Do Men’s Ring Sizes Differ From Women’s?

Generally, women’s fingers are smaller in width compared to men’s, who tend to have larger fingers and knuckles. This is a significant determinant in the size of the ring or band they wear, implying that, more often than not, men have larger ring sizes than women.

The size of rings with respect to width ranges between 5 and 14; most women use ring sizes between 5 to 8 because they have slimmer hands and fingers, whereas most men commonly use ring sizes between 9 to 11, and those with broader fingers and hands use rings from size 12 above. 

Women prefer rings that are delicate, sophisticated, and elegant; in contrast, men would go for rings that are bolder, tough, bigger, and have a masculine kind of look.  

Are you searching for the precise ring size for that special someone, but you are confused about how to select the correct ring size? In this post, you’ll find a few nuggets on what you need to know to guide you in choosing the perfect ring size.

Do Men's Ring Sizes Differ From Women's?

Why Does Ring Size Matter?

Every ring is designed to fit the frame of the person who will wear it to ensure it is comfortable for the wearer. 

A very tight ring will harm your or your spouse’s finger by peeling the skin. On the other hand, if the ring is bigger than your fingers, the ring will fall off easily and you may not even notice immediately.

Hence, it’s essential to buy the perfect ring size for you and your spouse.

Men’s Wedding Ring Size vs. Women’s Wedding Ring Size

Mens wedding bands are often thicker and more rigid compared to women’s choice of more delicate bands; hence, men need larger sizes to fit in their hands. Men use ring sizes between 8 to 15 widths.

Women’s choice of thinner rings can be traced to the tiny hands and slim fingers most of them have, in contrast to the men, which is why most of their ring sizes range between 4-8 widths.

However, it’s vital to note that the ring size chart used for men and women is the same, so the significant difference is in the width size. You can also use the ring size charts and guide to convert ring sizes to ensure the size is accurate.

Do Men's Ring Sizes Differ From Women's?

How To Measure Your Ring Size

There are diverse ways you can measure ring size, and professional jewellers use various tools to measure the size of a ring. For instance, the Gemological Institute of America listed a variety of professional tools that can be used in this regard; however, the challenge most people have is that many people do not have access to these professional tools. 

Hence, many resorts to measuring ring size without using professional tools. Would you like to know about this? Here are two primary ways to measure your accurate ring size without using professional tools.

Measure Using A Current Piece Of Jewelry 

If you have access to the ring you used before you chose to get a new one, you can simply take it to a jeweller and ask them to help you measure the ring size. It is possible for people who have worn a single ring for a long time to lose track of the size of the ring they wear since they often wear it and it fits in accurately. Anyways, knowing your ring size is good.

Measure Your Ring Size Using A String

It is an easy procedure to follow. Firstly, you find a tiny string to wrap around the base of your finger, after which you measure the distance between where the string begins and where it overlaps. 

You can use the measurement you get from that procedure to know your ring size.

Do Men's Ring Sizes Differ From Women's?

Ring Size Tips

When you have to choose between 2 sizes, it’s advisable to go for the larger size because the cost of reducing your ring size is cheaper than when you want to expand the size. 

When trying to know your ring size, it’s usually a good idea to consult with an expert jeweller to ensure precise measurement. They are experts in the field and can help you know your ring size more accurately than trying to measure on your own. Additionally, don’t hesitate to visit other jewellers to be sure they are all providing you with comparable outcomes.

Moreso, it’s not enough to just get the size you want; for example, some rings have hollow in the back, and some are solid; the hollow rings will feel looser than a solid ring, even if they are the same size.

Another crucial observation to note when getting a ring is the width of the ring because a wider ring is often tighter compared to a thin ring; this implies that if you are a person who wears a tiny ring, you should increase the size of the ring when getting a wider ring. To avoid a situation where the ring is too tight for you to wear, even if you chose the standard ring size you use.

Also, you should consider different things that can change your ring size. Water weight fluctuations throughout the day can cause your fingers to shrink and swell, as can eating certain foods. 

Weather and activity can also impact your size. When it’s cold, fingers tend to shrink in size. When it’s hot out, or if you just finished doing some strenuous activity, your fingers can swell from the heat and blood pumping close to the skin’s surface. Even the time of day can affect size accuracy. 

The best time of day to get your ring size is usually in the afternoon or early evening when your finger size is the most stable.

Do Men's Ring Sizes Differ From Women's?


Getting a perfect ring size for your hand is very important because, more often than not, your ring will be fixed in your hand and become a significant part of your daily life. 

Your ring is an investment, and you wouldn’t want to subject the ring size to chances; having a ring size that fits your hand perfectly is always a plus.

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