Experience Silent Pool’s ‘Secret Garden’ Courtyard at Hush Mayfair

Nestled within the heart of the bustling Mayfair district, the esteemed Silent Pool Distillers, known for their award-winning creations, recently unveiled an enchanting haven known as the ‘Secret Garden’ courtyard at the renowned Hush restaurant.

This captivating addition, gracing the restaurant throughout the summer months, promises a serene escape from the city’s frenetic pace.

A Fusion of Elegance: Marrying English Countryside and Urban Chic

Experience Silent Pool's 'Secret Garden' Courtyard at Hush Mayfair

In a masterful amalgamation of two quintessentially British brands, the ‘Secret Garden’ courtyard presents an exquisite fusion of the tranquil English countryside and the rolling splendour of the Surrey Hills. This hidden gem, discreetly tucked away amidst the urban landscape, brings a touch of pastoral allure to the heart of the metropolis.

For aficionados of craft cocktails, the ‘Secret Garden’ courtyard beckons with promises of leisurely summer evenings adorned with exclusive Silent Pool libations. A symphony of flavours awaits, from the Hedgerow Sour to the White Peach Negroni, and the intriguing Bees Knees Gimlet, meticulously curated by Silent Pool’s esteemed UK Brand Ambassador, Mari Zoelle, alongside Hush’s very own ‘King of Cocktails’, Leonardo Di Pinto. This sanctuary within Hush becomes a veritable ode to the art of enjoying the finest tipples amidst the season’s embrace.

A Visual Symphony: Crafting Ambiance in Nature’s Embrace

The tranquil expanse of Hush’s courtyard terrace offers an aesthetic tableau adorned with wrought iron bird cages, whimsical welly boot flower pots, and trellises lushly draped in lavender, chamomile, roses, and linden blossoms. These botanical elements are a living homage to the essence of Silent Pool’s signature ingredients, bringing forth an ethereal symphony of scents and sights that compose a haven of unparalleled allure.

Experience Silent Pool's 'Secret Garden' Courtyard at Hush Mayfair

In an exciting revelation, Silent Pool introduces its latest offering – the Aroma Masterclass series. Hosted within the revered Blades Room of Hush, renowned for its intimate elegance, these masterclasses are scheduled on select dates throughout the summer. Participants, chosen through an engaging competition featured on both Silent Pool and Hush’s vibrant social channels, embark on a captivating 90-minute immersive journey.

The Essence of Creation: Crafting Botanical Aromas

Diving into the intricacies of Silent Pool’s production process, participants gain insights into the intricate layers of aromas that define the core of Silent Pool’s 24-botanical-strong gin recipe. Envisioned as an olfactory exploration, the Aroma Masterclass invites both discerning connoisseurs and ardent gin enthusiasts to delve into the realm of contemporary gin creation.

Each session within the Aroma Masterclass unfolds a unique opportunity for attendees to create their personalised aromatic concoctions. A diverse spectrum of citrus, spice, floral, and herbaceous oils awaits, empowering participants to meticulously blend and fashion their liquid garnish. This bespoke mist, born from a guided blending process, emerges as a fragrant revelation that elevates the Silent Pool Gin experience, rendering the need for traditional fruit or herb garnishes obsolete.

Experience Silent Pool's 'Secret Garden' Courtyard at Hush Mayfair

Rhian Billington, the accomplished Marketing Director of Silent Pool Distillers, eloquently remarks, “Collaborating with the iconic Hush establishment champions two illustrious British brands. Through this synergy, we unveil Silent Pool’s exceptional creations within a splendid summer courtyard nestled in the heart of Mayfair.”


Silent Pool Distillers’ ‘Secret Garden’ courtyard at Hush Mayfair epitomizes the harmonious union of tranquillity and metropolitan allure. As this captivating haven ushers in a season of indulgence, it redefines the summer experience for cocktail enthusiasts and gin aficionados alike. Amidst fragrant blooms and the artistry of aromas, this collaboration blossoms as an ode to timeless British sophistication and innovation.

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