Exploring Indonesia’s Hidden Gems: Luxury Adventures Await

Every year, Bali welcomes over a million international tourists seeking a honeymoon hotspot.

However, Indonesia boasts more than 18,000 islands, each hiding its own treasure trove of volcanoes, white-sand beaches, lush jungles, cascading waterfalls, stunning architecture, and delectable cuisine. Those who venture beyond Bali’s bustling crowds can discover the enchanting magic of Indonesia’s hidden gems.

Indonesia’s Award-Winning Eco-Resort: Bawah Reserve

For those yearning to explore the untouched corners of Indonesia in style, Rascal Voyages offers a luxurious yacht charter experience like no other. These voyages lead intrepid travellers to remote destinations, allowing them to bask in the pristine beauty of the country. Whether you choose a cabin or a private voyage, Rascal Voyages promises an all-inclusive journey filled with barefoot luxury.

Exploring Indonesia's Hidden Gems: Luxury Adventures Await

Nestled on the Anambas Islands, Bawah Reserve beckons as the ultimate secluded island adventure. Spread across 13 beaches, three lagoons, and 100 hectares of lush forest, Bawah Reserve combines an earth-focused philosophy with refined elegance. The resort boasts a range of suites, from hidden garden suites to Overwater Bungalows with direct access to turquoise-blue lagoons, offering a peaceful night’s sleep and instant aquatic indulgence.

Outdoor enthusiasts can revel in this pristine marine conservation area by snorkelling, paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, and diving amidst a rich underwater world. Sustainability is at the core of Bawah Reserve’s ethos, as evidenced by their 5-star certification under the Singing Blue WWF program. It took five years to handcraft the eco-resort properties using sustainable materials like bamboo, preserving the landscape and supporting the local community. Cutting-edge solar power platforms provide most of the resort’s energy, further highlighting its commitment to eco-friendliness.

In 2022, Bawah Reserve introduced the Elang Private Residence, transforming an untouched island into an ultimate, exclusive island retreat. Here, up to twenty guests can enjoy cliffside lodges, a private beach, a two-story Club House restaurant, a saltwater infinity pool, and more.

Sail with Rascal Voyages: The Ultra Luxury Yacht Charter

Rascal Voyages stands as one of Southeast Asia’s premier adventure-led yacht charters, uncovering the hidden beauty of Indonesia. With bespoke itineraries crafted by a highly trained team, guests can embark on signature journeys exploring Komodo, Raja Ampat, Spice Islands, Ring of Fire, and Rote. The newly launched Rebel yacht, a handcrafted phinisi measuring 30 metres, awaits guests just a short tender ride from the shoreline of one of Indonesia’s 18,000 islands.

Exploring Indonesia's Hidden Gems: Luxury Adventures Await

Rebel offers accommodation for up to 10 guests in five stylish and spacious suites, each positioned above deck to capture natural light. The yacht’s main deck serves as an al-fresco dining area, where guests can relish meals prepared by Rascal’s onboard Chef. The foredeck features comfortable day beds and lounge chairs, while the rooftop deck offers 360° views of surrounding islands for meditation, yoga, and sunbathing. An outdoor cinema under the stars and a well-stocked wine cellar add to the yacht’s allure. Thrill-seekers can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and more.

Unveiling Wellness in the Wild: Nihi Sumba

Wellness takes on a new dimension at Nihi Sumba with its iconic Spa Safari Nihioka. In early 2024, Nihi Sumba will launch a series of wellness experiences in the wild, offering a restorative journey into well-being. These experiences draw from Indonesia’s rich healing history and include activities such as Underwater Seabed Rock Running and Aqua Lungs, providing physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental rejuvenation.

The Sumba 7 Detox, a signature body treatment, employs a blend of seven plants, roots, and herbs native to the Indonesian jungle. This detoxification therapy uses specialized tools to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and boost the immune system.

Exploring Indonesia's Hidden Gems: Luxury Adventures Await

Nihi’s Spa Safari Nihioka begins with a choice of arrival modes, from horseback rides to sunrise treks. After a trek through rolling hills, guests are treated to a private breakfast overlooking a secluded cove. The spa journey includes limitless treatments, set against the backdrop of beaches, tropical scenery, and Sumbanese culture. Nihi Sumba, twice the size of Bali, offers just 28 villas amid lush jungle, providing guests with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and a sense of home in a remote paradise.


Indonesia’s allure extends far beyond the well-trodden paths of Bali, offering a rich tapestry of natural wonders, luxurious retreats, and unforgettable adventures. From the eco-conscious elegance of Bawah Reserve to the unparalleled luxury of Rascal Voyages’ yacht charters and the holistic wellness experiences at Nihi Sumba, the archipelago boasts a diverse range of experiences for discerning travellers.

By delving into the hidden gems and embracing the pristine beauty of Indonesia’s lesser-explored destinations, visitors can uncover a world of enchantment that goes far beyond the ordinary, promising memories that will last a lifetime. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, where each step reveals a new facet of Indonesia’s remarkable charm.

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