How To Create A Custom Playmat In 3 Simple Steps

What are Playmats? If you love playing cards, you will want to protect your desk and duel. Playmats help to protect your surface and also creates a safe surface to slide your cards during play. With them, you don’t have to worry about the surface destroying your cards or vice versa. While Playmats might be made of different materials, the majority are made of rubber bottoms – to avoid sliding, and satin tops to create easy movements of the cards. Playmats also make the game fun and professional. 

Can one customize their Playmats? Yes! To start with, Playmats can be of any material or print.  They can be made of a simple material such as paper or an expensive fabric. You can also print a stock photo or pattern or use your customized photo on the print. It all depends on your needs and preferences. 

How To Create A Custom Playmat In 3 Simple Steps

Most gamers prefer a rubber playmat with printed material on top. Let’s check how you can create a custom playmat in three steps. 

How Do You Print A YuGiOh Playmat?

If you need customized Playmats with your preferred image, you can easily print them in three easy processes. First, you must have the image to be customized on a site that customises YuGiOh duelling mats before starting the customization process. The image can be of anything, depending on your preferences. Here are the three steps:

Step 1: Log Into A Custom Playmat Site And Upload Your Image.

Before you upload your image for customization, you have to check if it meets the website’s requirements. The accepted image files are JPG, JPEG, JPE, or PNG. You should send files like PDF and PSD through email for easier processing. The ideal image size should be 500 KB – 25 MB, and the dots per inch (DPI) must be 300. The image mode should be saved as RGB or CMYK and the image type as JPG or PNG.

When it comes to specifications, the Inches/cm Ratio should be 4 by 14 inches/61 by 36cm, while the ratio of the pixel should range from 800 by 1050 Pixels. When customizing your mat, it is essential to consider a 1cm cut-off area from all sides of the playmat without stitches and 2cm on sides with stitches. This will make customization of your playmat easier. 

Step 2: Choosing Your Upgrades

After uploading your image as required, it is time to choose your customization upgrades. Some of these custom upgrades will require you to pay an extra fee to have your playmat customized. 

  • Premium Editing and review: After the customization, you will want a beautiful, completed product.  Premium editing involves customizing the uploading image to have a better resolution, vibrancy, and clarity.  The process customizes your image to produce a high-quality print on your playmat. It is essential to contact the customizing panel in case you want unique additions to your image.
  • Stitched edging: There are those people who prefer plain edges while others need customized edging. With customized edging, your playmat will last long and have a better finish. There are three types of edges: black stitched edges, white stitched edges, and transparent stitched edges. The latter will give you an exact edge as the material. 
  • Card Zones and Slots Placements: Do you want slots and card zones placements? You can do this for your playmat. You can choose either YGO, MtG, Final Fantasy, Dice masters, Pokémon, Digimon, and DBS on your placements. 
  • Text: Do you want to have a text on your playmat? You can request that with ease. You only need to place an order with the kind of text you need. The customization experts will do everything as per your preference.  
How To Create A Custom Playmat In 3 Simple Steps

Step 3: Add To Cart

Once you complete the above steps, it is time now to add your order to the cart, complete the payment process and have your playmat customized.  Adding to the cart means you have finalized everything, just waiting for your complete order.


Do you have any questions that may need immediate answers? Check below on some of the frequently asked questions.

How Can One Order A Customized Playmat?

The process is done in three simple steps: upload your image, choose your upgrades and add your order to the cart, waiting for processing. 

How Many Days Does The Order Take?

It all depends on the processes for your order. The printing, packaging, and shipping can take up to five days or more, depending on your location.

Can One Order A Playmat Several Times? 

It all depends on your needs. You can order mats as many times as you wish. 

It is crucial to get Playmats made from the best materials. This means you have to choose a reliable company to order from to get value for your money. Ensure you order your Playmats from a gamer-friendly company that understands what is required for a good gaming experience.

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