Royal Accomplishment – Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

In addition to Queen Elizabeth II’s piano, the royal palace also houses many other fascinating musical instruments from around the world.

When we think of the Royal Family, we often imagine grandeur and luxury.  From royal palaces to lavish balls and gowns, it’s easy to get swept up in the fantasy of it all.  But what about the reality?  What is life really like behind the scenes?

It is no secret that the British royal family is filled with talented musicians. Prince Charles is a skilled classical violinist, while Princess Anne is an accomplished equestrian. Even Prince Harry dabbles in DJing! So it should come as no surprise that Queen Elizabeth II also has a hidden talent – she can play the grand piano!

Can The Queen Play The Piano?

Royal Accomplishment - Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

The Queen began taking piano lessons at a young age and quickly developed a love for music. Queen Elizabeth (The Queen’s Mother) was an accomplished pianist and often played for her children. Queen II continued to play throughout her life, even after she became queen. Princess Margaret is known to have given her sister piano lessons, and the two would often play together.

While the Queen is undoubtedly a talented musician, she does not perform publicly very often. In fact, the last time she played the piano in public was back in 1950, when she performed at a charity concert in London.

Queen Elizabeth II is a private person and doesn’t like to show off her talents publicly very often. However, she does enjoy playing the grand piano in her private chambers at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Musical Background?

Royal Accomplishment - Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

Her Majesty also has a keen interest in art, poetry, and photography. While she may not be a professional musician, the Queen’s passion for music is evident in her many years of patronage to musical institutions and her support of up-and-coming talent.

The Queen is a known fan of classical music, and she has been known to play the piano on occasion. In fact, one of her favourite composers was Franz Joseph Haydn, who wrote the world-famous “London Symphonies” while he was in the city at the invitation of the Queen’s great-grandfather, King George III.

The Queen is also a patron of the London Symphony Orchestra, and she has attended many of their performances over the years. In 2012, she even took part in a special performance to mark the orchestra’s 60th anniversary.

How Has Queen Elizabeth II Contributed To The Arts And Music?

Royal Accomplishment - Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

Queen Elizabeth II has been a patron of the arts and music for many years. She has supported various artists and musicians throughout her reign, and she continues to do so today. One of the ways she has shown her support is through her patronage of the Royal Academy of Music. The Royal Academy of Music is a world-renowned music school located in London, England. Queen Elizabeth II has been its patron since 1952.

The Queen is a musical prodigy who has been beloved by the British people since she ascended to the throne. Before getting Her Royal Highness’s degree in Music from the University of London, The queen was given two degrees: Bachelor (Honorary) and Doctorate in Arts/Humanities which symbolize how dedicated this amazing woman truly feels to music!

The first time we see evidence that proves just how much goes into becoming an HRH with these honour graduates comes when Theqtian predecessor presented her mother–the grandmother everyone knows as “QM” or “ grandma”-with yet another doctorate award at the College Of Ancient Studies.

What Has The Royal Family Accomplished?

Royal Accomplishment - Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

Queen Elizabeth II has been the longest-reigning monarch in British history, and she has accomplished many things. She is a member of The Order of the Garter, which is an order made up of knights who are the cream of society and warriors. They are also considered to be Britain’s highest honour.

In addition to this, Queen Elizabeth II has also been named The Most Powerful Woman in the World by Forbes magazine. She is also one of the richest women in the world, with a net worth of over $500 million.

Another well-known accomplishment of Queen Elizabeth II is that she has been proclaimed an honorary Canadian. She has done this by signing the Constitution Act of 1982, which set out how Canada’s government works and recognized Canada as a fully independent nation.

Other members of the Royal Family have also made significant accomplishments. For example, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has been a patron of over 800 organizations. He has also served in the British Navy and was an Olympic Games medalist in driving.

Not to mention Princess Diana, who also accomplished many things before her tragic death in 1997. She was a global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and supported charities like Comic Relief, Shelter, and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

When it comes to the Queen’s children, Prince Charles has been an environmental advocate since the 1970s. He worked with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has also been involved in a number of charities and organizations. She is the current president of the National Osteoporosis Society and patron of more than 25 others, and she has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship from The Royal College of GPs.

So, it’s clear that the members of The Royal Family have accomplished a lot throughout their lives!

What Does The Queen’s II Piano Look Like?

Royal Accomplishment - Does Queen Elizabeth II Play The Grand Piano?

The queen’s  Steinway grand piano is a beautiful instrument that features intricately carved woodwork and polished gold accents. It is one of the most prized possessions in the royal music collection, and it is played at official ceremonies and events to accompany the performance of some of Britain’s greatest musicians.

Despite its age, this timeless piece continues to delight audiences with its exquisite beauty and rich, melodic sound.

This beautiful instrument has been an integral part of the royal music collection for many years, and it has played a central role in some of Britain’s most important musical events. Whether you are a royal music aficionado or simply enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of fine pianos, this grand piano is sure to delight.

What Other Instruments Are In The Royal Palace?

The queen’s piano is just one of the many instruments in the royal music collection. Other notable pieces include a Stradivarius violin, a Steinway grand piano, and a set of violins made by Antonio Stradivari. These instruments are all treasured possessions that add to the richness and diversity of the royal music collection.

In addition to these world-renowned instruments, the royal palace also houses a variety of lesser-known instruments from around the world. There are traditional flutes and drums from Africa, along with stringed instruments from India and Central America.

Together, these diverse pieces help to showcase the incredible musical heritage of the royal family and make their collection one of the most extensive and interesting in the world.


The Queen’s II grand piano is a beautiful and historic instrument that plays an important role in the royal music collection.

Whether you are a fan of classical music or simply enjoy fine craftsmanship, this exquisite piece is well worth a closer look. In addition to the queen’s piano, the royal palace also houses many other fascinating musical instruments from around the world.

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