Dew Bangsar – A Plushy Dessert Eatery

How can you enjoy a meal if you can’t end it with high-end quality desserts? Dew, located in Bangsar offers just that. 

The interior may be a little small to some, and space is very limited, but one step inside Dew, the smell of the baked treats welcomes you in warmly, and creates the kind of atmosphere that simply makes you want to sit down and indulge. Having become one of the most popular foodie spots in Kuala Lumpur, we were also told that the desserts are sold out in just a few hours. So, we consider ourselves lucky that the desserts that we wanted were still available.

Dew Bangsar – A Plushy Dessert Eatery
The Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse and the Blueberry Camembert Cheesecake.

After hearing fabulous things about them, we targeted two of their most well-loved treats. And also, considering the eatery would soon be filled with people, we needed to take advantage while we could.

We sliced into the Blueberry Camembert Cheesecake first. And honestly, we simply can’t think of anything that could be improved on in terms of the presentation itself. The glistening texture of the cheesecake is already enough to simply make you want to dig in!

Dew Bangsar – A Plushy Dessert Eatery
The Blueberry Camembert Cheesecake.

From the first cut, you can actually feel the lightness and the fluffiness of the texture. The light melt-in-the-mouth texture of the cheesecake is juxtaposed against the rich and full body-flavour of the blueberries blending together perfectly, creating an indulgent and rich pud that is simply perfect.

Dew Bangsar – A Plushy Dessert Eatery
Next is the 100% Chocolate & Hazelnut mousse.

Although absolutely delicious, chocolate puddings can so easily be too rich or sweet, but not sweet enough it could leave you wanting. So finding this perfect balance can be quite a tricky business.

We next tried their chocolate and hazelnut mouse fan-favourite. Although chocolate mousse can very often be dense and even a bit heavy, this was most certainly not the case. Light, fluffy and creamy simply does not describe this pud correctly. It is one of the few chocolate mousses I have had that actually does not leave you feeling a bit sweet to the tooth afterwards. This is not just a treat but could easily become a staple!

There are many places that gain reputations as ‘go-to’ spots but is more about hype than substance. When it comes to Dew Bangsar, this is not the case. The masterful puddings are simply to die for and well worth a visit!

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