Goddard Littlefair’s Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO

Goddard Littlefair, the celebrated luxury interior design studio, has once again unveiled its remarkable talent, leaving an indelible mark on the design landscape with the introduction of its latest masterpiece at Raffles London, OWO.

Goddard Littlefair's Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO

This eagerly anticipated project represents a harmonious fusion of history, opulence, and innovation, featuring the enchanting Guerlain Spa and two exclusive Lifestyle Suites, all elegantly ensconced within the hallowed walls of the historic Old War Office. This iconic property, whose origins trace back to its conception in the annals of 1906, now welcomes the public for the very first time in its storied history.

At the heart of Goddard Littlefair’s mission lay the formidable task of crafting a space that seamlessly marries comfort and serenity while paying reverent homage to the architectural marvels of Edwardian and Neo-Baroque design that define the building’s character.

The result is nothing short of captivating—an all-encompassing destination that boasts a 120-room hotel, 85 meticulously curated branded residences, an enticing array of world-class restaurants and bars, and a wellness oasis that stands as a testament to the art of indulgence redefined. This endeavour is more than a design project; it’s a symphony of elegance and sophistication, breathing new life into a historic landmark and setting a new standard for luxury and hospitality.

A Historic Transformation

The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO, is not just a spa; it’s a historical transformation that breathes new life into the iconic Old War Office. Spanning an impressive 27,000 square feet across four floors, with three hidden underground, this urban sanctuary is a testament to Goddard Littlefair’s commitment to reimagining spaces while preserving their heritage.

Within its walls, guests can explore a world of wellness, including a state-of-the-art gym and movement studio, a rejuvenating vitality pool, a 20-meter swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms, and invigorating experience showers.

L’Atelier Guerlain, a private beauty and hair treatment space, adds a touch of glamour to the spa’s offerings. Additionally, the Pillar Kitchen provides a culinary treat, and there are nine meticulously designed treatment rooms, including a barbershop and salon, not to mention three spacious VIP Spa Suites.

What sets this spa apart is its historical significance as the former base of operations for Winston Churchill during WWII and its purported role in inspiring the world of James Bond. Nestled in the heart of Whitehall, a bastion of political power and home to London’s most iconic landmarks, the Old War Office carries an air of grandeur and prestige.

Goddard Littlefair’s approach to transforming this space is nothing short of innovative. They seamlessly blend cultural elements, contextual awareness, and meticulous design to create a spa experience that transcends the ordinary.

A Vision of Luxury and Elegance

Jo Littlefair, Co-Founder and Director of Goddard Littlefair, is the visionary behind the studio’s exceptional design concept. Luxury, in her words, isn’t just an addition; it’s the very foundation upon which this spa stands. The goal was to create a space that transcends opulence, one that pays homage to history while encapsulating the essence of Raffles London, with subtle nods to its Eastern heritage.

Goddard Littlefair's Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO

The studio embarked on a mission to weave the charm and significance of historical and fictional tales that resonate within the property into the very fabric of its design. Figures like Winston Churchill, James Bond, and Lawrence of Arabia became sources of inspiration, infusing the distinct British elegance with the theatricality of the setting and aligning seamlessly with the prestigious Raffles brand.

This vision extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a narrative woven into every corner of the spa. It’s the reason why stepping into the Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO, is like stepping into a living story. The design pays homage to the past while embracing the future, creating an atmosphere that transcends time and place. The studio’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to storytelling have transformed the spa into a captivating destination, where history and luxury converge in perfect harmony.

Crafting a Transformative Experience

The spa’s transformation was no ordinary renovation; it was a masterful orchestration of extensive structural work and a meticulous collaboration with engineers to tackle intricate groundwork. The goal was clear: create a space that takes guests on a sensory journey like no other.

This journey unfolds through carefully crafted tonal changes that permeate the wellness levels, from the moment guests embark on their opulent arrival to the exhilarating atmosphere of the double-height pool space. The drama and luxury commence with the birdcage elevator, which descends guests into the spa, setting the tone for the entire experience.

Every element has been thoughtfully considered, including the sculptural staircase leading to the pool, creating a breathtaking arrival moment that seamlessly connects every aspect of the spa journey. Goddard Littlefair’s commitment to a fluid layout strikes a perfect balance between interconnected and isolated areas, inviting guests to fully immerse themselves in this transformative experience.

Goddard Littlefair's Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO

Tom Blackshaw, Director at Goddard Littlefair, further elaborates on the studio’s approach: “Our design also emphasises ‘pause points’ throughout the spa. This includes artworks strategically placed to invite guests to take a closer look, framed softly glowing light treatments that delicately illuminate the corridor, guiding guests through the expansive space. These intentional pauses craft unique zones and moments, ensuring that each step of the journey is a memorable and immersive experience.”

An Atmosphere of Serenity

The spa’s ambience envelops visitors in a serene and refreshing atmosphere, offering a seamless sense of calm from the moment they step inside. The design thoughtfully incorporates stacked, smoked oak timber arches that create a sense of perspective and rhythm along the treatment room corridor, paying homage to the building’s historical features.

The choice of materials is a harmonious blend of hardwood timber floors and panelling, polished plaster, antiqued brass, and feature stones, forming a rich and evocative palette that harks back to the original materials of the Old War Office. Throughout the space, tone-on-tone fabrics and textured wall finishes provide a subtle contrast to statement dark timber joinery and accent stones, while the warm brass tones of light fittings and metal trims elevate the overall tonal palette.

Artistry and Craftsmanship

At the heart of the spa’s design lies artistry and craftsmanship of the highest order. Goddard Littlefair collaborated closely with artists and artisans to create statement decorative elements that define the space.

Above the state-of-the-art pool, a remarkable frieze of bespoke glass and mirror panels, developed in partnership with Peascod Studio, features an original hand-painted wave design. This not only adds an element of privacy but also infuses dynamic movement into the space. Along the pool’s perimeter, three-dimensional decorative stone panels, towering at three meters in height, form an undulating scalloped pattern.

These digitally crafted textural elements seamlessly blend Neo-Baroque inspiration with contemporary production methods, offering a unique visual experience. In the VIP treatment rooms, a one-of-a-kind concentric, octagonal oak parquet floor, specially crafted by WFA Flooring, serves as a testament to the studio’s dedication to highlighting the rooms’ original and unique geometry.

Goddard Littlefair's Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO

The artistry and craftsmanship present in every detail of the spa underscore Goddard Littlefair’s commitment to creating a space that is not only visually captivating but also deeply immersive. It’s an embodiment of their dedication to transforming the Old War Office into a sanctuary where history, luxury, and design converge in perfect harmony.

Introducing the Lifestyle Suites

Beyond the spa, Goddard Littlefair has unveiled two extraordinary Lifestyle Suites, setting new standards for elegance and holistic luxury. These exclusive spaces offer a host of premium services, including in-suite butler service, in-room spa treatments, private consultations, and fitness amenities.

Featuring a neutral palette, finishes, and tone-on-tone timber accents that echo the spa’s design, the Lifestyle Suites seamlessly extend the spa experience, ensuring guests enjoy the utmost in privacy and relaxation. Each suite is a canvas for customization, tailored to meet the unique needs of every guest. A versatile lounge area within the suite can effortlessly transform to accommodate in-room personal training sessions, nutrition planning consultations, or soothing massages.

These suites harmoniously blend elegance and functionality, with opulent bespoke joinery and timber flooring that discreetly houses top-of-the-line fitness equipment, including weight racks, skipping ropes, kettlebells, and yoga mats. Guests can opt for solitary workouts or access exclusive guided hologram sessions through the highly sought-after VAHA S Fitness Mirror.

A Testament to Excellence

Goddard Littlefair’s ability to craft bespoke, tasteful, and opulent spaces that leave an indelible mark is brilliantly showcased in The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO. This sanctuary represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge beauty treatments, restorative wellness experiences, and comprehensive fitness training, all meticulously brought to life through the studio’s thoughtful and sophisticated designs.

The studio’s unwavering commitment to preserving the historical integrity of the building while infusing fresh life into its interiors is a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship. The Guerlain Spa seamlessly joins Goddard Littlefair’s portfolio of illustrious luxury spa and wellness projects, such as the Kurna Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At Sultanahmet and The Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace Malta, as well as their prestigious London residential ventures like Chelsea Barracks Spa and Southbank Place Spa.

Goddard Littlefair's Design Triumph At Raffles London, OWO


In the heart of London, within the historic Old War Office, Goddard Littlefair has unveiled a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of luxury and design. The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO, and its accompanying Lifestyle Suites are testaments to the studio’s unparalleled talent and commitment to excellence.

The spa’s transformation is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From the meticulous structural work to the thoughtful tonal changes that guide guests on a sensory journey, every element has been carefully orchestrated. The result is an immersive experience that seamlessly blends drama and serenity, history and modernity. The spa’s ambience, with its serene palette and exquisite materials, creates an oasis of tranquillity, inviting guests to escape the world outside.

The Lifestyle Suites, with their fusion of elegance and functionality, provide an extension of the spa experience, offering personalized services and top-tier fitness amenities. These suites reflect the studio’s dedication to crafting spaces that cater to individual needs while maintaining a harmonious design.

Goddard Littlefair’s ability to create spaces that leave a lasting impression is evident in The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO. Their commitment to preserving historical foundations while infusing fresh life into interiors sets a benchmark for design excellence. This project joins their portfolio of iconic luxury spa and wellness destinations and prime London residential ventures.

In essence, The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London, OWO, is a testament to the studio’s expertise in crafting spaces that captivate the senses, celebrate history, and redefine luxury. It’s a sanctuary where beauty, wellness, and active living converge, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege to experience it.

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