Gorgeous Apartment Bedrooms That Are Fit for Bungalows

While designing your interiors, you need to pay particular attention to the bedroom. Due to the fact that it is a place where you are supposed to get a good night’s sleep and unwind after a long day at work, you need to create a relaxing space where you love to spend time in. You might be up for a challenge, though, particularly if you live in an apartment with limited space. A misguided design may make your bedroom feel cramped and cluttered.

There are some general rules that you can follow to enlarge your space optically so that it looks like it is a part of an extended house, including the use of light colours and furniture with legs, going vertical, hanging mirrors, or excluding drapes. If you do not know how to incorporate those solutions, here are some bedroom ideas – from a romantic style with mirrors and a light Scandinavian look to an open and airy modern space with a huge window. Check out the propositions below to find inspiration for your bedroom designing project!

Romantic Style

If you dream about a beautiful bedroom just like from a fairytale, you might go with a romantic style. A great idea would be to opt to get a canopy bed with a sheer white material swinging high from your ceiling, so you can highlight the height of your bedroom and create an illusion of increased space. Add beautiful sheets and embroidered pillows to your bedding. Alternatively, you could invest in the best weighted blanket in Canada.

You should go for a pastel colour scheme with paint in warmer tones. If you want to add some pattern to your space, you could use floral wallpapers on the wall behind your bed. You should definitely go for some curtains, but remember to use light materials, such as sheer chiffon. This way, you will make the bedroom look both airy and sophisticated.

Scandinavian Style

Gorgeous Apartment Bedrooms That Are Fit for Bungalows

A very popular way to design apartments nowadays is to go with the Scandinavian style. It is best represented by the minimalistic but modern bedrooms with white walls, wooden floors and furniture, and a few carefully chosen accessories.

A Scandinavian bedroom design usually uses a light colour scheme, which will make your bedroom look bigger. If you think your room will look too bland, you can easily incorporate more colour with details. For example, you could hang brown wooden frames on the walls or put black lamps on the nightstands. It should really add to the look of the room without making it look chaotic.

Mid-Century Modern Style

What do you say a little throwback with the mid-modern style design? It is inspired by the 50s when people just started to rediscover their love for clean lines, simple furniture, and functionality. You will need to go with a mostly muted palette, but you can always brighten up the space with big and colourful paintings.

Back in the day, the style was big on using teak wood for its rich colour and durability, so for the most authentic feel, you could use the same material. But what is crucial for your bedroom is the incorporation of tapered legs for furniture, which were the pinnacle of mid-century modernism.

Bohemian Style

If you want to live a little more loudly, you could go for a bohemian style with warm colours and a design that consists of both modern and ethnic elements. You could mix two or three textures in your space as well, using woven fabrics and wood.

Bohemian style might be a good choice if you have a lot of light coming in through the windows. You could use this natural light to highlight unique accents, such as an old piece of furniture or a vase on the side table.

It would be a good idea to complement such a look with tribal-inspired design elements. You could combine geometric elements with bold colours and patterns, which will make the entire bedroom look more dynamic.

In Conclusion

Gorgeous Apartment Bedrooms That Are Fit for Bungalows

To sum up, the bedroom is a very important part of the house. It is a place where you need to create a cosy space that will make you feel relaxed and happy. Because of that, it is worth investing your time and money into creating a design that will both meet your needs and make your bedroom look spacious and stylish. We hope that the ideas listed above will inspire you to design your bedroom in such a way that you will love spending time in it. Whether you go for the romantic or opt for a bohemian vibe, make sure the space is tailored to your personality and lifestyle. Your bedroom should be an extension of the rest of your home, though, so do not go overboard with accessories and patterns. By doing that, you should be able to design a gorgeous apartment bedroom in no time

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