Dos and Don’ts of Tyre Buying: 5 Tyre Buying Tips!

It is time. The tread on your tyres is worn to near illegality, the manufacturer’s recommended time frame is up, and you have managed to set aside funds to ensure your car is as road-worthy as possible.

As a country gent myself, this could potentially make things even more difficult as I’m not in the bustling city of London with different offerings and options everywhere I go. It’s not just as easy as deciding that a new set of tyres needs to be ordered! So, here is what I had to consider and think about first, before buying a new set of tyres in beautiful Basingstoke and to help you make the same well-researched choices.

Sourcing Reputable Replacements for Tyres

Thankfully for me, when it comes to tyres, Basingstoke has great options, so do not rush into making your decision. Instead, shop around and check out reviews before committing to buy from just anywhere.

Right Size

Choose the recommended size of tyre that your manufacturer details in the user’s manual or on their website. Opting for overly large tyres might make your vehicle look bigger and more impressive, but the wrong size tyre can cause unwanted wear and tear on various moving parts, leading to breakdowns and failures.


While I have found in Basingstoke, tyres tend to be gently used thanks to the well-maintained road network, having a guarantee that allows you to return or replace faulty tyres is important – not so much because you will need it, but as proof that the tyre company is confident enough in their product to offer replacements or returns from genuinely dissatisfied customers!

Dos and Don’ts of Tyre Buying: 5 Tyre Buying Tips!

Premium, Regular, Budget

In my area, for example, the tyres Basingstoke roads need are, as mentioned above, not necessarily rugged or tough. But if you are going to be driving in inclement weather, off-road or on poor roads, or at some speed – rallying, for example – then you will want to opt for Premium tyres, which are the best on the market, with high specifications and sure to last well on more demanding roads, or when the car is pulling a trailer or even just loaded more heavily than usual. Tyres that are used only for the daily commute can be regular tyres, or even budget ones, which all perform perfectly well on good road surfaces, under domestic driving conditions.

Once you have considered all these factors and decided on which tyres are the best for your needs, where you will source them from is all that is left for you to do. Need new car tyres within your budget? I personally found my answer at Headley Basingstoke Tyres Shop. They have exceptionally great service and really good prices. You can also go online to shop from their wide collection available on their website.

Regardless of where you are, or what type of tyres you need, whether you are a car lover or simply use your vehicle to get from point A to B, tyres are not just important they can be potentially life-saving. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by many of us and not made a priority in replacing. But, with such a great variety of help and selections, do the right thing and get your car that well deserved new pair of ‘shoes’.

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