Domaine du Météore’s Vinous Tribute to Van Gogh’s Masterpieces

In a poetic fusion of nature and artistry, Domaine du Météore, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, introduces a collection of wines crafted to embody the essence and beauty of the South of France.

This Valentine’s Day, consider gifting your loved one a masterpiece-inspired elixir that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also pays homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic works.

A Harmonious Partnership: Domaine du Météore and Van Gogh Museum

Domaine du Météore, nestled in the heart of the South of France, aligns seamlessly with the vision of the Van Gogh Museum.

Domaine du Météore's Vinous Tribute to Van Gogh's Masterpieces

Just as Van Gogh immortalized the southern landscapes in his paintings, Domaine du Météore cultivates organic vineyards in proximity to where the legendary artist once painted.

This synergy makes Domaine du Météore the ideal wine partner for the Van Gogh Museum, bringing together nature, art, and the art of winemaking.

Organic Wines Rooted in a Unique Terroir

Situated in the Languedoc region, Domaine du Météore boasts organic vineyards intertwined with a 10,000-year-old meteorite crater, creating a setting as distinctive as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

This organic Domaine, much like Van Gogh’s masterpieces, underscores the profound connection between nature and the creation of artistic and viticultural wonders.

The organic white wine, aptly named Sunflowers, pays homage to Van Gogh’s iconic painting near Domaine du Météore. Comprising Roussanne and Viognier grapes, this AOP Languedoc Blanc 2022 boasts a 12.5% ABV, creating a sensory journey through the South of France.

Vinification and Ageing

The winemaking process involves the direct pressing of the entire harvest, followed by racking and fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The ageing process continues in stainless steel tanks, ensuring the preservation of the wine’s purity.

Sunflowers unveils a brilliant silver hue, with a delicate mineral nose of flint that evolves into notes of lemon and nutmeg. On the palate, it offers a punchy and dynamic experience with a thirst-quenching finish, accompanied by hints of fresh pineapple.

RRP: £19 for a 75cl bottle, available from the Domaine du Météore website, Gnarly Vines, and Clapton Craft.

Avenue of Poplars in Autumn: A Red Symphony

Named after the picturesque autumn landscape of the Languedoc region, the red wine, Avenue of Poplars in Autumn, celebrates the beauty of tall poplar trees lining the roads. This AOP Languedoc Rouge 2020 is crafted from organic Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre grapes, offering a rich and captivating experience with a 14% ABV.

Domaine du Météore's Vinous Tribute to Van Gogh's Masterpieces

The grapes undergo destemming before being vinified in stainless steel tanks, employing traditional methods such as pumping-over, racking, and pigeage to extract tannins and colour. The ageing process takes place in stainless steel tanks, preserving the wine’s freshness and complexity.

Avenue of Poplars in Autumn presents a deep purple colour with carmine red reflections and an aromatic nose combining intense blackcurrant with the freshness of balsamic and garrigue. The palate is a delightful journey, offering freshness, ease, and a long, spicy finish.

RRP: £19 for a 75cl bottle, available from the Domaine du Météore website, Gnarly Vines, and Clapton Craft.

Elevate Your Valentine’s Day with Art in a Bottle

This Valentine’s Day, transcend traditional gifts and elevate your celebration with a sensory journey through the South of France. Domaine du Météore’s collection of wines, inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpieces, not only offers a visual feast for the eyes but also a tantalizing experience for the palate.

Share the love with a work of art that flows from the vineyards of Domaine du Météore to your glass.

Discover these masterful wines from Domaine du Météore at their official website or at selected retailers such as Gnarly Vines and Clapton Craft. Immerse yourself in the fusion of art and viticulture, and let the spirit of Van Gogh accompany your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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