wine bar and retailer, Salut Wines presents an alluring assortment of Champagne options. These can be savoured by the glass at the bar or acquired by the bottle from their wine shop. For those seeking a more immersive experience, Salut Wines offers private wine-tasting events tailored for groups of 12 to 35 people.

Higher Ground

Nestled in Manchester City Centre, Higher Ground is a British bistro and bar that takes pride in its wine list, focusing on small-scale winemakers across Europe. The daily-changing menus and dishes add an element of spontaneity to your Champagne experience. Higher Ground warmly welcomes walk-ins, offering both dining room seating and space at the kitchen bar counter.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places


Housed in a Grade II listed building in the Northern Quarter, Cottonopolis is an Asian-inspired restaurant and bar with a modernist twist on traditional Japanese aesthetics. The extensive drinks menu features a selection of Champagne, inviting guests to relish a glass of their choice either at the bar or alongside their meal in the restaurant.

20 Stories, D&D

Elevate your Champagne experience to new heights at 20 Stories, where panoramic views of Manchester serve as the backdrop. Situated 20 storeys above ground, this venue boasts a glamorous restaurant, lively bar, and expansive roof terrace. Guests can revel in an extensive Champagne list, with several options available by the glass. For an extra touch of elegance, consider pairing your Champagne with their delectable afternoon tea, featuring an array of sandwiches, canapés, and sweet treats.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Birmingham’s Finest Champagne Havens: A Toast to Elegance

In the vibrant city of Birmingham, where culinary excellence and sophistication reign, a world of Champagne awaits. From chic hotel lounges to Michelin-starred restaurants, here are the top destinations for indulging in the effervescent charm of Champagne in England’s second-largest city.

The Bubble Lounge, Hotel du Vin

Nestled within Birmingham’s Hotel du Vin, The Bubble Lounge offers an extensive wine list that includes a diverse range of Champagne options. Guests are invited to explore and savour these exquisite selections in a refined and inviting atmosphere.

Adams Restaurant

Adams Restaurant, founded in 2013 by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Adam and Natasha, has earned the prestigious status of a Michelin star. Notably, it’s also recognized by The World of Fine Wine with a 3-Star Wine List distinction, shared by only 49 restaurants worldwide. This exceptional restaurant boasts an extensive Champagne menu, allowing patrons to enjoy the perfect pairing of fine dining and chilled Champagne.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places


Situated in one of Birmingham’s most elegant conservation areas, Purnell’s stands as a chic and contemporary fine dining restaurant. Awarded a Michelin star in January 2009, it boasts a comprehensive ‘Book of Wine’ with various ‘chapters,’ including recommendations from the knowledgeable team and expertly curated wine pairings. Among these chapters, guests can explore an extensive Champagne selection.

The Oyster Club

The Oyster Club, a seafood and grill restaurant, beckons with a vast wine list, featuring an array of Champagne options that can be enjoyed by the bottle or by the half bottle. This establishment promises a delightful seafood experience complemented by the allure of Champagne.

Celebrating Global Champagne Day in Style: The UK's Top Places

Grace + James

Located just three miles south of Birmingham City Centre, Grace + James is a beloved neighbourhood bar, restaurant, and deli. What sets it apart is its ever-evolving wine list that changes daily, showcasing a delightful selection of Champagne. Here, you can savour a glass of Champagne in a relaxed and inviting setting.

As Global Champagne Day approaches, these remarkable establishments in the United Kingdom stand ready to provide you with an exceptional Champagne experience. Whether you seek the elegance of a hotel lounge, the accolades of Michelin-starred dining, or the charm of a neighbourhood bar, the UK’s Champagne destinations promise moments of pure sophistication and delight. Raise your glass and celebrate the global allure of Champagne.

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