Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

If you’re looking for luxurious living with exclusive perks, then the Bentley Residences Miami is the place for you.

This lavish project was designed to offer owners both privacy and community, making it feel like a private membership club. Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, the 62-storey building spans 12,000 sqft and offers 216 one-of-a-kind private residences.

Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

The patented car elevator, known as the ‘Dezervator‘, allows tenants to be transported directly to their apartments without seeing anyone. The building attracts industry leaders, sports stars, and celebrities who value their privacy but also enjoy rubbing shoulders with like-minded individuals.

The Bentley Residences Miami offers unique communal offerings such as an exclusive resident-only restaurant by in-house celebrity chef Todd, a Macallan whisky bar, a world-class beach club, a private cinema, a lush spa, and a wellness centre.

Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

The beach club is a private club for Bentley owners while the Residences are being built and feature its bar, patio, and beach area. In addition, the building will program events with its owners, such as lectures, talks, and parties.

The plans for Bentley Residences are a paragon of design brilliance. The sales gallery celebrates the design achievements so far and builds anticipation and excitement surrounding the project, set to complete in 2026.

The sales gallery offers buyers a first-hand glimpse of the luxurious communal spaces, wellness and lifestyle amenities, as well as the plans for the private residences themselves. Each of these spaces has been designed to ensure that residents experience Bentley as a part of their journey, both in and out of the building.

Design Masterpiece

Bentley designers Brett Boydell and Chris Cooke have led the design of the project, working closely with Dezer Development and Sieger Suarez Architects. Their expertise has shaped the exquisitely designed building and its interior, carefully integrating Bentley design throughout each and every corner.

Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

Boydell said, “One of the biggest achievements when we design a car is to have a whole group of designers working together but to make it look like it came from one person’s hand. We have the same exciting challenge with Bentley Residences but on a 62-storey scale.” Cooke added, “We have applied the same attention to detail that goes into our cars into this very building. Each space is different, but with distinctive Bentley design cues styled harmoniously throughout.”

Unique Features

The signature of the Bentley Residences building is the Dezervators, car elevators that can transport your car up to your apartment. Each residence comes with either three or four in-level parking spaces of its own.

Boydell explained, “For me, one of the most phenomenal parts of the Bentley Residences is the fact that you can drive your car into the elevator and be delivered into your apartment.” Cooke added, “The sense of arrival is really spectacular. Driving into Miami Beach is a special experience anyway, but for the residents, driving into the building and being able to see the beach as you get out of your car, several stories up in your own home, is incredible.”

Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

The environment of each communal area of the Bentley Residences has been carefully considered to bring residents together as a community, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation while still remaining social.

Private and communal amenities include a cinema, a games room, a wellness centre and spa, a whisky bar, a cigar lounge, and a restaurant. Each has been carefully curated to maximize comfort and luxury and to subtly bring Bentley’s design DNA throughout each detail.

The cinema has been designed to mimic the concept of a Bentley car interior. The games room is state of the art, equipped with VR headsets and simulators for golf and driving.

The Bentley Residences will also bring to life a transformative wellness offering, giving residents a space to connect, re-energise and relax through complete sensorial immersion.

The building’s lobby will feature impressive pillars, each threaded with the vertical veins of natural wood ingrained with copper dust, making a statement on the innovative use of wood and new materials that will distinguish Bentley’s future design.

Natural materials feature heavily throughout the building, including wood, leather and glass, drawing parallels with Bentley cars. The Bentley design team has taken the same materials and gone above and beyond anything that can be achieved in a car, making use of the substantially larger space and diversity of areas.

Luxury Living At Bentley Residences In Miami

Boydell said, “I think it’s the approach to every element within the Bentley Residences which gives that feeling of harmonious and inspiring design. This runs throughout everything from the materials to the colours, and the richness of all the execution is synonymous with what you would find in our cars.”

Models and Sculpture

The sales gallery also plays home to a spectacular, full-scale, new sculpture designed by the Bentley designers in Crewe, with the Miami beachfront in mind. Epic in size, the Bentley speed form sculpture is inspired by the flowing lines and surface definition seen in our luxury cars.

Boydell describes, “Designed to be viewed at little above eye height to fully appreciate the beauty of the form, it reflects the car’s strength and power in volume whilst celebrating its beauty and elegance within the details of its key lines.” The sculpture’s exterior colour is a unique paint mixed in the Bentley paint shop, specially created to come to life in the bright Miami climate while enhancing the sculpture’s form.

Luxury living at Bentley Residences Miami is like no other. From the unique communal offerings to the innovative use of natural materials, the building exudes luxury, comfort and sophistication. The building’s attention to detail and its seamless integration of Bentley design DNA throughout every corner make it a true masterpiece, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence and luxury living.

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