Glistening Gemstones: Gemfields’ Valentine’s Day Collection Revealed

Valentine’s Day, a celebration steeped in the traditions of love and romance, is just around the corner.

As the anticipation builds, the focus naturally shifts towards expressions of affection through timeless tokens – flowers, jewels, and the enchanting art of love.

Coloured gemstones, especially rubies and emeralds, emerge as protagonists in this narrative, symbolising passion and the vibrant hues of the heart.

Gemfields and Mozambican Rubies: A Perfect Pairing

At the core of this romantic season are rubies, gems born from the heart of Mother Earth some 500 million years ago.

Glistening Gemstones: Gemfields' Valentine's Day Collection Revealed

Beyond their association with passion, rubies are believed to bring prosperity and protection, making them timeless companions. From ancient warriors to modern-day Chinese consumers, who hold the ‘lucky’ red colour in high regard, rubies have found a place of reverence.

The allure of rubies extends to the red carpets during awards season, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. The fiery, often fluorescent red of rubies adds a burst of colour to winter days, embodying fiery passion.

Exceptional rubies from Mozambique, particularly from the Montepuez mine, take the spotlight. Gemfields, the majority owner of the mine, adheres to core brand values of transparency, legitimacy, and integrity in responsibly mining these gems.

Glistening Gemstones: Gemfields' Valentine's Day Collection Revealed

Mozambican rubies from Montepuez are cherished for their remarkable colour spectrum, ranging from orangey to bluish reds, coupled with exceptional clarity.

Gemfields, through its commitment to transparency, showcases these exquisite gems in collaboration with talented jewellery brand partners. Designs like the Bina Goenka x Gemfields Ruby and Petals Ring, featuring a rich red ruby encased by diamonds in a delicate floral shape, exemplify the perfect fusion of jewels and flowers.

Emeralds: Green Hues of the Heart Chakra

While rubies steal the spotlight, emeralds, with their lush green hues representing the heart chakra, are equally fitting for Valentine’s gifting. The verdant gems from Gemfields Zambian emerald mines inspire creations like FDL Editions by Francis de Lara’s Ribbon Hearts Eyewear, Fabergé’s Heart Surprise Locket, and Donna Hourani’s To Passion necklace.

Glistening Gemstones: Gemfields' Valentine's Day Collection Revealed

Each of these designs, adorned with Gemfields emeralds, provides a unique homage to Valentine’s Day. From the floral-inspired elegance of FDL Editions to the timeless surprise encapsulated in Fabergé’s Heart Surprise Locket, and the passion-evoking Donna Hourani’s To Passion necklace, these pieces are more than jewellery—they are artistic expressions of love.

In conclusion, as Valentine’s Day approaches, the timeless allure of coloured gemstones, particularly rubies and emeralds, takes centre stage. From the ancient origins of rubies to the lush green symbolism of emeralds, these gems offer not just beauty but also a profound connection to the essence of love. As we delve into this season of romance, let the radiant hues of coloured gemstones illuminate the path to heartfelt expressions and enduring connections.

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