Grange By NIGO Launches In The UK

In the wake of its triumphant global debut just last month, Grange By NIGO, the newest collaboration between Penfolds and the celebrated fashion luminary, NIGO, promises to emerge as a coveted collector’s gem this Spring.

The release of Grange by NIGO commemorates the inaugural design transformation of Penfolds’ flagship luxury wine, Grange – a beverage revered among wine connoisseurs worldwide, marking a significant milestone for Penfolds as it celebrates its 180th anniversary.

A Creative Ode to Heritage

Inspired by his inaugural visit to Penfolds Magill Estate Winery in South Australia in 2022, NIGO has re-envisioned the packaging of Grange for this special series.

The Grange by NIGO release showcases exclusive gift boxes, enfolding the esteemed 2019 Grange – a vintage of exceptional acclaim, crafted from premier Shiraz grapes sourced from vineyards across South Australia.

Exclusive: Grange By NIGO Set to Spark Frenzy Among Collectors in the UK

Each box is meticulously numbered and features a bandana and bottle neck tag fashioned by NIGO, alongside an authenticity certificate. The design ethos pays homage to Grange in NIGO’s distinctive style, showcasing a vivid and vibrant grape motif, with the Penfolds logo reimagined through Human Made’s emblematic typography.

Exclusivity and Demand

With merely 1500 750ml bottles and 150 magnums accessible worldwide, demand for this exceptional and highly sought-after item has surged among aficionados of fine wine and fashion enthusiasts alike since its debut in Australia and Asia last month.

Now making its debut in the UK at select fine wine purveyors including Harrods, Hedonism, and Berry Bros. & Rudd, Grange By NIGO will be procurable from the conclusion of March.

The Legacy of Grange: A Cultural Icon

Emerging from a spirit of innovation, curiosity, and experimentation, Penfolds Grange stands as the quintessential expression of Penfolds House Style. With an uninterrupted lineage of vintages tracing back to 1951, Grange has become an integral part of South Australian culture, earning recognition as a heritage icon.

Exclusive: Grange By NIGO Set to Spark Frenzy Among Collectors in the UK

NIGO has long been a vanguard of culture, establishing himself as a global icon and cultural trailblazer. As the founder of Human Made and the Artistic Director of KENZO, NIGO is renowned for his pioneering and forward-thinking vision – attributes that resonate with Penfolds.

In reflecting on his inaugural visit to Penfolds Magill Estate in South Australia, NIGO remarked: “I have been a collector of Grange for many years, but it wasn’t until I visited Penfolds Magill Estate that I truly understood the craftsmanship and history behind this historic wine. It was an honour to be the first person to collaborate on a design for Grange, especially as the brand celebrates its 180th anniversary.”

Continued Success: A Testament to Collaboration

The launch of Grange by NIGO follows the resounding global success of One by Penfolds – NIGO’s inaugural project with Penfolds – where the collaborative apparel sold out worldwide in less than 90 minutes.

Kristy Keyte, Penfolds‘ Chief Marketing Officer, shared her insights on the imminent release, stating, “This represents a departure for us, marking the first instance where we have altered the distinct gift box of our flagship Grange. The collaboration with NIGO is inspired by Penfolds’ tradition of pushing boundaries in winemaking, now extending this ethos to the exploration of novel creative concepts. As a collector, NIGO comprehends the legacy and renown of Grange. He was able to devise a limited-edition approach that is both playful and contemporary, while still paying homage to the wine’s history. This is uncharted territory for us, and the outcome is bold and invigorating.”

Siobhan Irons, wine buyer for Harrods, commented: “Until recently, the notion of collaborations between fine wine producers and streetwear designers would have been unthinkable. However, as the realm of luxury continues to evolve, it’s thrilling to witness brands like Penfolds leading the charge in captivating today’s luxury consumers. As the pinnacle of the Penfolds range, Grange is already a coveted collector’s piece, but with this limited-edition gift box conceived by one of the globe’s foremost streetwear designers, its allure for collectors soars, drawing an affluent audience to a category of wine that may have previously eluded them. It’s a savvy move by Penfolds, and we are confident that Harrods patrons will regard this as highly desirable, particularly given the restricted quantities available.”

In conclusion, the arrival of Grange By NIGO in the UK represents more than just a collaboration between two creative powerhouses; it signifies a convergence of heritage and innovation, tradition and modernity.

Exclusive: Grange By NIGO Set to Spark Frenzy Among Collectors in the UK

With its limited availability and unique design, this exclusive offering is poised to captivate both wine enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, adding a new chapter to the illustrious legacy of Penfolds Grange.

As collectors eagerly anticipate its debut on the shelves of esteemed retailers, the resonance of this collaboration serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of craftsmanship, creativity, and the art of storytelling through wine.

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