Here’s How To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter Time

Wintertime can be quite harsh on your vehicle if you do not prepare it in advance.  In order to ensure that the upcoming cold season will have minimal effect on your vehicle and its engine, here are a few instructions and tips for preparing your car and ensuring that this winter will pass so smoothly.

Get Winter Mats For Your Vehicle

The first essential preparation is to get appropriate winter mats for your vehicle. These winter mats for snow will prevent the snow, salt, and water from damaging the floor of your car. Also, it’s easier to clean these mats when they have mud or snow on them than cleaning the whole ground of your car every time it snows. If you are uncertain how suitable certain mats would be, pick up an inexpensive one and replace it with another later if you notice that it doesn’t work out for your needs.

Put Carnage Oil In Your Vehicle

Another essential preparation is to fill the oil tank of your vehicle with carnage oil before the cold season starts. Carnage oil is chemically enhanced so that it will keep your engine warm even in areas where temperatures drop below zero. It’s also important to make sure that you chose a type of oil according to the right capacity for your vehicle, and since most cars have their own specifications for this matter, refer to the owner’s manual for details on how much carnage oil should be put into a certain tank in order not to damage the engine.

Air Up The Tires Of Your Vehicle Properly

Here's How To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter Time

This is essential, especially if you got a spare set of tires for your vehicle. The problem with most people when it comes to checking air pressure is that they either over-inflate or under-inflate the tires after using a regular pump and don’t realize how much damage they do until it’s too late. If you must use a regular pump to check the air pressure in tires, then make sure that you’re using the one that has an adjustable setting. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the readings so that your tire will have the right amount of air on each side without putting too much strain on them.

Check The Fluid Levels In Your Car

Running low on fluid during winter is a real danger, especially if you’re driving somewhere in the middle of the night when temperatures quickly drop. If this thing happens to you and your car breaks down right in the middle of nowhere, chances are that it will be impossible for you to get back home or anywhere else safe. That’s why it’s important to check fluid levels throughout the year so you can prevent yourself from getting into a situation like this one. 

Especially if your vehicles have their own specifications as far as fluid levels go, then make sure that the mechanic’s stick has an adjustable knob at the end so you can adjust it according to each vehicle’s needs without causing any damage along the way. 

Defrost The Windows Of Your Vehicle

If you think that your windows are defrosted enough, then think again. They might look clean from the outside, but inside there’s a layer of frost covering the glass and this surface is what makes it impossible for us to see anything clearly when travelling at night or in poor weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to use a window defroster (available at most auto parts stores) to get rid of any ice on your windshield and other windows as well. 

Also, make sure that you don’t buy yourself an electric one just because we all know how easy it is to burn things out with them. If using electrical options isn’t possible for some reason, then go ahead and use a hand-held scraper for your car’s windows instead.

Get Snow Tires If You Know It Snows In Your Area

This is the most important step if you live in an area where winters are exceptionally cold, and even though it may be expensive to buy snow tires, the money that you’ll save by not having to get towed during snowy days will eventually pay off this additional expense. Make sure that you’re getting snow tires whose treads were specially designed for driving on slippery roads, as well as make sure that they can fit onto your vehicle properly before going to the store and buying yourself a set of these things. 

Also, be aware of any regulations regarding using them on public roads so you won’t get into trouble with the police. 

Buy A Car Blanket

It’s important to keep your engine warm during winter, both so it can function properly and so you won’t have any major problems driving in extremely cold weather. Custom-made car blankets are being sold at most auto parts stores, and they usually have a snug fit so you can put them onto your vehicle without any gaps. You should also make sure that the blanket in question has been made with high-quality materials so it can keep the engine warm for as long as possible during winter. 

Disconnect Non-Essential Wires

A lot of people make the mistake of taking their cars to car washes during winter, and while this may sound like a good idea at first, it’s not. A lot of water will quickly get into your vehicle through its openings (including door gaps) once you start washing it outside without any protection against low temperatures. Therefore, if possible try to wash your car during spring or summer instead, but if you can’t then be sure that all doors in the vehicle are properly closed before doing anything so you won’t damage anything inside. 

Another important thing to be aware of is that low temperatures can damage your car’s electrical system, so disconnect all non-essential wires from the engine and securely store them away in a safe place. That way you won’t have to worry about them freezing during wintertime.

With the help of these simple tips, you should be able to prepare your vehicle for winter without spending too much money or getting into trouble during snowy days. Just make sure that these steps are being followed during late fall or early winter so you can get ready before anything happens instead of waiting for a snowstorm to come. If you do that then you’ll surely save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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