Home House Launches Exquisite London Dry Gin

Home House, the renowned private members’ club in London, has introduced its exclusive London Dry Gin that blends exotic ingredients and captures the essence of its rich heritage.

Created in partnership with Oro, the award-winning luxury gin distillery based in Lockerbie, Scotland, the Home House London Dry Gin has already earned a silver medal at the World Gin Awards 2023 in the London Dry Gin category.

The Club’s Fascinating History and Lady Home’s Inspiration

Built in 1773 by celebrated architects James Wyatt and Robert Adam, Home House was commissioned by Lady Home as an extravagant and sophisticated palace purely for entertainment, which was quite famous for her extravagant and lavish parties at the time.

Lady Home, known as the “Queen of Hell” for her irascible behaviour, became an icon of high society in the 18th century.

The club’s walls have witnessed numerous notable personalities throughout history and still welcome an eclectic mix of individuals today.

Home House Launches Exquisite London Dry Gin

The Home House London Dry Gin pays tribute to Lady Home’s worldly travels and adventures, selecting unique botanicals from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind flavour.

A Sensory Experience

General Manager Giuseppe De Wilde and his team worked closely with Oro’s head distiller Ray Clynick to create experimental flavour profiles, using botanicals such as the finest Spanish saffron, Macedonian juniper, English rose, and Orris.

The gin’s unique taste is completed with a subtle, earthy note of Lignum Vitae, a rare Jamaican ingredient with medicinal properties.

Oro’s expert team meticulously sourced Lignum Vitae from Jamaica, a lengthy process that took months to clear through customs.

The plant is Jamaica’s national flower and translates from Latin as “wood of life,” adding a unique, piquant note to the gin’s flavour profile.

The Perfect Serve

Home House suggests serving its exquisite London Dry Gin over ice with tonic and mango bitters, garnished with dried mango to balance the bright, fleshy fruits.

Home House Launches Exquisite London Dry Gin
Photography by Dominic Martin www.dommartin.co.uk | Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/domdommartin

For a more indulgent experience, Home House Negroni is an excellent choice, with a rounded and full flavour that’s sure to satisfy.

The Beautifully Designed Bottle

The design of the Home House Gin bottle is inspired by the building’s magnificent architecture, combining 18th-century splendour with 21st-century style.

The luxurious packaging features Art Deco elements and beautiful fluting on the glass to reflect the club’s vibrant spirit.

Exclusive Access

During its launch phase, the Home House London Dry Gin is available for purchase exclusively to members via the club’s website and front desk at a price of £37.50.

Home House Launches Exquisite London Dry Gin
Photography by Dominic Martin www.dommartin.co.uk | Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/domdommartin

Non-members can still enjoy the gin and other club facilities by booking one of the 23 luxurious bedrooms and suites, starting at £259 per night for a Club Room.

Bedroom guests can experience the club’s outstanding range of amenities, including restaurants, bars, a Winter Garden Lounge, a cigar lounge, a boardroom, and a gym, in addition to exclusive members-only events.


Home House London Dry Gin is a unique and exclusive spirit that blends the essence of Lady Home’s iconic history with exotic botanicals from around the world.

With its award-winning taste and elegant bottle design, it’s sure to impress even the most discerning gin connoisseurs.

Whether enjoyed in the comfort of a luxurious suite or as a perfect serve at home, Home House London Dry Gin offers a sensory experience like no other.

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