Luxury Meets Motorsport: Henry Poole & Co Tailors for Jaguar

In a remarkable display of craftsmanship and heritage, Henry Poole & Co, the world-renowned tailors from Savile Row in London, recently partnered with Jaguar TCS Racing to create custom-made attire for Team Principal, James Barclay.

This extraordinary collaboration brings together two iconic brands, each boasting a rich history of excellence in their respective fields.

At the heart of this unique journey, James Barclay began with a design consultation at Henry Poole & Co’s esteemed Savile Row site. He expressed his need for sophisticated clothing that could be worn across diverse climates during the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship races hosted in major cities like Hyderabad, Cape Town, Jakarta, and São Paulo.

The Meticulous Craftsmanship

Henry Poole & Co, credited as the founders of the tuxedo, embarked on their meticulous tailoring process, employing their expertise and cutting-edge skills. The team created two exclusive designs using only the finest fabrics available: a dinner jacket crafted from midnight blue Barathea 120s worsted wool and a dark blue midweight suit made from 100s wool and cashmere.

This collaboration is a testament to the shared heritage and passion for excellence between Henry Poole & Co and Jaguar. Established in 1806, Henry Poole & Co has been synonymous with exceptional British tailoring. In contrast, Jaguar boasts a distinguished motorsport history that has influenced the development of their road cars.

Luxury Meets Motorsport: Henry Poole & Co Tailors for Jaguar

Driving Towards an Electric Future

Jaguar TCS Racing competes in the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship street racing series, making it the world’s first net carbon zero sport. The team not only competes but also utilizes the high-performance environment to test and innovate new electric vehicle technologies, contributing to Jaguar’s vision of an all-electric future.

James Barclay, Jaguar TCS Racing Team Principal, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work closely and witness first-hand the skilled team at Henry Poole & Co working on these garments, they are rightly so very proud of their history and they are a key part of why Savile Row is world renowned for bespoke suit making.  Jaguar too has a rich and illustrious heritage in motorsport, so I’m proud to represent the coming together of two iconic brands to showcase our passion for attention to detail and craftsmanship both now and as part of our innovative futures.” 

The Grand Finale

Simon Cundey, Managing Director of Henry Poole & Co, said: “We at Henry Poole & Co. are very proud to work with Jaguar, like ourselves a company of heritage, quality and craftsmanship. The concept of the synergy between luxury, style and performance relates to us both, plus with innovation going forward for the future.”

As the partnership reaches its pinnacle, Jaguar TCS Racing is set to compete in the final rounds of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in London on the 29th and 30th of July 2023.

In conclusion, the alliance between Henry Poole & Co and Jaguar TCS Racing transcends mere collaboration; it symbolizes the fusion of two visionary brands driven by a pursuit of perfection. Their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and an electric future unites them in their journey towards excellence. As James Barclay dons the bespoke dinner jacket and lightweight suit, he carries the legacy of both brands on the global racing stage, a testament to their shared values and passion for unrivalled quality.

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