Golf Capital Of The World – Myrtle Beach vs. Naples

Decoding the Duel for the Title: Myrtle Beach vs. Naples in the Quest for the ‘Golf Capital of the World.

In the realm of sports tourism, few titles are as coveted and contested as that of the “Golf Capital of the World.” This illustrious designation is more than just a label; it symbolizes a destination’s deep connection to the game of golf, embodying both the quality and quantity of its golfing facilities, as well as its contribution to the sport’s culture and history.

As golf enthusiasts and travellers seek out the best destinations for their passion, the title carries significant weight, influencing decisions and driving tourism.

Currently, the debate for this prestigious title is primarily between two American locales: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Naples, Florida. Each boasts a rich golfing heritage and a plethora of courses that attract golfers of all skill levels from around the globe. Myrtle Beach, with its extensive array of championship golf courses, has long been a favoured destination for golfers seeking variety and challenge.

Naples, on the other hand, is renowned for its luxurious golf resorts and the high concentration of golf holes per capita, offering an upscale golfing experience.

This ongoing rivalry between these two golfing paradises encapsulates the essence of what makes a location worthy of being called the “Golf Capital of the World.”

The Allure of Golf Tourism

Golf tourism represents a significant segment of the global travel industry, blending the love of the sport with the desire to explore new destinations. This form of tourism goes beyond just playing rounds of golf; it encompasses experiencing different cultures, landscapes, and the unique character each golf course offers.

The economic impact of golf tourism is substantial, as it not only includes revenue from the golf courses themselves but also from associated accommodations, dining, and local attractions. Golf tourists tend to have higher spending patterns compared to other types of tourists, making them a valuable demographic for destinations.

Moreover, golf has a unique cultural and social aspect that enriches its appeal as a tourist activity. It’s a sport that transcends age and skill, allowing for a wide range of participants, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. Golf courses often reflect the geographical and cultural characteristics of their locations, offering golfers a way to connect with the local environment and traditions.

Globally, golf tourism is on the rise, with new destinations emerging alongside traditional favourites. This growth is propelled by the sport’s increasing popularity, the development of world-class golf resorts, and international golfing events that draw attention to lesser-known locations. The quest for the title of “Golf Capital of the World” is not just about the number of courses or the prestige of tournaments held but also about how well a destination integrates golf into a broader, enriching travel experience.

As Myrtle Beach and Naples vie for this title, their unique offerings highlight the diverse appeal of golf tourism and its significance in the world of sports travel.

Golf Capital Of The World – Myrtle Beach vs. Naples

Myrtle Beach – The East Coast Golf Haven

Golf Capital Of The World - Myrtle Beach vs. Naples
TPC Myrtle Beach: Where Elite Golf Meets Natural Beauty – Experience the challenge and charm of one of Myrtle Beach’s finest courses, highlighted by the iconic and demanding 17th hole.

Myrtle Beach’s transformation into a premier golf destination is a testament to its rich history and strategic development in the sport. Once a quiet beach town, Myrtle Beach has evolved into an East Coast golf haven, boasting over 90 championship golf courses. This evolution was fueled by a visionary blend of beautiful landscapes, a golf-friendly climate, and a commitment to creating exceptional golfing experiences.

Among the jewels of Myrtle Beach is TPC Myrtle Beach, a course that offers not just a game but an elite golfing experience. Renowned for its well-maintained fairways and challenging layout, this course is a blend of natural beauty and strategic play. The famous 17th hole, with its picturesque but perilous water hazard, exemplifies the thoughtful design of the course.

The area is also known for hosting significant golf events, contributing to its fame and prestige in the golf world. These events not only draw professional golfers and enthusiasts from around the world but also spotlight Myrtle Beach as a top-tier golf destination.

Enhancing the appeal of Myrtle Beach are the numerous golfing schools and instructional opportunities available, like the prestigious Dustin Johnson Golf School. These institutions cater to all skill levels, offering a chance to learn from some of the best in the sport.

Accommodation in Myrtle Beach is tailored to meet the needs of every golfer. From luxurious resorts to comfortable, budget-friendly hotels, each provides easy access to golf courses and other amenities, ensuring a complete and enjoyable golfing holiday.

Naples – Where Luxury Meets the Links

Golf Capital Of The World - Myrtle Beach vs. Naples
Old Corkscrew Golf Club: A Symphony of Challenges in Nature – Immerse yourself in the audacious design and serene backdrop of Naples’ own masterpiece, where every hole is a scenic adventure.

Naples, Florida, with its serene beaches and opulent lifestyle, has emerged as a luxury golf destination of note. Its history as a golfing locale dates back to when affluent individuals started building private golf courses attached to luxurious estates. Over time, Naples has cultivated an exclusive golfing culture, marked by high-end facilities and pristine courses.

Prominent courses like Old Corkscrew Golf Club and TPC Treviso Bay stand out in Naples. Old Corkscrew, known for its audacious design and natural setting, offers a golfing experience that is as challenging as it is scenic. TPC Treviso Bay, with its meticulous landscaping and state-of-the-art facilities, represents the pinnacle of luxury golfing.

Naples is also a stage for major PGA and LPGA events, each adding to the locale’s prestige. These tournaments attract the world’s top golfers and spotlight Naples on the international golfing map.

Exclusive clubs and resorts, such as Shadow Wood Country Club, are central to Naples’ allure. They offer not just golfing facilities but a complete lifestyle experience, with luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, and other high-end amenities.

The golf instruction and academy offerings in Naples are second to none. With programs led by renowned instructors, these academies provide opportunities for skill improvement in a luxurious setting, further enhancing Naples’ reputation as a premier golfing destination.

Myrtle Beach vs. Naples: Head-to-Head Comparison

When comparing Myrtle Beach and Naples, the diversity in golf courses is striking. Myrtle Beach offers a wide array of courses ranging from beginner-friendly to pro-level challenges, set against diverse backdrops from oceanfront vistas to wooded islands. Naples counters with its high concentration of luxury courses, often set within exclusive resorts and private clubs, offering immaculate conditions and upscale amenities.

Accessibility is another key factor. Myrtle Beach is known for its public course availability, making it accessible to a broader range of golfers. Naples, while having public options, is more renowned for its private courses that cater to an elite clientele, though many are open to the public during off-peak seasons.

Climate plays a significant role in year-round playability. Myrtle Beach has a temperate climate that allows for comfortable golfing for most of the year, though summers can be hot and winters mildly cold. Naples enjoys a warmer, more stable climate, making it an ideal year-round golf destination, especially in the winter months.

Golf’s Economic Footprint

Golf Capital Of The World - Myrtle Beach vs. Naples

In both Myrtle Beach and Naples, golf tourism is a major economic driver. In Myrtle Beach, the golf industry not only generates significant revenue from course fees but also boosts local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and retail.

Similarly, Naples benefits economically from its high-end golf tourism, attracting affluent visitors who contribute to the local economy through luxury accommodations and upscale dining and shopping.

The impact on employment is also noteworthy. Both regions employ a significant number of locals in the golf industry and related sectors, contributing to job creation and economic stability.

What Lies Ahead for These Golfing Paradises

Looking forward, both Myrtle Beach and Naples show promising signs of growth and development in golf tourism.

Myrtle Beach is likely to continue diversifying its course offerings and improving facilities to attract a wider range of golfers. Naples may focus on enhancing its luxury golf experience and expanding its high-end golf resorts.

The potential growth in golf tourism is also influenced by evolving preferences. Trends such as eco-friendly courses, advanced golf technology, and family-oriented facilities might shape future developments in both destinations.


Golf Capital Of The World - Myrtle Beach vs. Naples

In summary, Myrtle Beach and Naples each offer unique and compelling experiences as contenders for the title of “Golf Capital of the World.”

Myrtle Beach’s diverse, accessible courses and vibrant golfing community contrast with Naples’ luxurious, exclusive golf resorts and pristine landscapes.

Both destinations, through their unique attributes and ongoing developments, continue to solidify their standings as top golf destinations, each deserving of acclaim in the world of golf tourism.

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