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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of a big bouncy blow dry. Bigger the better, I generally ask for a 80s Charlie’s Angels look (my mum’s influence). Coming from Essex where you can get an amazing blow dry in most salons, I am a tough girl to please. A dream blow dry should keep its height, curl & smooth finish in any weather until at least the morning after – some even until the next evening. With the opening of many blow dry bar’s I am going to be trying out London’s most popular to find the best blow dry in central. First stop, Duck & Dry Oxford Circus.


I’ve been to Duck & Dry Chelsea in the past and had the most amazing experience. My stylist was so excited to hear I loved height in my hair. I had the most amazing blow dry which lasted from Saturday night until Monday morning and I felt like I was just getting ready with friends so I am super excited to try another one of their bars.

Duck & Dry Oxford Circus Mia L Middleton: The City Girls' Guide To London

Duck & Dry Oxford Circus has a slightly different look, I am told by the stylists that every branch differs depending on the area it is in. This branch has a real Mayfair club vibe with light up quotes on the ceiling and loud music.

I get to the salon and instantly my mood is lifted, I walk up the stairs and feel like I am in my best friend’s house getting ready for a night out – only with everything you could ever need. The music is loud and the whole place smells amazing. Full of insta-worthy areas including a prosecco bar, nail salon on site, flower swing and little eggs to be styled in.


I’m asked to come over to the sinks as ‘fergalicious’ plays in the background, the stylists are super sweet and chatty. I’m washed and given an amazing scalp massage with conditioner then sat down in a mini egg with a drink to be drenched in fabulous smelling duck & dry products. You can buy a bottle of prosecco for £30 or £5 for a glass – an absolute steal in London especially if you are planning a group booking.

Mia L Middleton: The City Girls' Guide To London Duck & Dry Oxford Circus

Now we have ‘telephone’ in the background, I’m told I have the best stylist for big bouncy hair (music to my ears). I always know I have a great blow-dry stylist then they pin up each curl. The whole top of my head is blow dried and pinned up; as we reach the bottom sections they are curled with tongs but still pinned up. I’m left to chat with my friend and finish our drinks before our curls are dropped and sprayed.

We then, of course, ran straight to flower swing to take IG photos you can view below…

Mia L Middleton: The City Girls' Guide To London Duck & Dry Oxford Circus
Mia L Middleton: The City Girls' Guide To London Duck & Dry Oxford Circus

Everyone in the salon was really friendly and wanted you to have a great experience, whilst walking around I saw they have a menu of different looks you can choose or stylists can free-style what you would like. This includes updo’s which is a great edition (I saw some and they looked fab!).

The Duck & Dry Oxford Circus is such a fun place to go before drinks, great location and so handy if you have been at work all day. If I were to go again I would request from the outset for your full hair to be blow dried and to have more products put if you intend to dance all night… if you are not going out straight after I would take your own hair grips with you and leave the salon in pin curls. Always leave your pin curls in for as long as possible! Thank you so much to all the staff at Duck & Dry Oxford Circus!

Mia L Middleton: The City Girls' Guide To London Duck & Dry Oxford Circus

All in all it’s definitely worth ducking in next time your partying in central!

Love Mia xxx

Mia Middleton


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