The Fourth Episode – Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast Drops

In the fourth episode of “Beyond: a Lamborghini podcast,” Lamborghini’s Head of Design Mitja Borkert and renowned figure in the music industry, Simon Halfon, come together to discuss the symbiotic relationship between design and music.

This unique video episode delves into their shared passion for music, its influence on their creative journeys, and the parallels between the automotive and music worlds.

The Fourth Episode - Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast Drops

Uniting Design and Music

The “Beyond: a Lamborghini podcast” series, hosted by Lamborghini Director of Communications Tim Bravo and music broadcaster Giulia Salvi, continues its mission to connect Lamborghini with inspiring individuals from diverse fields. In this episode, the focus shifts to the realms of design and music, as Mitja Borkert and Simon Halfon share their insights and experiences.

Mitja Borkert’s journey as Lamborghini’s Head of Design is deeply intertwined with his love for music. Growing up in East Germany during the 1980s, he faced challenges accessing pop culture. However, this limitation fueled his creativity. Music became his muse, driving him to develop his sketching and design skills. Borkert fondly recalls his discovery of the iconic band Depeche Mode as a pivotal “spaceship moment” that shaped his creative path.

The Fourth Episode - Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast Drops

The Beatles and Beyond

Simon Halfon, a prominent figure in album design and film production, found his calling in the music industry. The Beatles, with their groundbreaking music and album design, played a crucial role in shaping his career. Starting as a postroom worker at Stiff Records during the vibrant era of ’80s Punk and New Wave, Halfon later joined the design department. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of designing record sleeves, with a strong focus on representing the artist’s vision.

Throughout the podcast, themes of creativity, aspiration, and the pursuit of innovation emerge. Both Borkert and Halfon acknowledge the profound influence of music on their work. For Borkert, music is an integral part of every sketch, and album covers and images have left an indelible mark on his creative process. The connection between design and music is undeniable, with each medium fueling the other’s evolution.

The Fourth Episode - Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast Drops

Switching Roles: A Creative Exchange

Beyond the discussion of inspiring artists and favourite tracks, the podcast offers valuable insights into the challenges faced by both Borkert and Halfon. They discuss the importance of delivering exceptional products and performances in addition to design, navigating the music industry’s ups and downs, and the complexities of working with various artists. The intriguing question of whether AI can shape the future of design and music is also explored.

In a captivating twist, Borkert and Halfon switch roles. Halfon shares his artistic interpretation of a car design, while Borkert embarks on the creation of a record cover. This exchange underscores the creative interplay between their respective fields and leads to discussions about what defines an “icon” in both the automotive and music worlds.

Stay Tuned for More

“Beyond: a Lamborghini podcast” promises more engaging episodes in the future. With a new episode dropping each month, this unique series continues to bridge the gap between Lamborghini’s world of innovation and the diverse realms of art, culture, and creativity. You can tune in to this fascinating conversation on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or immerse yourself fully by watching the video version on YouTube.

The Fourth Episode - Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast Drops

In the world of Lamborghini, design and music converge in a harmonious union. Mitja Borkert and Simon Halfon exemplify the powerful connection between these two creative forces, demonstrating that inspiration knows no boundaries. As they continue to push the boundaries of design and music, their stories serve as a testament to the enduring impact of art and innovation on our lives.

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