Explore Kenya’s Samburu Wilderness at Sasaab

In an exciting development for Kenya’s leading safari brand, The Safari Collection, Sasaab luxury tented camp recently unveiled its remarkable expansion with the introduction of the 4C Centre, an immersive space that invites guests to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of local geology, Samburu culture, and community collaborations.

Sasaab, an extraordinary safari destination nestled in the heart of northern Kenya, proudly introduces the 4C Centre, a tribute to Samburu culture and community partnerships. This outstanding addition is strategically located adjacent to the main lodge, offering breathtaking vistas of the Ewaso Nyiro River and Laikipia Plateau. The 4C Centre promises guests of Sasaab a unique opportunity to delve into the wonders of local geology and culture, enriching their understanding of the exceptional destination they are about to explore.

Explore Kenya's Samburu Wilderness at Sasaab

A Sanctuary of Sustainability

Visitors to the 4C Centre will be welcomed into a meticulously curated exhibition space that showcases an array of artefacts, geological marvels, informative maps, breathtaking imagery, and interactive digital displays. The name ‘4C Centre‘ epitomizes Sasaab’s unwavering dedication to Conservation, Community, Commerce, and Culture, which are the four foundational pillars of sustainability advocated by The Long Run.

Explore Kenya's Samburu Wilderness at Sasaab

Sasaab is strategically situated just outside the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. Surrounded by majestic mountains, diverse wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage, Sasaab stands as a sanctuary of abundant natural diversity. Notably, it proudly holds the prestigious Global Ecosphere Retreat status, a symbol of its commitment to one of the highest sustainability standards in the world.

The Perfect Base for Northern Kenya Exploration

Sasaab, a magnificent luxury tented camp in the heart of the Samburu wilderness, provides the ideal launching point for exploring the untouched northern regions of Kenya. Guests can embark on thrilling adventures, from soaring through dramatic rocky gorges in the Suguta Valley to gliding alongside flamingos above Lake Logipi. Additionally, they can traverse vast desert dune fields and even ascend to the pinnacle of a sacred Samburu Mountain for a pre-arrival breakfast, accompanied by awe-inspiring panoramic views. Sasaab truly encapsulates the essence of a modern-day safari retreat.

Explore Kenya's Samburu Wilderness at Sasaab

It’s an opportunity to not only explore the beauty of the Samburu wilderness but also to contribute to the conservation and cultural preservation efforts in this remarkable region. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a safari adventure like no other.


Sasaab’s 4C Centre represents a captivating addition to the heart of northern Kenya’s wilderness. This immersive space invites guests to deepen their appreciation for Samburu culture and local geology while fostering community partnerships. Sasaab, with its Global Ecosphere Retreat status, is a testament to sustainability and natural diversity. It serves as the perfect base for exploring Kenya’s untouched northern regions, offering modern-day safari adventures that are truly unparalleled. By booking a stay at Sasaab, guests not only embark on a unique journey but also contribute to the preservation of this exceptional landscape. It’s an experience that promises both enrichment and adventure.

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