Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is poised to redefine holistic living by offering a unique fusion of timeless design, immersive wellness, and luxurious residences.

With its inspiration drawn from the vibrant city of Miami, this groundbreaking project sets a new standard for integrated living. From the moment you step foot into the meticulously designed lobby, you’ll be captivated by the harmonious blend of ancient materiality, natural light, and modern aesthetics. This article explores the exquisite design and restorative residences that make THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands a haven for those seeking a wellness-centred lifestyle.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

Design that Captures Miami’s Essence

Embracing the sun, sand, and water that make Miami an iconic destination, THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands exudes a design that pays homage to these elements. The residential lobby, with its keystone flooring reminiscent of pressed sand, features a striking water feature surrounded by a grand staircase and expansive glass walls.

The intricate geometric screening allows the Miami sun to cast enchanting shadows on the sand-inspired flooring and central water feature, creating a serene and welcoming ambience. Inspired by classic 1920s Spanish design and the MIMO style of the 1950-60s, THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands blends old-world charm with modern sensibilities, resulting in a truly unique architectural masterpiece.

Holistic Wellness at the Core

Every aspect of THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is meticulously crafted to prioritize well-being. Each of the 54 residences within the building is designed to promote a balanced and immersive experience. Spacious balconies invite residents to connect with nature, while open, light-filled layouts create an atmosphere of tranquillity. In each residence, a meditation corner, yoga mats, and wellness accessories contribute to a sense of holistic living.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

THE WELL brand’s philosophy merges both Western and Eastern practices, offering diffused lighting, water filtration, and organic scents infused throughout the spaces. Additionally, energetically charged crystals are integrated into the foundation, and residents have the opportunity to cleanse their areas with the guidance of THE WELL practitioners.

Restorative Residences for Optimal Wellness

The residences at THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands go beyond luxury and provide an optimal wellness experience within the comfort of home. With open and light-filled layouts, these homes embrace nature and provide expertly vetted touchpoints that enhance human physiology.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

The expansive living room features neutral-engineered wood floors, adjustable lighting, and power shades for complete control over the ambience. The spacious bedrooms are equipped with aromatherapy diffusers, carefully selected by THE WELL practitioners, to create a calming atmosphere.

The primary bathroom offers a therapeutic soaking tub adorned with wildcrafted herbal venik bouquets for deep relaxation. Residents can indulge in a recessed dual-pressure rain shower and even incorporate red light therapy for wrinkle reduction and pain healing.

The master bathroom includes a skincare fridge, ensuring optimal storage for cosmetics and beauty solutions. The highly functional kitchen boasts innovative features such as a Kore™ Workstation Kitchen Sink and a Grohe blue faucet, providing filtered, chilled, and carbonated water options. With an array of wellness-focused amenities, THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands offers a truly restorative living experience.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

“Holistic wellness is at the center of THE WELL philosophy and ethos– so naturally, it is at the center of THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands design. The design focuses on spaces and experiences that enhance your transcension into a balanced, uncomplicated daily life.” 

Will Meyer, Co-Founder, Meyer Davis

Unparalleled Amenities for Holistic Health

THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands surpasses expectations with its generous array of amenities designed to promote holistic health. The 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art wellness and fitness centre stands as a testament to the commitment to well-being.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

The rooftop decks offer a rejuvenating pool, hot tub, and private cabanas, providing an oasis for relaxation. A lounge space and a summer kitchen cater to socializing and outdoor gatherings. Residents seeking work-life balance can make use of the private boardroom, while those desiring quiet reflection can retreat to the reading room and tea lounge.

Embarking on a Wellness Journey

At THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands, embarking on a wellness journey is effortless. The state-of-the-art wellness and fitness centre introduces guests to The Bath, Miami’s first caldarium dedicated to purification using THE WELL body serum activated by water, heat, and steam.

The experience begins at The Robe Bar, where guests are provided with a soft robe, a choice of headband from an extensive collection, aloe soap, designer ice trays, and a flaxseed mitt. The Caldarium, featuring heated stone benches and a vitality pool, restores the body’s equilibrium. The Saunarium offers ancient therapy with radiating heat and low humidity, promoting detoxification.

The Halotherapy Steam Room combines soothing aromas with lymphatic support. The Infrared and Sound Dome provides cellular-level therapy through infrared heat and therapeutic sound therapy. Guests can also enjoy the Energizing Cold Dip experience, which stimulates blood flow and accelerates recovery.

Holistic Living: Discover THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands

Serene treatment rooms draw inspiration from Eastern healing traditions and cutting-edge science, offering an array of massages, facials, and holistic treatments. The Fitness Movement Space and Mindful Movement Studio provide a range of activities such as pilates, meditation, yoga, and signature classes curated by THE WELL.


THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is more than just a residential project; it is a transformative journey towards holistic living. With its captivating design, restorative residences, and unparalleled amenities, this visionary development sets a new benchmark for integrated wellness. Immerse yourself in a world where wellness takes centre stage and discover the epitome of holistic living at THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands.

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