Beyond Brilliance: Gemfields Presents Astonishing Ruby Month Pieces

Experience the captivating allure of Ruby, the fiery birthstone of July, as its scorching red hue mirrors the intensity of sultry summer days.

These glittering gems formed deep beneath the Earth over 500 million years ago, have long been revered as talismans, adorning the ancient warriors in their battles and finding their place beneath the foundations of buildings to invite good fortune.

The Glamorous Gemstones of Summer

Symbolizing passion, prosperity, and protection, rubies hold a special place in our hearts, their vivid crimson tones representing the life force coursing through our veins. Today, these radiant gemstones have become a firm favourite among A-listers and trendsetters, making a bold and colourful statement either as dazzling alternatives to colourless diamonds or alongside them.

Pioneering Responsible Mining and the Love for Rubies

Gemfields, the world’s leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones, takes pride in its profound knowledge and adoration for rubies. As the majority owner of the Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, they have established themselves as the go-to source for these precious gems.

Beyond Brilliance: Gemfields Presents Astonishing Ruby Month Pieces

Gemfields has forged partnerships with high-end jewellery designers over the years, all of whom share a common passion for sustainability and a deep appreciation for the vibrant allure of rubies. This collaborative effort has resulted in a series of exquisite pieces that beautifully celebrate the timeless beauty and enduring charm of these gemstones.

AYA’s Ruby Ring: An Ode to Intensity and Passion

One outstanding creation born from this collaboration is the Three Stone Ruby Ring, crafted by AYA—a label founded by Chelsy Davy, whose African upbringing serves as a profound source of inspiration. Davy enthuses, “Nothing beats an intense and vibrant ruby. It evokes romance and passion and symbolises power and love” AYA exclusively works with ethically sourced African gemstones, making Gemfields’ Mozambican rubies the perfect match. This ring, featuring three flawlessly round rubies set in a solid gold band, seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of African craftsmanship.

Margery Hirschey’s Selene Ring: Sculptural Whimsy

Margery Hirschey’s Selene Ring stands in a league of its own, drawing inspiration from the Modernist sculptures of the early 20th century. It is akin to a miniature sculpture itself—an enchanting three-dimensional form adorned with diamonds and rubies. Hirschey expresses her fondness for reinventing precious materials such as gold, rubies, and diamonds in new and captivating ways, declaring, “I love seeing precious materials, like gold, rubies and diamonds, done in a way we haven’t seen before.”

Fabergé’s Diamond and Ruby Dragon Skeleton Ring: Tribute to Warrior Spirit

Beyond Brilliance: Gemfields Presents Astonishing Ruby Month Pieces

Embracing the warrior spirit inherent in rubies, Fabergé’s White Gold Diamond and Ruby Dragon Skeleton Ring emerge from their highly coveted Fabergé x Game of Thrones capsule collection, inspired by the hit TV show. This mesmerizing piece pays homage to the dragons that played a pivotal role in propelling the warrior queen Daenerys towards the coveted Iron Throne. A diamond-set dragon breathes fire in the form of a Gemfields Mozambican ruby, while the artist-jeweller’s head designer explains, “Red is an intense and energetic colour. It symbolises strong emotions like love and passion. The rubies glow like the dragons’ fire that helped conquer and defend kingdoms.”

Sandy Leong’s Passionate Capsule Collection: Delicate Beauty in Gold

Sandy Leong, based in New York, has designed her own captivating capsule collection, featuring a choker, bangle, and pendant adorned with delicate rubies set in radiant gold. Similar to Fabergé, Leong emphasizes the fiery intensity of rubies as her primary inspiration. She enthuses, “The pieces evoke a certain sense of passion, with their deep hue, and when combined with yellow gold and diamonds, there is a fire that is accentuated within each gemstone.”

GFG Jewellery: Subtle and Sexy Symphony

GFG Jewellery by Nilufer offers exquisite 4-stone and 6-stone ruby necklaces that effortlessly channel the seductive allure and subtle charm of rubies. These pieces, often associated with good luck charms, are lovingly described by the designer as “a gift from the Gods.”

Beyond Brilliance: Gemfields Presents Astonishing Ruby Month Pieces

Shachee Shah, on the other hand, has masterfully crafted mosaic-style Art Deco earrings, capturing the essence of cherry blossoms using rubies. Shah specifically chose these gemstones for their stunning range of beautiful colours, ranging from deep reds to delicate pinks, and their inherent transparency.

The Timeless Allure and Versatility of Rubies

Often referred to as “the heart of Mother Earth,” rubies possess an undeniable allure and are deeply intertwined with history. As exemplified by these high-end jewellery pieces, rubies display remarkable versatility, effortlessly adapting to various styles based on the designer’s or wearer’s desires. By following one’s heart and adhering to the famous “6 Cs” of gemstone selection—ensuring provenance through trusted suppliers, seeking uniform colouration, and embracing the inherent beauty of imperfections—one can never go wrong when choosing a ruby. These glamorous gemstones embody the spirit of summer, infusing every occasion with their resplendent splendour.

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