Explore French Culture First-Hand

It’s true that many people’s first impressions of France are of Paris, which is the centre of many parts of French culture, but it would be a mistake to believe that the Eiffel tower represents the entirety of French culture.

Let’s examine the key components of French culture to better understand why it is so influential to the rest of the world


There’s a good reason why France is considered a culinary centre of the world.

French food is a reflection of the country’s expressive and passionate culture, and it is over long meals that the French gather for most of their socializing.

Explore French Culture First-Hand

Light foods, such as bread or pastries, and a hot drink are characteristic of a French breakfast. Instead of breakfast being king, lunch and supper are the two most important meals of the day in France. There will be four courses during a formal dinner: an entrée, salad, a main course, and a cheese course or dessert.

As time has passed, French cuisine has changed from its traditional heavy, saucy, and intricate fare to a lighter, simpler style that reflects the country’s progressive, but still highly sophisticated culture. However, old standards like boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, and ratatouille still hold an important place in French hearts and kitchens.


France was a major cultural force in the fashion industry beginning in the 1600s with the reign of Louis XIV. During that time, France established a reputation as Europe’s top producer of luxury merchandise. Currently, the fashion area in the French capital is home to illustrious fashion companies including Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. The locals’ distinctive, elegant style is difficult to miss; they pull it off effortlessly. It is a stunning application of their intrinsic sense of style.


The French are ardent admirers of art. Travelling through France, especially in its major cities like Paris, it is impossible to avoid encountering some form of artistic expression.  In the course of your travels.  You will no doubt enjoy seeing the interiors and skylines of these cities and towns, which are decorated with a broad diversity of cultural and architectural styles. Many public buildings, including churches, incorporate aspects of the Neoclassical, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, and Rococo eras alongside more modern designs.

Explore French Culture First-Hand

The city of Paris served as a major source of inspiration for some of the most well-known artists in history, including Renoir, Cézanne, and Manet, and this resulted in the growth of the Impressionist painting style in the 19th century. If you are in Paris, you have to check out the Louvre Museum. It is one of the largest museums anywhere and contains some of the most well-known works of art in the world, such as the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

The cinema has a strong cultural significance for the French. The Alliance Françoise hosts the French Film Festival every year, allowing viewers to watch anything from French dramas to hilarious comedies.


Casinos are thought to have their cultural roots in France which has some of the most illustrious, successful, and historical casinos in the world. In fact, France is home to some of the best casinos in Europe, There are currently 200 brick-and-mortar casinos spread out across France. The traditional, all-time favourite casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, are available throughout French casinos. Paris has some of the most luxurious and exclusive poker rooms in all of Europe, including the Aviation Club de France and Le Multicolore or Le Boule.


French society places great importance on sports. Football is one of the most popular sports practised and watched in France, while cycling is one of the biggest. The largest sporting event in the nation is the Tour de France. Every year, spectators come from all around the world to see the race, which started more than 100 years ago. Over the course of the three-week race, the competitors ride a gruelling 3,600 kilometres course (2,235 miles), to the finish line in Paris.


Explore French Culture First-Hand

The French way of life places a strong emphasis on living in the moment and doing so elegantly.  For hundreds of years, French philosophies, cuisine, clothing, literature, art, and culture have been adopted by people all over the world, bringing French culture to their doorsteps. Being the largest nation on the continent and having one of the strongest economies, France continues to play a significant role in the European arena. Given the influence of its ideas from the Age of Enlightenment on contemporary Western society, it is not surprising that France is one of the most travelled nations in the world.

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