Holiday Wardrobe Upgrade: 14 Things You Have to Get for The New Season

We know it should be simple to put together an ideal holiday outfit, but it’s not. On the plus side, there are festive things available to check out at the last minute. You could look into the Instagram feeds of fashion bloggers or influencers you follow for last-minute inspiration. But all this information load creates too many possibilities for an impulse purchase. What about the fashion outfits that are already lying in your closet—it’s too easy to feel like you have nothing to wear.

The good news is, to be ready for any holiday party, you may not need massive upgrades. With a few accessories and fashion apparel like a blazer dress, you can quickly be party-ready or ready for a street-style look for fall.

Here is a list of things you must get for the new season if you don’t own them already.

1. Dark Jeans

Dark jeans are an excellent choice for transitioning into fall fashion. Choose a neutral colour like black, grey, or deep indigo that will go well with a flannel shirt. 

To make your jeans more of a statement piece, don’t mind going for colours like tan, chocolate brown, olive green, burgundy, or burnt orange.

2. Plaid Blazer

Plaid blazers are the best. If you have a curvy body, you can wear one on top of plus size dresses and look effortlessly chic and attractive. You can even try it with a shimmery blouse and style it whichever way you like. They blend into everything so fabulously.

Invest in a double-breasted blazer; it will be easier to dress up or down. If you want to channel an off-duty, cool-girl feel, wear it with denim or leather jeans. When there isn’t that chilly weather, place it on your shoulders instead of wearing it altogether. 

3. Silk Scarf

A scarf is one of the most recognizable accessories in the world. If you don’t have one, we recommend you get one. It’s one of those pieces that you’ll keep for a long time. The way it can lift the simplest outfits is genuinely mesmerizing. 

4. A Nice Facemask (Because You Got to Social Distance)

Of course, you can always pick a black facemask but doing something special for a holiday doesn’t sound like a bad idea? 

Without a face mask, no list of 2021 basics would be complete. So, why not vary your collection with the one thing on our list that we’ll be wearing every single day till the virus lasts?

5. The Classic Hoop Earrings

If you had the option to wear one piece of jewellery only, go for statement hoops. These days, hoops in warm gold tones, hammered texture, and chamfered design are all the age. Tie your hair back into a low bun to bring attention to these beautiful chimes.

6. Ankle Boots

Every year, new boot styles are introduced to help us update our wardrobe. You don’t have to buy all of them (if you don’t have the budget). Stick to the classics like Suede ankle booties, combat boots, or knee-high boots. A fall wardrobe is incomplete without one of these. Wear them with high-waisted jeans, leggings, or a dress.

7. Turtlenecks 

For fall, the turtleneck is a must-have. Turtlenecks are available in cashmere, Pima cotton, and other materials. While black, brown, or grey turtlenecks are the most popular, you may find various colours, textures, and shapes to suit your style. 

Choose pastel colours like pink, burgundy, ginger, baby blue, mint green, or sunny yellow for a splash of colour.

8. A Bold Leather Jacket

On days when you don’t want to wear wool or fleece outerwear, a leather jacket makes for a sophisticated style. These jackets are lighter than denim jackets and add an extra layer for just fashion purposes. For a boho vibe, wear it with a cashmere turtleneck and skinny jeans. 

For an edgy look, pair a leather jacket with leggings and a white shirt. Also, carry a contrasting leather handbag as a statement piece. 

9. Cute Beanie

If you don’t mind your hair getting a little tangled, a beanie will keep you warm in the October breeze. Feel free to wear it with casual outfits, from jeans and sweaters to shirt dresses with leggings. But, we suggest you skip it when you’re going out to a party.

10. Vest

A vest is an essential layering garment, and it looks super chic. While suede or cotton vests are fine, for the colder months, you’ll want to go for a down vest or one lined with wool. Over a lightweight ribbed sweater, layer your vest with a coat of your choice to leave everyone amazed.

11. Raincoat 

You’ll want to be ready for everything as the weather cools, including rain. A raincoat is a must-have essential to keep you dry yet elegant looking while protecting yourself out in the rain.

Choose a barn coat. It is a casual raincoat that may be layered over a wool sweater or dress. You can also buy a wool coat and layer it over a wool sweater or dress.

12. Overalls

Experiment with overalls for a distinctive style. For a sexier look, rip and cuff modern overalls. It’s a comfy and fashionable combination. Pair your overalls with a simple tee, a long-sleeve top, or a thin turtleneck on the warmer days. Dress up your ensemble with booties or heels for an impact.

13. A Perfect Skirt

The classic pencil skirt is undeniably an investment piece worth splurging. And once you’ve made the purchase, we guarantee it won’t leave your closet. A lovely skirt always makes its way to parties, and with good reason: it never goes out of style. Ensure to find one that fits your body just right.

14. Fashion Sneakers 

Sneakers have been in the trend in recent years due to labels like Golden Goose and Gucci. Not to worry, there are plenty of affordable brands selling stylish sneakers in different patterns and designs.

Leather, particularly in the winter, is recommended. But they are available in suede and canvas too. They have the power to add interest to an outfit instantly.


Before heading straight out to buy these, take a good look into your closet to check if you already have these items. Make a list of what you don’t have and start upgrading your wardrobe slowly. Before the holiday season begins, you will be ready to flaunt your style and make heads turn. So, pick out whatever suits your style and personality and prepare to take over every holiday party.

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