Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

Travelling and food often go hand in hand. Travelling is a way to relax and immerse oneself in unique experiences. There is no better way to curate a meaningful experience than by combining it with top-rated restaurants. This way, you can use almost all your senses to “explore” and, in turn, increase the odds of solidifying the moment in memory.  

When travelling along the East Coast of the United States of America, here are some of the best places you must visit if you want the full east coast experience.  

Boston, Massachusetts

Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

Whether you believe it or not, Boston has a lot more than its famous baked beans. As you enter Massachusetts, you will notice a plethora of local breweries, delis, markets, food halls, and overall delicious meals. 

When you get an opportunity to travel through Boston between early August and late September, be sure to check when the Boston Seafood Festival is running. This festival is a place to enjoy local cuisine with a mouth-watering twist, where chefs flex their food-making talent. This is not something to be missed.

New York City

Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

With roots that draw upon Jewish, Hispanic, and Italian neighbourhoods, the fruit of this diverse cooking influence is clear. New York City has some of the best culinary experiences on the East Coast! However, trying to guess which restaurant to first explore might seem a bit intimidating. For this reason, many suggest going down to the Gansevoort Market. 

The Gansevoort Market has enough “power in its punch” to satisfy any food critic. With over 24 food vendors, it would be quite easy to start on one side for breakfast and make your way through to the exit around lunchtime, stopping and snacking for hours in between. 

Portland, Maine

Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

As to be expected from Portland, seafood is a big attraction. Not only for the 67,000 locals who have the largest number of eateries per capita but also for tourists who wish to enjoy the ocean’s finest delicacies. 

Head down to White Barn Inn Restaurant if you are keen to experience the culinary magic that world-renowned Chef Matthew Padilla is cooking up. With a signature lobster and sherry dish and a performing live pianist, this place cannot be missed. If you are looking for a place with a bit more formality that has all the bells and whistles, The White Barn Inn Restaurant is your go-to!  


Exploring The East Coast Food Scene
Goldburgers’ Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger.

A state whose culinary expertise was once overshadowed by the scene in NYC, Connecticut has gone a long way to making a name for itself. With high-quality local farms, the fresh food here is from the highest shelf. If you want to try a more informal seafood spot, “The Place” is where it’s at. 

However, it might be time to enjoy a juicy burger from Goldburgers. With their signature double cheese and all the toppings, this burger is a force to be reckoned with. Smothered in the secret Goldburgers sauce, it is well worth the stop! 


Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

There are not many things better than a Philly Cheesesteak. A long-breaded roll filled with steak and covered in cheese always goes down well, so make sure to snag one prepared straight from the place it was named! If you’re looking to learn more about the East Coast food industry, this is a must-see! 

While Philly Cheesesteaks remain amazing, if you prefer more of a variety of the local scene head down to the Reading Terminal Market, which is the largest food hall in the country; it started in 1892 and has been improving ever since! 

Washington, DC  

Exploring The East Coast Food Scene

As one could expect from the capital, the food is definitely politician-worthy. Fine dining restaurants, as well as quick and quirky cafés, can be found here. Operating since 1958, Ben’s Chilli Bowl has become a pillar in the community, and for a good reason. They welcome you to experience this reason for yourself when you swing past Washington on your East Coast Food Experience! 

Which food lover would not want to visit the Tuckeroo monthly festival that takes place from April through September? Where food trucks, local music, and games all unite to form an experience that will definitely be worth incorporating into your travel itinerary. 

The East Coast food scene is vast, with many places to marvel at the culinary craft. The most challenging part of the trip might be prioritizing which great restaurant to visit in each of the states and towns you explore. Although, don’t worry about it. It will be challenging to make the wrong choice!

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