Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

To help you show the one you love what they mean to you, we have curated the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gucci Gift Guide.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Gucci unveils a meticulously curated collection that epitomises the essence of love through its diverse range of offerings.

This guide is designed to navigate you through Gucci’s exquisite selections, ranging from sophisticated attire for both women and men to an impressive array of jewellery, handbags, and beyond, each piece resonating with the luxury and elegance that Gucci is renowned for.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gucci Gift Guide

Elevate the Everyday with the Horsebit Mini Bag

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gucci’s Horsebit 1955 collection shines brightly this season, introducing a dazzling new variant of its iconic double ring and bar design. The bag is adorned with crystal-set hardware, providing a striking contrast against the leather’s fresh hues.

Crafted in an alluring pink leather and featuring a sleek flap closure, the bag is complemented by a detachable chain strap adorned with the Interlocking G motif, presenting a blend of traditional elegance and modern flair.

Priced at $4,300, this piece is not just an accessory but a statement.

The Ultimate Companion: GG Duffle Bag

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Crafted from the softest suede, the GG duffle bag embodies Gucci’s rich history through its incorporation of two archival elements: the Double G and the Web.

These features not only pay tribute to the House’s founder but also complete the bag’s silhouette with a sense of tradition and modernity. With a price tag of $4,200, this duffle bag is the perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

Step into Elegance with the Lady Horsebit Sandal

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gucci’s sandals are a testament to the brand’s rich heritage, with the emblematic Horsebit detailing lending a signature logo touch.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s origins, these sandals are presented in a charming lilac leather, complete with an ankle buckle closure that ensures both style and comfort. At $890, these sandals are more than just footwear; they are a piece of Gucci’s storied history.

Travel in Style with the Porter Cabin Plus Trolley

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gucci’s foray into the world of travel accessories pays homage to its origins and Guccio Gucci’s tenure at the Savoy Hotel in London.

The cabin trolley, a fusion of silver aluminium and the iconic beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas represents the evolution of travel gear with a nod to the contemporary. Priced at $3,800, this trolley is an essential for the modern traveller who values both functionality and style.

Modern Essentials: GG Crossbody Bag

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gucci reimagines everyday accessories with the GG Crossbody Bag, crafted in a contemporary green rubber-effect leather for the Cruise 2024 collection. The bag’s innovative material lends a modern edge, while the front zip pocket and zip closure ensure functionality and ease of access. At $4,200, this crossbody bag is an essential for the fashion-forward individual.

Timeless Elegance: Gucci 25H Watch

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Inspired by the sleek lines of contemporary architecture, the GUCCI 25H watch boasts a streamlined silhouette. Featuring a thin multi-layer case and a sophisticated five-link steel bracelet, the design is further enhanced by diamonds and the Interlocking G motif. This timepiece, priced at $4,200, is a symbol of Gucci’s commitment to combining timeless elegance with modern design.

Romantic Symbols: Link to Love Studded Ring

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Gucci Link to Love collection explores modern romance through new symbols of love. Designed to be worn in a variety of individualised ways, this 18k yellow gold studded ring features a stackable mechanism, inviting personal expression. At $1,500, this ring is a testament to the enduring nature of love.

Subtle Elegance: Gucci Script Wallet

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gucci’s selection of small accessories is defined by delicate colour palettes and refined details. The zip-around wallet, presented in a soft pink leather and adorned with a gold-toned Gucci script detail, adds a touch of elegance to the design. Available for $740, this wallet is a subtle yet sophisticated accessory.

Celebrate Heritage: Men’s Loafer with Leather Covered Horsebit

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Marking the 70th anniversary of its iconic Horsebit motif and loafer, Gucci introduces fresh reinterpretations that celebrate this legacy. The black leather shoe, adorned with a gold-toned metal Horsebit covered in leather, is a nod to the brand’s rich history. Priced at $1,390, this loafer is a blend of tradition and modern elegance.

Timeless Appeal: G-Timeless Watch with Bees

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The G-Timeless collection incorporates the historic Gucci bee symbol with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring a yellow sunbrushed dial and a steel bracelet. This watch, priced at $2,050, merges classic design with modern sensibilities, embodying the timeless appeal of Gucci.

Equestrian Elegance: Silk Carré Scarf

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The latest collection sees the reimagination of symbolic House codes, with the classic GG design paired with a yellow Horsebit print on this elegant carré. Priced at $545, this scarf pays homage to Gucci’s equestrian roots and its founder, Guccio Gucci.

Iconic Miniature: Jackie 1961 Mini Bag


For Fall Winter 2023, iconic Gucci designs are reimagined in miniature form, including the pale green leather Jackie 1961 Mini Bag. This playful variation retains the original’s distinctive hardware and finishes, priced at $1,750, offering multiple styling options for everyday wear.

Sophisticated Travel: Gucci Savoy Large Duffle

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Gucci Savoy line introduces a duffle bag that combines the iconic beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas with the House Web and Double G hardware. Equipped with an adjustable canvas strap and a secure zipper closure, this bag, priced at $2,980, is the epitome of sophisticated travel.

Versatile Style: GG Marmont Reversible Belt

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The GG Marmont belt evolves with each season, blending the iconic ‘70s Double G buckle with contemporary designs. This reversible belt features blue and dark blue GG Supreme canvas on one side and blue leather on the other, offering versatile styling options. Priced at $570, this belt is a testament to Gucci’s innovative design ethos.

Elegant Organization: Card Case with GG Detail

Love With Gucci: A Curated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Crafted from the signature beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas, this card case is enhanced with archival details, including a small GG hardware detail in green. With four card slots, this accessory, priced at $260, combines elegance with practicality.

Through this guide, Gucci showcases its unparalleled ability to blend tradition with contemporary design, offering a diverse range of luxurious gifts that are perfect for expressing love this Valentine’s Day. Each piece, with its unique blend of heritage and innovation, is a testament to Gucci’s enduring legacy and commitment to excellence.

Images: Gucci

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