The Savoy’s Royal Suite: A Gucci Wonderland

Ever since its inception, Gucci has seamlessly weaved the theme of travel into its narrative, drawing inspiration from the opulent world of luxury hotels and the cosmopolitan jet-setters who frequented them during the early 1900s.

Founder Guccio Gucci, with a hint of irony, pride, and self-awareness, introduced these motifs after his firsthand experience working at The Savoy. At a young age, Guccio served as a luggage porter and liftboy at this illustrious establishment, affording him a unique perspective into the desires and preferences of the well-traveled guests he assisted.

It was the sight of luxurious luggage and sophisticated attire that ignited his passion to establish his own leather goods company upon returning to Italy from his stint in London.

Aria Collection: Where Fashion Meets Hospitality

Fast forward a century, and The Savoy and Gucci are celebrating their intertwined history through a myriad of innovative collaborations, ranging from design elements to extraordinary guest experiences.

The close-knit relationship between these two icons came into focus during the unveiling of Gucci’s Aria Collection in April 2021, an event held exclusively at The Savoy. This collection paid homage to the hotel’s pivotal role in shaping Gucci’s legendary status, with subtle references woven into its designs and presentation.

Continuing their partnership, the next chapter sees The Savoy’s Royal Suite transformed into an embodiment of the Gucci universe. This metamorphosis includes the infusion of furniture, décor, and ornaments from the exquisite Gucci Décor collection. Meticulously chosen art and antiquities from Christie’s further enhance the aesthetic, harmonizing seamlessly with The Savoy’s rich design heritage.

Adrien Meyer, Global Head of Private Sales at Christie’s, expressed, “This is a splendid opportunity to collaborate with two iconic luxury brands and offer our Private Sales service to the esteemed guests of this illustrious London hotel. At Christie’s, the ultimate luxury is being immersed in art. In partnership with Gucci, The Savoy’s Royal Suite is poised to become London’s most exclusive haven.”

A Suite Like No Other

Every item added to the Royal Suite by Gucci and Christie’s will be available for purchase, rendering the Royal Suite not only an exceptionally exclusive showcase but also one of London’s most opulent hotel suites. Spanning the entire length of the fifth floor, it treats guests to unparalleled vistas of the River Thames. The Royal Suite package encompasses a dedicated butler, access to The Savoy’s Rolls Royce within a three-mile radius, seamless transfers, bespoke in-room amenities, and immersive Gucci experiences.

The collaboration between these two venerable brands promises more exciting ventures in the coming months. Franck Arnold, Managing Director at The Savoy, remarked, “I am thrilled that The Savoy is embarking on this creative journey with Gucci in the fashion house’s centenary year. Reviving our shared history for contemporary audiences is truly gratifying, and we are eagerly anticipating the reveal of the transformed Royal Suite, as well as offering guests delightful experiences and unparalleled service that befit two globally renowned brands.”


The partnership between Gucci and The Savoy encapsulates a century-long journey marked by opulence, style and a shared commitment to excellence.

As they continue to unveil innovative initiatives and breathe life into their intertwined history, they invite you to immerse yourself in a world where luxury knows no bounds.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of fashion or a seeker of extraordinary experiences, the transformed Royal Suite and the promise of more surprises to come beckon you to be a part of this timeless tale of luxury and legacy.

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, where the allure of Gucci and the timeless elegance of The Savoy converge to create unforgettable memories for those with discerning tastes.

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