Faro Punta Cumplida A Lighthouse Fit for an Oscars Winner

Perched on the rocky shoreline of the Canary Islands’ La Palma, the Faro Punta Cumplida lighthouse hotel offers the ultimate breakdown.

When it comes to prestigious awards ceremonies, you don’t get much bigger, or more prestigious, then the Oscars. Each year, the Oscars Academy Awards celebrates the absolute best of the best that the film industry has to offer.

The awards themselves are internationally regarded as recognition of excellence in cinema. To simply be nominated for an award is praise in itself and is certainly something to be celebrated and arguably the biggest prize of them all. But, there definitely are some extra perks that go along with just being nominated.

One such perk is the infamous and highly publicised goody bag produced independently by Hollywood marketing firm Distinctive Assets! Valued at over US$100 000 (or so all the estimates say) the goody bags can create quite the stir in the glitzy and glamourous world of Hollywood.

Now don’t be fooled! The only thing that each year’s nominees could hope for from the Oscars themselves is that little golden statue. But, thanks to the people over at Distinctive Assets, these “Everyone Wins” gift bags are so glamorous that even if they don’t win, it’s almost easy to forget what you were nominated for in the first place.

One highly prestigious prize found in this year’s gift bag is a complimentary stay at a brand-new luxury lighthouse hotel located on the Canary Islands‘ La Palma – Faro Punta Cumplida.

A Prize Fit for a Celebrity

This year, one of the most sought-after goodies found in the 2020 Everyone Wins Nominee Gift Bag is a complimentary stay for the 24 nominated celebs, at the amazing Faro Punta Cumplida luxury hotel.

This isn’t just any luxury hotel, though, this is like a hotel you’ve likely never experienced before. Why? Because it is a converted lighthouse situated snugly on the Northern tip of La Palma, which offers guests truly spectacular views across the Atlantic Ocean. This is no ordinary lighthouse conversion, though, as this lighthouse is still in operation to guide and warn vessels at sea.

With four luxurious rooms, and suites which can accommodate up to 8 guests, even the celebs who don’t win an Oscar this year will be consoled with their gift bags once they experience all that the hotel and surrounding area has to offer.

A Unique Experience

One of the main reasons why this particular addition to the gift bag this year has gotten so many people talking is because of the fact that the prize itself is so unique. Come on, how many people, celebrity or otherwise, can say that they’ve stayed in a luxurious and romantic hotel offering spectacular ocean panoramas, which also happened to be a working lighthouse?

What is Being Offered?

So, what can our Hollywood lovelies expect when they redeem their complimentary stay at this historical building? Well, the hotel just oozes luxury and charm. It provides guests with modern and bright décor coupled with just a hint of the rustic Spanish charm that we know and love from Spanish architecture.

There is, for example, a stunning infinity pool, a roof terrace, a pristine garden, as well as a watchtower 36 metres in height. There are also three suites: La Palma and Atlantic suites which sleep two people, and the Farero Suite, which sleeps four. Both have their own private terraces which provide very unusual views across not only the ocean but banana plantations of all things, as well as the rugged mountainscapes of La Palma itself.

The views though are not the only thing worth gaining some altitude over. High up, guests can also relax and enjoy a drink or a cigar on the 36 meter high round terrace with stunning vistas. Guests can choose to cater for themselves if they wish, or take advantage of a generous breakfast basket each morning, containing the finest local produce.

Commenting on Faro Punta Cumplida’s involvement with Oscars goody bag, the Tim Wittenbecher, the co-founder of Floatel, says; “I’m very excited that Floatel was selected to participate in the Everyone Wins Nominee goodie bag. With Faro Cumplida in La Palma, the Floatel lighthouses have reached a new level. They are all beautiful and romantic, but the La Palma lighthouse with its spacious suites, fantastic terrace, infinity pool and breathtaking views makes this gated property the perfect place to get away from it all. Hollywood stars will love it.”

This really is a hotel experience like no other, and in all honesty, our words alone simply will not do this beautiful lighthouse justice.

For more information on the hotel or if you would like to book and take a break like the stars click here.

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