Gleneagles Townhouse Summer Specials: Scottish Delights & Cocktails

In Gleneagles Townhouse, The Spence restaurant recently launched its delightful summer menus, designed to elevate summer gatherings to new heights.

Embracing the essence of seasonal cuisine, Head Chef Jonny Wright crafts exquisite dishes using exceptional local produce sourced from across Scotland.

Discover Refreshing Summer Delights

Gleneagles Townhouse Summer Specials: Scottish Delights & Cocktails

The new menu at The Spence offers a variety of dishes perfect for sharing with loved ones. Experience the burst of flavours from the ‘burrata with heritage tomatoes and peach’, or indulge in the succulent ‘scallop crudo with avocado, lime, and jalapeno’.

For those seeking vegetarian delights, the ‘grilled aubergine caponata with baby artichoke and green salsa’ is a must-try. Seafood enthusiasts will relish the ‘halibut with summer squash and preserved lemon’.

The Spence has outdone itself with this season’s dessert offerings, capitalizing on the abundance of delicious summer fruits. Delight your taste buds with the ‘peach, elderflower & champagne cheesecake with peach sorbet’, savour the ‘Scottish raspberry chocolate ganache’, or indulge in the delectable ‘pina colada baked Alaska for two’.

Gleneagles Townhouse Summer Specials: Scottish Delights & Cocktails

To complement the new dishes, Townhouse’s expert mixologist, Stef Anderson, has curated an impressive signature cocktail menu. Embrace the refreshing taste of the ‘Dandy Lion’ featuring Havana 7yo, Pampero Blanco, Dandelion, Sesame, Maple Syrup, and Amontillado. Alternatively, opt for the ‘Phoenix’, a delightful blend of Pampero Blanco Rum, Aluna Coconut Rum, Elderberry, Cardamom, and Cocci Rosa.

The Spence Brunch Club – A Grand Culinary Experience

The latest addition to the Townhouse, ‘The Spence Brunch Club‘, is rapidly gaining popularity among members, guests, and locals. Exclusively available from 12 noon to 3.30 pm on the last weekend of the month, this extraordinary event promises a lavish feast and live music.

Gleneagles Townhouse Summer Specials: Scottish Delights & Cocktails

Start with a refreshing mimosa or craft your own invigorating Bloody Mary, followed by an array of seasonal starters including Scottish shellfish, seafood, cured meats, Company Bakery’s artisan bread, and cheeses from I.J Mellis. Don’t miss the assortment of classic and modern salads and a dedicated dessert room!

Summer Sundowner Specials at Lamplighters – A Terrace Haven

Exclusively available to Townhouse members and hotel guests, Lamplighters Terrace is the ultimate summer destination. Throughout the summer months, the Townhouse hosts Summer Sundowner Specials at Lamplighters, every day, all day.

Gleneagles Townhouse Summer Specials: Scottish Delights & Cocktails

The perfect place for friends to gather, and indulge in the trio of sharing drinks priced at £25 each, catering to up to four people. The trio includes a refreshing Gin Spritz, Tequila Paloma, and Italian Spritz. Additionally, guests can enjoy complimentary tapas served between 5 pm to 7 pm daily. Members of the Townhouse also receive a fantastic 15% discount on all items throughout the day, mirroring the offer at The Spence.

With its exceptional summer offerings, Gleneagles Townhouse promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Whether you’re seeking mouthwatering dishes or refreshing cocktails, The Spence and Lamplighters have it all. Immerse yourself in the finest Scottish cuisine and hospitality.

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