Festival Tips For Families On Weekends

With the trend of stay-at-home summers continuing to increase, we have started to see more and more interest in the creation of low-key weekend gatherings hosted from homes extending past just a one-night party event. Inviting family and friends for weekends of reveling and camping gives you ample time to spend moments that you cherish with your children and other adults. 

At the same time when you remove that formality of parties, it allows your money to stretch further. Parties at home in your garden or on a field will save a large portion of what you would usually spend since you won’t need to hire a venue. 

Below are a few tips you can use to host the perfect family and friends events:

Festival Tips For Families On Weekends

Solutions For Wet Weather

Although most of us prefer sunny weekend weather, ensuring that you include a plan for wet weather can add more fun to your event. Any existing structure or building can be included in the party site. We spend a great deal of our time converting existing venues. Some of the projects we have worked on include making a storage barn or tractor shed into a large-scale dining area, dancing venues, or chill-out spaces. 

Think balloons, bunting, or “natural” dressings from a farm or garden such as greenery and hay bales. Our heritage is Genuine Bedouin Tents, so these are one of the favorites, from our preferred supplier at “Attentive Events”. You can find them at https://www.attentiveevents.co.uk/ for luxurious Arabian tent hire. 

You can join these tents together if you need a larger space, or provide a chill-out zone, or you can even use them for a different style of camping. Clear-span marquees are another favorite since they are highly versatile. They can come with real doors to keep the warmth in at night.

You can also add a theme since it is easy to string or hang things inside them. They can also come with a hard floor. You can even erect them directly over your swimming pool. 

Tips On How To Theme A Festival Party

Festival Tips For Families On Weekends

Theming can really help to streamline your planning. It also doesn’t have to involve a lot to pull your theme together. A few subtle touches can make a real difference when done well. Large flags can help to set a tone (made or hired), along with paint, and bunting festival signs.

Incorporating fun into styling the venue and adding a bit of fancy dress will get your guests in the mood and a great environment will also make for a few epic photos. 

Keep Logistics Simple

There are many fantastic mobile bars and caterers to choose from which means you can keep the infrastructure setup to a minimum. Provided your site is easy to access, they are usually self-sufficient and can provide anything from wood-fired pizza to gourmet coffee from a Landrover, or how about Street-Smart burgers served from airstream caravans. 

Allow for both the more boring and the unseen, and these priorities include toilets, access to water and power, and a plan for rubbish and recycling. Making sure you have budgeted for and sorted things from the word go is going to save you headaches and time over the long run. 

Music Is A Must

Festival Tips For Families On Weekends

And if possible live music will make your festival feel special and authentic. You could choose a talented local busker and ask them to bring their own tent to join your party (we have seen this work really well more than once), to a fully-equipped band.

If you do decide to book a band make sure you understand when you book how much production (staging, sound, and lighting) is available with the band you have chosen, or what they are expecting the venue to provide. Also, make sure you have set aside a budget for it. 

You also need to ensure that your entertainment has shade or a rain cover, so make sure the stage has cover or choose a large structure with the stage inside. Silent Discos towards the end of the evening is also a courteous idea when you have neighbors nearby. 

If you plan to invite the entire family, your main concern should first be about the safety of the children. For example think about where your guest will be able to roam (close to ponds, lakes, animals, or roads. Whether you plan to use a fire bowl or make a bonfire, who is going to look after the children during the festival. 

Keep the kids (and grown-ups) happy with some fun toys – buy unique light up balls, wands, swords, guns and more.

There are a few fantastic childcare companies that can take the kids out to enjoy hours of activities and fun, or someone hosting a movie night or bedtime stories while the adults are allowed to have a bit of grown-up fun. One of our favorites is called “The Little Top” at https://www.thelittletop.co.uk.

Long nights or days of drinking don’t go well with trying to drive home. Let your friends or family members know whether there is space to camp, or hire a shuttle or minibus to take your friends home. They will really appreciate this after a long day or night of partying. 

Festival Tips For Families On Weekends

Always make sure you have enough ice. If you are using a mobile bar company they will take care of this on your behalf, but if you are going the DIY route, make sure you have ordered enough ice. You need to make sure the ice is going to last for the weekend, as nobody likes lukewarm drinks.

It is cheap to purchase and you can store it in a shady or cool spot. Pile the bags up so you won’t need to hire an extra freezer. 

Be kind to the environment. Disposable glasses and cups are one of the culprits that make private festival parties not that environmentally friendly. Either hire glasses and plates or give each person their own glass or cup for the weekend. Hired plastic glasses and cups are usually reused, which is great for the environment, and you can also send them back dirty, which is an added bonus for you.

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