Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

London’s culinary scene is set ablaze as Acme Fire Cult, the city’s avant-garde live-fire restaurant, joins forces with Jameson Black Barrel to unveil a tantalizing whiskey-pairing menu.

Commencing on July 1st, this innovative collaboration showcases the harmonious fusion of fire, food, and whiskey through a curated selection of four exquisite dishes and three captivating cocktails. With their shared passion for pushing culinary boundaries, the partnership between Acme Fire Cult and Jameson Black Barrel promises a scintillating epicurean adventure like no other.

Setting Flames Alight: The Artistry Behind Acme Fire Cult and Jameson Black Barrel

Renowned live-fire chef Andrew Clarke, the visionary Chef and Founder of Dalston’s Acme Fire Cult spearheads the creation of this groundbreaking menu. Partnering with him is the esteemed Keelan Higgs, owner and Head Chef at Dublin’s Michelin-starred Variety Jones, who infuses the essence of Irish flavours into both the cuisine and libations. Together, these culinary maestros embark on a quest to transcend the conventional barbecue experience and explore new frontiers of taste and craftsmanship.

Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

“We’ve always tried to take a distinct approach to cooking over flames, where vegetables take centre stage, and where food and drink are intrinsically linked,” said Andrew Clarke. “Most restaurants will do a wine pairing but for us, the opportunity to combine charred food with the depth and range of flavours in a double charred whiskey just made sense. We’re excited for people to experience what we’ve

Fuel for the Fire: The Whiskey That Sets the Stage

At the heart of this culinary symphony lies Jameson Black Barrel, an exceptional blended whiskey aged in double charred barrels. This meticulous ageing process endows the spirit with a lusciously sweet and velvety smooth flavour profile. Infused with notes of toffee, fudge, and a touch of spice, Jameson Black Barrel tantalizes the palate with its rich complexity and sublime vanilla finish. Every element of the menu, be it the food or the cocktails, is expertly choreographed to unleash the full potential of this extraordinary whiskey.

Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

An Unforgettable Gastronomic Journey

The menu curated by Acme Fire Cult and Jameson Black Barrel takes guests on an unforgettable gastronomic odyssey. Each dish and cocktail showcases the mastery of live-fire cooking techniques and the intricate dance of flavours that only the marriage of fire and whiskey can deliver. Here’s a tantalizing glimpse of the culinary delights that await:

Grilled Corn Ribs & Fireside Polenta

Indulge in the smoky allure of grilled corn ribs accompanied by fireside polenta, boasting a tantalizing blend of malted barley, Ancho chilli-corn butter, and crème fraiche.

Smoked Chalk Stream Trout

Savor the delicate nuances of smoked Chalk Stream trout, adorned with a bone and whiskey glaze, trout roe, malted barley flatbread, and a refreshing fennel and herb salad.

50-Day-Aged Beef Chop and Smoked Ox Cheek & Bone Marrow

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary feast featuring a succulent 50-day-aged beef chop and tantalizing smoked ox cheek & bone marrow. Glazed with a malted-whiskey infusion, this masterpiece is accompanied by roast Margherita onions and Acme pickles. Complementing the dish are sides of coal roast sweet potatoes with whiskey butter and Hispi cabbage with beef fat & malt vinegar.

Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

Slow Roast Peaches ‘Old Fashioned’

Conclude your culinary journey with a delectable slow-roasted peaches ‘Old Fashioned’ dessert. Revel in the velvety vanilla panna cotta, accompanied by a whiskey-citrus caramel and malted barley biscotti, which will transport your taste buds to new heights of indulgence.

The Perfect Pairings: Crafted Cocktails

In harmony with the tantalizing dishes, Acme Fire Cult and Jameson Black Barrel present an extraordinary selection of cocktails that showcase the versatility of this remarkable whiskey:

Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

Black Barrel Jameson Ginger Sparkler

Discover a refreshing symphony of flavours as Jameson Black Barrel whiskey and invigorating ginger beer intertwine. Shaken with lemon juice and simple syrup, then topped with sparkling wine, this effervescent concoction is served long, over ice.

Black Barrel Cherry Mint Julep

Unleash your senses with the invigorating Black Barrel Cherry Mint Julep. Jameson Black Barrel whiskey mingles with tantalizing cherry syrup, infused with the freshness of mint. Finished with a captivating cloud of cherry liqueur dry ice, this libation is elegantly served in a julep tin with crushed ice.

The Black Barrel Velvet

Embark on a sensory adventure with The Black Barrel Velvet, where Jameson Black Barrel whiskey takes centre stage. Shaken with a reduction of 40ft Brewery stout, Acme Fire Cult’s unique ‘spent coffee’ kombucha cordial, and demerara syrup, this opulent cocktail is strained and served straight up.

Embrace the Fire: Exclusivity and Availability

Fire and Flavor Unite: Acme Fire Cult Collaborates with Jameson Black Barrel in London

The captivating dishes and alluring cocktails featured in this exceptional menu are exclusively available at Acme Fire Cult from July 1st to July 31st. Delve into the depths of flavour, embark on an extraordinary gustatory journey, and witness the masterful union of fire, food, and Jameson Black Barrel whiskey.

As London’s most innovative live-fire restaurant embraces the realm of whiskey-pairing, Acme Fire Cult and Jameson Black Barrel ignite a culinary revolution that promises to captivate the senses and redefine the boundaries of gastronomic indulgence. Prepare to be enraptured by a harmonious symphony of fire, flavours, and exceptional whiskey – an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your palate and your memories.

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