First Property For 2023 Oscars Gift Bags Announced

For decades the return to the Oscars, each year, has been greatly anticipated by millions. But, for those in the know, the greatest dream might not be to get their hands on the golden Oscar but rather, to get their hands on the legendary Oscar Gift Bags.

The bags, lovingly called the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags, are given to all 25 of the nominees in the acting and directing categories. These bags often include some of the most luxurious products, hotel stays and experiences imaginable.

While the bags have been around for years, they’ve started to get more and more attention in recent years as the list of contents has gotten more and more opulent and, well, a little lust-worthy, to put it mildly. And this year is no exception!

The world-renowned PR Guru Cleo Anderson has been named 2023’s Luxury Travel Curator for next year’s Nominee Gift Bags. Her expertise in luxury travel is unrivalled and with her first pick officially announced, it is easy to see why she has gained this reputation within the industry.

Nestled in the Ottawa woodland in Canada, ‘The Lifestyle‘ is an ultra-modern, private estate that is the ultimate in private escapism.

The entire property, including a swimming pool, a fire pit, an outdoor eating area, a movie room, and even a sports car, will be available to guests throughout their stay. This remote and quiet spot is perfect for celebrities looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, especially the paparazzi that follow them everywhere they go.

Commenting on ‘The Lifestyle’ being selected, Roger Fortner, owner of this showstopping property commented: “It’s an honour to be the first property in the 2023 Oscar Nominee gift bag. The Lifestyle is truly extraordinary, worthy of such a prestigious association and one that has to be experienced. Looking over the vast plains of the stunning Dunrobin, Ontario landscape is so beautiful; the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking and I never really want to leave.” 

Although thoroughly modern in every sense, the house blends through with the natural surroundings and the use of glass, steel, and wood create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, its seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living is what makes it perfect for entertaining or just getting away from it all.

First Property For 2023 Oscars Gift Bags Announced - The Lifestyle in Ottowa

When asked about her choice of property and which other properties we could expect to see added to the list, Cleo Anderson commented “My career has taken me all around the world and I relish this new role as it allows me to line up the kinds of hotels and residences that, possibly, people never knew existed. The opportunity to be in this uber high-profile Hollywood gift bag allows me to put properties on the map at a time when travel and tourism is critical for the hospitality industry. Many of these properties will simply take your breath away, and being in the bag pretty much guarantees global media coverage for the participants, as well as bookings.”

First Property For 2023 Oscars Gift Bags Announced
PR Guru Cleo Anderson

With such a luxurious property as the first to be announced, we can only imagine what else will be in store for the 2023 Oscars! Stay tuned to find out!


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