Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

As we wave goodbye to winter and hello to spring, it’s time to start thinking about getting our gardens ready for the warmer months ahead.

With so much time having been spent indoors due to various lockdowns over the last two years, it seems that more and more of us have come to cherish spending time in the garden.

According to recent government reports, almost half of Brits say that they prefer spending more time outdoors in the wake of the pandemic, with 42% asserting that being around nature improves their wellbeing.

If you’re planning on getting your garden summer-ready, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Have A Clear-Out

When revamping your garden, the first step to consider is ridding your outdoor space of any unnecessary clutter. Not only can this be an eyesore but it also takes up precious room which could be used for other items, such as new garden furniture. An outdoor clear-out is a great way to identify any key pieces of equipment that may need replacing to give your garden a much-needed makeover.

Add A Water Feature

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

A water feature can make for a perfectly eye-catching centrepiece to your outdoor space. It also helps to make your garden feel even more alive. If you’re someone who finds the sounds of water particularly therapeutic, a water feature is a must-have addition. From a small cascading waterfall to a large pond, there are endless options from which to choose. Just be mindful to set a budget so that you’re not breaking the bank in the process. If you need any financial support for this project but worry that your credit history may get in the way, you could consider a payday loan or alternative financing options that could smooth things over.

Separate Your Space

If you have a medium-to-large-sized garden, you may wish to consider separating your space into different areas. There could be a botanical section full of wild meadow flowers, an area for hosting summer soirees, plus a shaded spot for outdoor reading. You can easily create separations with clever planting placement and garden furniture – such as decking for a bar area, or a gondola for a reading corner.

Refresh Your Plants

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

Planting new flowers is a sure way to get your garden beautifully blossoming throughout the summer. Just be sure to consider which species bloom best in direct sunlight and how much maintenance they need year-round. If you’re a keen gardener, why not plant your own vegetable patch? Here you can grow organic fruit and veg such as tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and potatoes. If you’d like to start with a smaller-scale project, try growing your own herbs while you get the hang of it.