Crafted Wonder: A Unique Fusion of Art and Design at Mayfair’s Sketch

Mayfair’s renowned avant-garde destination, Sketch, known for its eclectic art-filled interiors, innovative cuisine, and extraordinary dining experiences, recently unveiled an extraordinary exhibition as part of its annual Art & Design programme during the London Design Festival.

This year, from 15th September to 16th October, Sketch will captivate visitors with its exhibition, Crafted Wonder, exploring the creative synergy between three prominent design entities: La Manufacture Cogolin, Lasvit, and Julian Carter Design.

Crafted Wonder: A Unique Fusion of Art and Design at Mayfair's Sketch

La Manufacture Cogolin x Christian Bérard: A Whimsical Collaboration

In the Reception area, French rug atelier La Manufacture Cogolin will take visitors on a whimsical journey through its collaboration with the late Christian Bérard. Known for his prolific designs, Bérard’s work is the focal point of this ‘Bérard Bubble.’ This installation features custom adaptations from the Idylle collection, inspired by modernist hues from the company’s archives of the 1930s-50s.

In a bold fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary flair, the Reception area will be entirely covered in Bérard’s intricately designed patterns, featured on bespoke furniture and textiles. Additionally, a selection of artwork will pay homage to Bérard’s practice as a fashion illustrator.

Sarah Henry, Managing and Artistic Director at La Manufacture Cogolin expresses the significance of this collaboration, stating, “La Manufacture Cogolin occupies a prominent place in the history of French heritage. Hand-knotted or woven on nineteenth-century arm jacquard looms, our creations are a testament to our exceptional craftsmanship. We look forward to bringing our unique know-how and vibrant colour palette to sketch for such an iconic moment in the design calendar.”

Crafted Wonder: A Unique Fusion of Art and Design at Mayfair's Sketch

The Glade – Lasvit: A Gilded Glass Artistry

Lasvit, a visionary in the world of glass artistry, will create a special gold edition of its signature Herbarium chandelier, specially designed to echo The Glade’s shimmering botanical setting. Comprising hundreds of meticulously hand-made glass pieces, each element boasts a remarkable glassmaking technique.

Molten glass is poured over dried flowers, herbs, and delicate tree branches, resulting in a harmonious marriage of nature and craftsmanship. In a special edition for sketch, each plant imprint will be painted in gold, transporting visitors into a dreamlike realm where innovation intertwines with the natural world.

Mária Čulenová, Chief Designer at Lasvit, who led the creative team behind the concept, explains their inspiration, saying, “Our workshops are surrounded by wilderness. We wanted to capture a piece of this scenery, a piece of the Bohemian meadow, and transpose it to Sketch. The Glade, with its otherworldly, blossom-like feel, is the perfect place for it.”

Julian Carter Design: Unconventional Creativity

Taking over The East Bar & Pods, London-based multi-disciplinary studio, Julian Carter Design, introduces an installation composed of interlocking square cubes made from thin steel rods. The arrangement of frames in a seemingly haphazard and precarious manner challenges gravity itself, defying conventional notions of stability. Acting as uniform building blocks, these hollow cubes offer limitless possibilities for connection.

Crafted Wonder: A Unique Fusion of Art and Design at Mayfair's Sketch

Designer Julian Carter elaborates on his inspiration, saying, “I was inspired by sketch’s legendary sense of playfulness and unbridled creativity, resulting in a concept that is full of surprises and a little unruly. The formality of the frames becomes disrupted, giving way to myriad lines and negative shapes like a vast three-dimensional line drawing – elemental, interconnected, and interdependent.”

Cocktails & Cakes: Culinary Delights Inspired by Art

Sketch’s bar team will masterfully craft three bespoke cocktails, drawing elements from each installation, which will feature throughout the bars during London’s notable design and art months, from 15th September to 16th October. In addition, sketch’s pastry team will create a bespoke cake representing the Christian Bérard pattern in the form of a cube – the special confection will be available in the Parlour for the duration of the show.

The Crafted Wonder exhibit will be open to the public from Friday, 16th September to Monday, 16th October, allowing art enthusiasts, designers, and visitors alike to experience the enchanting world of hand-made design at Mayfair’s Sketch. Don’t miss this unique fusion of art and design that promises to captivate and inspire.

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