Queen Elizabeth II’s Mulsanne Joins Bentley’s Collection

Bentley Motors, renowned for its luxurious and handcrafted automobiles, proudly unveils the latest addition to its esteemed Heritage Collection: a bespoke 2020 Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.

This remarkable vehicle, a testament to Bentley’s craftsmanship, marks the conclusion of the Mulsanne series and holds a unique place in the company’s history. Crafted with precision at Bentley’s renowned Dream Factory in Crewe, this Mulsanne has a storied past, having served Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during its distinguished tenure.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

Regal Roots: Fit for a Queen

The final Mulsanne was commissioned and meticulously constructed for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, making it a truly regal masterpiece. The vehicle’s design reflects the essence of royalty, commencing with its solid Barnato green exterior, complemented by an interior adorned in Twine and Cumbrian hide. The inclusion of Burr Walnut wood veneers and plush lambswool carpets elevates the interior to a level of opulence synonymous with Bentley.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

To tailor the Mulsanne for royal duties, the specification incorporated rear privacy curtains and a distinctive touch—the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, intricately inlaid into the door waist rails. Furthermore, the front centre armrests were replaced with a custom-sized tray, meticulously designed to accommodate the Queen’s handbag.

Unseen Elegance: A Touch of Discretion

Behind its majestic appearance, the final Mulsanne hides subtle features that reflect its royal service. Concealed beneath the walnut-veneered door, behind the gear lever, lies a discreet control panel. This panel houses blue police lights, a siren, and a bullhorn, ensuring that the vehicle is prepared for any eventuality while serving the Royal household.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

Under the bonnet of this regal masterpiece resides Bentley’s renowned 537PS 6.75-litre V8 engine, a symbol of power and performance. The vehicle rides on 21″ alloy wheels and features chrome brightware for the grille and front wing vents, adding a touch of classic elegance. Of course, no Bentley is complete without the iconic Flying B, which graces the car’s front.

Joining the Prestigious Heritage Collection

The bespoke 2020 Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, lovingly crafted for Queen Elizabeth II, takes its place as the third and final Mulsanne in Bentley’s esteemed Heritage Collection. It shares this prestigious space with the second Mulsanne ever built, VIN 0002 from 2010, and a 2019 Mulsanne Speed that once served on Bentley’s press fleet.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

These three Mulsannes represent a pivotal part of Bentley’s expanded 45-car Collection, a project undertaken over 2.5 years as part of a comprehensive three-year program to rebuild a family of cars that encapsulate Bentley’s illustrious 104-year history.

A Journey Through Mulsanne’s History

The Mulsanne, initially unveiled at Pebble Beach in 2009, marked a significant milestone for Bentley. It was a product of meticulous development, featuring a new variant of Bentley’s 6.75-litre V8 engine, a revamped chassis, and fresh exterior and interior designs.

In 2016, Bentley took luxury to new heights with the launch of a redesigned Mulsanne at the Geneva Motor Show. The interior received a complete makeover, featuring new seats, door trims, armrests, advanced navigation technology, and an innovative infotainment system. The front end of the car received upgrades as well, with new grilles, lights, and a redesigned bonnet.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

Alongside the refreshed Mulsanne, Bentley introduced the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase in 2016. This extension, adding 250 mm to the Mulsanne’s footprint, allowed for the incorporation of an ornate folding table, a centre console, electronic leg-rests, and privacy curtains, elevating the luxury experience for rear-seat passengers.

In 2020, Bentley bid farewell to the Mulsanne with the production of the final 30 series cars, collectively known as the ‘6.75 Edition by Mulliner.’ This name pays homage to the legendary 6.75-litre engine, which ceased production alongside the Mulsanne after more than six decades.

Legacy of Craftsmanship

The Mulsanne’s illustrious journey spanned over a decade, during which each of the 7,300 vehicles was meticulously handcrafted at Bentley’s renowned factory in Crewe, England, a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

The Bentley Heritage Collection stands as a testament to the brand’s rich history and commitment to excellence. Comprising 45 exceptional vehicles, it spans from the oldest Bentley in existence, the 1919 3-Litre EXP2, to the 2021 Continental GT Speed, showcasing some of the most extraordinary Bentleys ever crafted, representing each decade of Bentley’s 104-year history.

Queen Elizabeth II's Mulsanne Joins Bentley's Collection

This collection includes 37 road-registered, road-legal cars that document the evolution of Bentley’s model range over the years. Additionally, it boasts eight iconic motorsport and record-breaking vehicles, including three Speed 8s, both generations of Continental GT3, as well as Pikes Peak and Ice Speed Record cars.

All the vehicles within the Heritage Collection are meticulously maintained and proudly displayed at Bentley’s carbon-neutral Dream Factory in Crewe, England. This treasure trove of automotive history is accessible to customers, VIPs, media guests, and Bentley colleagues, providing a captivating journey through the brand’s storied legacy during factory tours.

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