Grosvenor House’s Magical Snowman Afternoon Tea

Grosvenor House, in collaboration with Penguin Random House Children’s UK and Sadler’s Wells, is set to launch an enchanting festive experience inspired by the timeless classic, The Snowman™.

Starting from the 17th of November, guests of all ages will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of The Snowman™ through a delightful afternoon tea and stay package. This extraordinary offering is a celebration of nostalgia, friendship, and adventure, paying homage to Raymond Briggs’ much-loved British classic.

Grosvenor House's Magical Snowman Afternoon Tea

A Journey into Nostalgia

The heart of this magical experience lies in The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea, which will be served in the charming ambience of the Park Room at Grosvenor House. Accompanied by the iconic soundtrack from the film adaptation, performed by the resident pianist, guests will embark on a nostalgic journey featuring five limited-edition pastries and an amuse-bouche, all skillfully crafted by Head Pastry Chef Anthony Hurst.

This immersive tea experience is not just a culinary adventure but a journey through cherished memories. As guests indulge in the delectable creations, they will be transported back to the enchanting world of The Snowman™, reliving moments that have touched the hearts of generations. The combination of exquisite pastries and the enchanting musical backdrop ensures that every sip and bite is infused with the spirit of this beloved tale.

Reigniting Childhood Memories

The Afternoon Tea menu has been thoughtfully curated to relive the story of The Snowman™, reimagined in culinary form. Each item on the menu encapsulates a moment from the timeless tale:

Grosvenor House's Magical Snowman Afternoon Tea
  • One December Morning: Begin your journey with a frosty and refreshing English Sparkling Wine granita, as light as the first snowfall on a December morning, where The Snowman’s story begins.
  • Midnight Magic: Witness the magic unfold at the stroke of midnight with a crunchy snowball meringue filled with chocolate mint cream and vanilla buttercream, set on a gingerbread snowflake.
  • A Friendly Face: Celebrate The Snowman’s iconic tangerine nose with a woodruff mousse paired with tangerine marmalade, seated on a fluffy meringue base.
  • The Snowman: Pay homage to The Snowman’s enchantment with a spiced ginger ganache encased in a chocolate shell, infused with pineapple.
  • Snowy Symphony: Conclude your culinary adventure with a light hazelnut and praline sponge stump, guaranteed to leave you feeling as if you are ‘Walking in the Air’ over treetops.
  • The Enchanted Forest: Delight in a delicate pastry tartlet with salted caramel and spiced milk chocolate cream in Christmas Tree form, commemorating The Snowman and The Boy’s festivities in the forest of The North Pole.

This menu is not just about taste; it’s about storytelling through food. Each dish is a tribute to the magical moments in The Snowman™, offering a multi-sensory experience that combines taste, texture, and nostalgia. The culinary team at Grosvenor House, led by Head Pastry Chef Anthony Hurst, has poured their creativity and passion into crafting these edible works of art.

Exclusive Illustrations

The magic extends beyond the menu with bespoke illustrations designed exclusively for Grosvenor House by Illustrator and Animation Director Robin Shaw, known for his work on the magical sequel, The Snowman and The Snowdog, and the 40th-anniversary edition of The Snowman: The Book of the Classic Film for Puffin. These illustrations will be offered to guests as keepsakes, ensuring that the memory of The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea lingers long after the experience.

Grosvenor House's Magical Snowman Afternoon Tea

Robin Shaw’s illustrations breathe new life into The Snowman™, bringing the beloved characters and scenes to life in a way that captivates both young and old. Each stroke of the artist’s brush captures the essence of the story, making these illustrations a cherished memento for guests to take home. These artistic creations add an extra layer of enchantment to an already magical afternoon.

Savouries and Accompaniments

The culinary journey also includes an array of savouries, featuring delicate finger sandwiches with Norfolk turkey, cucumber, and mint, as well as Foreman’s smoked salmon, and Burford Brown egg open brioche buns. Freshly baked scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade preserves complete the delectable selection.

The savoury offerings, while a perfect complement to the sweet pastries are a testament to Grosvenor House’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and satisfying afternoon tea experience. The sandwiches and brioche buns are made with the finest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a delightful balance of flavours. The scones, warm and fluffy, create a sense of comfort and tradition that harkens back to the heartwarming story of The Snowman™.

To accompany the tea, guests can choose from a wide range of Newby fine teas or elevate their experience with a glass of Champagne, perfect for celebrating the festive season in style. The extensive tea selection allows guests to tailor their experience to their preferences, ensuring that each cup is a perfect match for their palate. Whether it’s the comforting warmth of a traditional black tea or the fragrant notes of an herbal infusion, the tea selection caters to every taste.

For the Little Ones

To ensure quality family time this season, young guests can indulge in a special children’s version of The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea. This delightful offering includes selective pastries, miniature scones served with ice cream, and a Snowman-themed hot chocolate.

This children’s tea is a thoughtful addition to the experience, recognizing the importance of making memories as a family. It offers young guests a chance to partake in the magic of The Snowman™ in a way that is tailored to their tastes. The miniature pastries and hot chocolate are sure to bring smiles to their faces, creating treasured moments that will be cherished for years to come.

Grosvenor House's Magical Snowman Afternoon Tea

The Ultimate Snowman Experience

For families looking to make the most of the magic of Mayfair, Grosvenor House offers The Snowman™ stay package. This all-encompassing package includes a luxurious stay in a suite, The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea, tickets to witness The Snowman live show at the Peacock Theatre, and a storybook turndown treat for bedtime reading.

The Snowman™ stay package is more than just a stay at a luxury hotel; it’s an immersive adventure that combines the comforts of a lavish suite with the enchantment of The Snowman™ universe. The inclusion of tickets to The Snowman live show at the Peacock Theatre allows families to extend their Snowman experience beyond the hotel, creating a seamless journey of wonder and joy. The storybook turndown treat adds a touch of bedtime magic, ensuring that the enchantment continues even as guests drift off to sleep.

Exclusive Offer for Marriott Bonvoy Members

Marriott Bonvoy members can take their Snowman™ experience to the next level. With Marriott Bonvoy Moments, members have the unique opportunity to meet The Snowman in person. This exclusive package includes a one-night stay in a Family Room, The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea, tickets for a private backstage tour with Costume and Set Designer Ruari Murchison, and a meet & greet with the beloved character, The Snowman, at the Peacock Theatre. This extraordinary opportunity is available from the 18th of November to the 30th of December.

For Marriott Bonvoy members, this offer is an exclusive chance to get closer to the magic of The Snowman™. The private backstage tour provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process, while the meet & greet with The Snowman himself is a memory that will be treasured for a lifetime. This special package is a testament to Grosvenor House’s commitment to creating extraordinary experiences for its guests.

In conclusion, Grosvenor House’s collaboration with Penguin Random House Children’s UK and Sadler’s Wells brings to life the magic of The Snowman™ in a way that transcends generations. The Snowman™ Afternoon Tea and Stay Experience is a testament to the enduring charm of this beloved classic and offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of festive enchantment. Book your experience now and create cherished memories with loved ones amidst the magic of The Snowman™.

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