Discover Ixchel: Chelsea’s Mexican Culinary Gem

Ixchel, the highly anticipated Mexican restaurant and Tequila bar recently announced its grand entrance this October in the heart of Chelsea, courtesy of Fairbairn Capital.

This exciting addition to the dining scene promises to transport diners and cocktail enthusiasts to the enchanting Yucatan peninsula, bringing a slice of Tulum’s charm to the iconic Kings Road.

A Taste of Tulum in Chelsea

Mexican-born Head Chef Ximena Gayosso Gonzalez is the creative force behind Ixchel’s menu. With an impressive culinary background that includes stints at Michelin-starred restaurants like Brat in Shoreditch, Ella Canta in Mayfair, and Dulce Patria in Mexico City under renowned Chef Martha Ortiz, Chef Gonzalez is set to dazzle Londoners with her unique blend of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine.

Discover Ixchel: Chelsea's Mexican Culinary Gem

Ixchel’s menu is a tantalizing tapestry of locally sourced ingredients woven into the fabric of traditional Mexican dishes. Expect to be delighted by ceviches, tacos, and tostadas, all elevated with a twist. Signature dishes include Fried fish heritage corn quesadillas with carrot and cabbage pickles, cod, spicy mayo, and Albacore tuna sashimi with Ponzu toreada sauce, Granny Smith apple on corn tostadas, and Cheese and herbs stuffed pasilla chilis with slow-cooked salsa roja, toasted peanuts, and fragrant garlic oil.

For those seeking heartier fare, larger platters feature an assortment of salads and mains, such as Heritage tomato and cactus salad with toasted pinenuts and basil pesto, alongside Black tiger prawns and fresh squid zarandeado skewers with fresh radish, charred red onion, green chorizo corn quesadilla, molcajete sauce, and Charcoal pork ribs, wrapped in banana leaf with dark beer, roasted new potatoes, and corn tortillas – all masterfully prepared on the Robata grill.

Tequila Enthusiasts Rejoice

Complementing the culinary wonders, Ixchel boasts one of Europe’s most extensive collections of agave-based liquors. Their impressive list includes premium Tequilas and Mezcal, sourced directly from artisanal distilleries in Mexico. Expert mixologists, under the guidance of award-winning mixologist Kohl Marshall Duffield from Urban Caprice, craft innovative cocktails that capture the essence of the Yucatan.

Discover Ixchel: Chelsea's Mexican Culinary Gem

The name “Ixchel” pays homage to the Mayan goddess of the moon and textiles, and this theme is thoughtfully reflected in the restaurant’s design. The symbol of the moon is elegantly woven into the venue’s aesthetics, with brass handles, bespoke tiling, a reeded ceiling, and contemporary macrame all serving as nods to the lunar goddess.

Artistry in Every Corner

As guests step into Ixchel, they’ll be greeted by a stunning mural created by Mexican-based artist Rafael Uriegas. Uriegas’s unique style seamlessly merges ancient mythology with contemporary Mexican art. The terracotta and stone tables are adorned with lush foliage and glazed planters, creating an inviting atmosphere that leads to the Moon Bar. Here, the phases of the moon softly illuminate the surroundings, while a giant raw snake elegantly coils around the bar’s base.

Discover Ixchel: Chelsea's Mexican Culinary Gem

Behind the Door Designs, the talented design team known for their award-winning Little Door Bars in West London, have lent their expertise to Ixchel’s contemporary and brutalist space. The designers have curated a collection of hand-woven artworks, contemporary sculptures, and lighting by local Mexican artists and artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The restaurant’s ground floor, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, exudes brightness, while the downstairs space and bar exude a moody and alluring ambience synonymous with Mexican culture.

A Space for All Occasions

Ixchel caters to diverse dining needs, with multiple large tables for groups of 8-12 and cosy inbuilt tables with soft cushions for intimate dates. The restaurant’s low sofa seating provides a relaxed atmosphere for casual dining or sipping cocktails with friends. Bang & Olufsen’s high-end speakers ensure that the musical accompaniment is top-notch throughout the space.

Founder & Managing Director of Fairbairn Capital, Fraser Carruthers, expresses his excitement: “Ixchel is set to fill a gap on King’s Road, offering incredible food, great drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere. With a blend of modern Mexican flavours and traditional favourites, Ixchel promises an unforgettable experience for all.”

Discover Ixchel: Chelsea's Mexican Culinary Gem

Ixchel is poised to redefine Mexican cuisine in Chelsea, providing an immersive journey through the flavours and culture of Mexico. Prepare to be captivated by this culinary oasis on Kings Road, where exquisite dishes and artisanal spirits await your discovery.


Ixchel stands as a testament to culinary excellence, offering a vibrant fusion of traditional Mexican flavours and modern gastronomy in the heart of Chelsea. With its meticulously crafted menu by Head Chef Ximena Gayosso Gonzalez, an impressive array of agave-based libations, and a captivating lunar-inspired ambience, Ixchel has truly redefined the dining experience on Kings Road.

The restaurant’s commitment to both artistry and authenticity, coupled with the vision of Fraser Carruthers, promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Mexico. Whether you’re seeking a taste of Tulum, a night of mezcal-fueled fun, or simply a unique and memorable dining experience, Ixchel beckons as Chelsea’s premier destination for gastronomic adventure and cultural immersion.

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