How Mobile Has Taken Over Gaming

People have been playing games for thousands of years, but the most rapid developments have all come in the last couple of decades. The way we play and engage with gaming continues to change and much of it has to do with technological innovation. Even traditional board games now have simulator alternatives, eradicating the need for physical items.

The most noticeable development in the industry has been the rise of mobile gaming, which has overtaken PCs and consoles as the most common platform. Below we delve into the factors that have driven these changes from a gaming and business perspective.

How Mobile Has Taken Over Gaming

Better Technology

One of the driving forces behind the rise of mobile gaming has undoubtedly been the advancement of technology. Mobile devices are now extremely powerful and capable of running programs even some old consoles couldn’t handle.

Better phones provide longer battery life, improved processing power and enhanced graphics, while high-speed broadband and 5G give gamers the ability to play online from almost anywhere. Anything from online bingo to MMOs can be played on modern smartphones, showcasing their versatility.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile devices are designed to be portable, and this allows users to play at any time and anywhere if they want to. Unlike consoles and PCs, mobile games can be called on to fill time wherever needed, whether it’s on public transport to and from work or while waiting for an appointment.

This flexibility and access are important and keep people coming back to mobile gaming out of habit more than anything.

How Mobile Has Taken Over Gaming

Huge Target Market

The prevalence of smartphones in society has had a significant impact on mobile gaming. It’s forecast that 95% of the UK population will be using a smartphone by 2025, which indicates the sheer size of the target market that game developers have to target.

Most people need a mobile phone for reasons other than gaming, but many don’t need a console for anything else. This helps to attract and retain more gamers as a result, without having to sell people an expensive PC or console.

Better Opportunities for Developers

Developers and creators tend to favour mobile gaming because it costs less to build games for these systems. Console and PC titles are increasingly expected to be expansive and innovative games, with story depth, updated graphics and new engines – all of which are very costly and time-consuming.

The demands of mobile games are less intense, most just want something playable to pass time or play at their own speed. Releases of games can also be more effective with app stores targeting a massive audience of players almost instantly.

How Mobile Has Taken Over Gaming

And microtransactions – you can’t forget microtransactions. This is one of the key income streams for developers now who are favouring free-to-play models and driving revenue with easily updated and released micro-purchases.

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