Luxury at Sea: Discover Palau with Four Seasons Explorer

From 1 October 2023, Four Seasons Explorer, the epitome of luxury cruising, will unveil the captivating wonders of Palau, a breathtaking western Pacific Island nation.

Brace yourself for a daily dose of true adventure as you set sail into a remote and untouched paradise.

Unveiling Palau: A Wilderness of Natural and Cultural Marvels

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world that brims with natural beauty and cultural treasures. Palau, nestled in the heart of the mighty Pacific, boasts over 340 emerald islands, a kaleidoscope of marine life, and a vibrant 4,000-year-old culture preserved by 20,000 traditional-minded individuals who form the cornerstone of Palauan heritage.

Underwater Wonder: Dive into Palau’s Marine Paradise

Recognized as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, Palau’s protected marine territory spans an impressive half million square kilometres (193,000 square miles).

Luxury at Sea: Discover Palau with Four Seasons Explorer

Divers and snorkelers are in for a treat, as Palau offers unparalleled opportunities to explore its magnificent underwater realm. However, this enchanting island nation has much more to offer beyond its captivating marine ecosystems.

Raw Natural Adventure: Delve into Palau’s Untamed Beauty

With a mere nine out of the 340 islands inhabited, Palau beckons adventurers with its raw and unspoiled landscapes. Embark on thrilling escapades amidst untamed nature, while simultaneously delving deep into Palauan culture.

Immerse yourself in the captivating Palauan dance tradition, resounding with powerful chants, mesmerizing storytelling, and vibrant hues. Uncover the historical sites of World War II, witness the symbolic bai meeting houses, and embrace centuries of Spanish, German, Japanese, and American influences.

Palau’s Natural Frontier: A Spectacle for Nature Enthusiasts

Palau’s crystal-clear waters and elevated lakes host a staggering variety of marine life, boasting over 1,400 species of fish and 500 species of vibrant corals. In 2009, Palau established the world’s first shark sanctuary, covering more than 600,000 square kilometres (230,000 square miles) of the ocean.

Adding to its ecological marvels, the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you’re a swimmer, snorkeler, or diver, Palau’s captivating oceanic wonders offer an unrivalled paradise to explore.

Four Seasons Explorer: A Gateway to Hidden Gems

With a draft of 1.9 meters (6.23 feet), Four Seasons Explorer effortlessly navigates where larger vessels cannot, granting you access to untouched locations. The PADI 5-Star Dive Centre aboard the ship ensures expert guidance from multilingual instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and an onboard videographer. Custom-designed dive and excursion boats facilitate direct entry to even the most secluded dive sites.

Luxury at Sea: Discover Palau with Four Seasons Explorer

A Diver’s Paradise: Marvels Beneath Palau’s Waters

Divers are treated to a world of wonders, from the glittering stalactite formations of Chandelier Cave to the historical remnants of Helmet Wreck from World War II. Delight in the gorgonian fans at Blue Corner and the mesmerizing canyons of Peleliu Wall.

Snorkelers, too, will be captivated by their experiences, encountering millions of stingless golden and moon jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake, discovering giant 115-kilogram (250-pound) tridacna clams at Clam City, and encountering rabbitfish, turtles, and goatfish at the crystal-clear Ngedebus Coral Gardens. These guided excursions, led by Four Seasons‘ marine biologists, ensure unforgettable encounters with Palau’s abundant marine life.

Cultural Immersion: Unravel Palau’s Rich Heritage

The scattered islands of Micronesia’s Palau are not only a testament to breathtaking landscapes but also to a unique culture intertwined with an unwavering reverence for the environment.

On-shore excursions, expertly guided by insightful locals, invite you to visit Palau’s oldest bai, explore the enigmatic Badrulchau Stone Monoliths dating back to 161 AD, marvel at the cave paintings on Ulong Island, and discover the Belau National Museum. Delve into the rhythms of traditional music, lose yourself in lush forests, stand in awe of majestic waterfalls, and unlock the secrets of Palau’s captivating heritage.

Recreational Bliss and Wellness Escapes

Beyond awe-inspiring adventures, Four Seasons Explorer offers an array of recreational activities, including windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and kayaking. Indulge in blissful wellness experiences, such as soothing yoga, breathing exercises, and rejuvenating treatments, either onboard or on a secluded beach. Take a dip in mineral-rich mud, learn traditional Palauan fishing techniques, hike through nature’s wonders, spot vibrant birdlife, or even master a few Palauan phrases.

Culinary Delights: A Fusion of Flavors

On board Four Seasons Explorer, your journey begins with a delectable array of à-la-carte breakfast options. Indulge in all-inclusive meals (excluding alcoholic beverages) featuring ever-changing lunch and dinner menus. Delight in regional delicacies inspired by Palau, the Pacific, Asia, and the West. Regular beach barbecues offer insights into Palauan music and culture, accompanied by fresh and locally sourced ingredients, gourmet flourishes, and an extensive wine selection.

A Floating Resort: Tailored Adventures Await

Operating as a floating resort, Four Seasons Explorer grants you the freedom to embark and disembark daily, allowing you to explore Palau at your own pace. With a maximum capacity of 22 guests, each adventure is fully bespoke, enabling you to focus on your personal areas of interest—both above and below the water. Engage with Palauan people, savour the creations of talented chefs and musicians, learn from expert marine biologists, and pamper yourself with spa therapies and yoga sessions.

Luxury at Sea: Discover Palau with Four Seasons Explorer

“The core Palauan value of omengull—respecting all and everything—deeply aligns with our values at Four Seasons,” notes Regional Vice President Armando Kraenzlin.  “Right from the Palauan Pledge that all visitors are asked to sign upon arrival, visitors are immersed in one of the world’s most unique cultures, founded on tradition and respect. It’s a thrilling paradise for anyone seeking harmony with nature, and the opportunity to learn and embrace the unique Palauan way of life.”

Multi-Destination Exploration: Unveil the Wonders Nearby

Due to its remote location, Palau pairs perfectly with nearby destinations. The Palau International Airport in Koror offers convenient access via Taipei, Honolulu, Guam, Manila, and Brisbane. Seize the opportunity to discover the wonders of Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and other Oceania islands, including Yap, Chuuk, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Private Charters: Tailor Your Palauan Dream

For a fully customizable experience, Four Seasons Explorer is available for private yacht charters in Palau. Gather your group of up to 22 individuals and embark on an exclusive journey. Surf enthusiasts can even enjoy dedicated charters, guided by the experts from Tropicsurf. Ride the uncrowded “best-kept secret” breaks on the east and west coast reefs or embark on adventurous “surfaris” around the fringing islands during the winter months.

Embrace the Extraordinary: Set Sail to Palau with Four Seasons Explorer

Unveil the untamed beauty of Palau, a land where natural wonders and cultural treasures converge. Allow Four Seasons Explorer to guide you through a luxury adventure that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in Palau’s captivating underwater world, embark on raw natural escapades, immerse yourself in the richness of Palauan heritage, and indulge in culinary delights as you sail through this extraordinary destination. Book your reservation today and unlock the unparalleled marvels of Palau with Four Seasons Explorer.

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